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American Indian Tribes U.S. Map + Other Cool Visual Census Maps - Check out the other great maps to the left! This is great!!

Major Religions of the World Ranked - Ranked by number of adherents. See where your religion places on the list.

Jenny, Are You There? - Remember the 80's song 867-5309? Well, this guy has called every number in the country to see if Jenny's there. Here are the results.

World Sexual Records - At first I was hesitant to include this site, but after checking it out, I had found it very

Idioms, Why We Say What We Say - Haven't you ever wondered where some of these sayings come from? Well, now ya know.

Drug Calculator - See how much you are spending monthly and yearly on cigarettes, alcohol and illegal drugs (that is if you do any of these).

Rubberstamped Money - A new way for people to get there message out, eventhough it is illegal! Also, check out Ugly Money.

Cruel Site of the Day - The world wide webs bitter aftertaste. You must check out the site from 11-12-04. I can't believe someone would go to such extremes to make a website!

Compare American, Canadian and British Vocabulary Words - There definitely are differences!

Answer Bag - A universal, user-generated collection of frequently-asked questions. For example: Do fish fart?

Most Murderous Countries and Richest Countries and Most Populous Countries and Most Militaristic Countries and Most Taxed Countries and Poorest Countries and Longest Living Countries and Most Generous Countries and Most Educated Countries and Much Much More Top Stats Here.

Dream Dictionary - Over 3500 entries to find out what your dreams really mean.

True Facts - Slip one of these true facts into your next conversation.

Yahoo Buzz Index - The weeks top 20 searches.

Hoax Websites, A-J - These aren't sites about hoaxes. These are sites that are, themselves, hoaxes. Click HERE for K-Z hoax websites and HERE for the hoax website graveyard.

Earth Today - Continuously updated statistics about the planet that we live on.

Ask Metafilter - a discussion area for sharing knowledge among members of MetaFilter. Go on, ask your question. Check the comments section of each question for responses.

Reality Clock - The Reality Clock offers a broad range of real-time statistics that reflect the issues facing society and the world today, from the most serious to the mundane and the absurd.

Real Pizza Delivery Stories - Good readin'. Oh, what those delivery people go through.

Museum Of Hoaxes - A collection of pranks, doctored photos, stunts, deceptions, and other wonderful stories contrived for the public from the Middle Ages to the New Millennium.

Everything Ideas - Do you have a suggestion for making the world a better place? Or just making an everyday chore easier? Submit your idea.

A County-By-County Map Look At Ancestry Such an interesting map created by USA Today with data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

What's That Stuff? - Ever wondered about what's really in hair coloring, Silly Putty, Cheese Wiz, artificial snow, or self-tanners? C&EN presents a collection of articles that gives you a look at the chemistry behind a wide variety of everyday products.

Unexplained Mysteries - Reporting on the latest paranormal, bizarre and space related news stories from all over the world on a daily basis.

The World's Heaviest People - Here is a list of every known individual who has staked a claim to a weight of 900 pounds or more, in descending order of magnitude.

Magic Secrets Revealed - Six categories to choose from: David Blaine, Card magic, Levitating, Coin magic, Bar tricks
and Quick tricks.

Darwin Awards - DUMB but interesting! True stories of stupid things people do that got them killed.

Old Superstitions - The largest list of superstitions on the web.

U.S. Dialect Survey Results - See where at in the U.S.A. that people pronounce certain English words a
certain way.

The Paranormal and UFO Search Engine - Over 4500 links to various mysterious website issues.

National UFO Reporting Center - File or view reports. Dedicated to the collection and dissemination of objective UFO
data since 1974. Click HERE to submit your siting online.

How Much Is Inside? - A search for the "truth".

Wild West Gravesites - Images, information, and maps on gravesites of outlaws, lawmen, and such. Personally, I find the info. on each person more intruiging than the grave photo.

Crazy Fads - From 1920 to 1990 they list all of the craziest fads that have come and gone.

Age Maps - Two photographs of the same person, from different periods of time (child and adult) are
spliced together.

Name Statistics - Have you ever wondered how your name stacks up against all the others? Do you have one of the most common names or a rare name? Try your first name out and then try your last name out.

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Caffeine - Great info. on the world's best eye-opener.

Worst Case Scenerios - Survival guide for the worst life has to offer.

Phobia List - If you're afraid of somtthing, then it probably has a name for your phobia on this list.

Snopes - This site tells if it's an urban legend or not. Easy search engine for your questionable urban legend. Great site!

The Incredible Aging Woman - Real animation of a young woman growing up and aging over many decades through time lapsed photography. By speeding up the action more than 200 million times, we can see the effect of time on her face. For more playing with time, click HERE.

Coca Cola Recipe - This page is in NOT sponsored, endorsed, or anyway affiliated by Coca-Cola, and all trademarks are the property of Coca-Cola. Make it at your own risk.

100 Most Misspelled Words In English - Do you make these mistakes too?

Anomalies Unlimited - Weird, but interesting stuff. Worth a look, but you may find yourself saying "what the %!$?"

Guinness World Records - All of the top records are here.

Record Breaking Site Links - Many more record breaking categories than I can list here.

Active World Population Counter - Have you wondered how many people there are in the world right NOW?

The Shadowlands - From ghosts to UFO's to Bigfoot, this site is definitely worth a look.

How Much Is That Worth Today? - Comparing the purchasing power of money in the United States (or colonies) from 1665 to 2002.

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Russian Women Blacklist - Information and profiles of scammers. Some suspecting and some unsuspecting.

Idaho's Infamous - These people have ended up on the wrong side of the law. This is a partial list of the daily arrest and jail booking report of Ada County. Marvelous Mugs!

This Week's Prostitution Arrest Photos - Eventhough this is in MN, it'll give you a good hard look at a this side of our society. There are some nasty lookin' people out there, I must say. Prostitution +/- drugs = disease and/or death.

Missing Adults - Have you seen any of these people? Also, check out the Photo's of Unsolved Homicide Individuals. Both brought to you by the National Center for Missing Adults.

Code Name Insight - The site for mercenaries, fed-types, pseudo fed-types, survivalists, military, etc.... Also, check out the past insights of the day.

Fugitive Hunter's Top 100 Fugitives - Have you seen any of these wanted fugitives? Also, the top 100 missing children are listed here.

Officer Down - Dated news stories of fallen officers in the line of duty from The One Complete Resource for Law Enforcement! Also, check out the In The Line Of Duty section which also has dated stories w/ photo's of fallen officers from 2002-present via

Pet Abuse Database - Check out the cases near you.

Prisoners Handbook - Rules that one should follow if they get locked up.

America's Most Wanted Deadbeat Parents - These are a list of parents who are NOT paying their child support. Also, check out's most wanted list categorized by state and, which has deadbeat parents currently only sorted by name, this list letters A-F. Click HERE for letters G-Q and HERE for letters R-Z.

Drug Related Street Terms/Slang Words - This list should keep you in the loop.

Where Drugs Hide - Check out these bulletins to see some photo's of where criminals hide their drugs. Many would never have guessed some of these unsuspecting locations.

DEA Drug Photo Library - So you know what each illegal drug looks like (if you don't already know that is).

Black Book Online - What the professional investigators use to find out the nitty gritty on people.

Stolen Car Reports - Report a stolen car or search for stolen cars by zip code.

Top 100 Countries Top Crimes (Categorized) - This is a pretty cool breakdown for each type of crime.

Tell Tale Signs of A Cheating Spouse - A morale crime. Does your significant other possess any of these traits? Click HERE and HERE for more signs.

Parents, Is Your Child On Drugs? Find Out Definiatively Here. - If you have teenage children, or young friends, or vulnerable partners, you may worry about them being exposed to illicit drug taking. Drug testing serves two purposes: it allows interested and legally allowed parties to perform tests on certain people who might have used drug of abuse, and it allows those under suspicion to clear their names.

Crimes Against Children Report A Tip Page - The Cyber Tip Line handles leads from individuals reporting the sexual exploitation of children. Report any of the following here: 1)Possession, manufacture, and distribution of child pornography, 2)Online enticement of children for sexual acts, 3)Child prostitution, child-sex tourism, 4)Child sexual molestation (not in the family), 5)Unsolicited obscene material sent to a child or a 6)Misleading domain name.

VINELink - Allows crime victims and concerned citizens to search online for offender information in their community, and register for notification by telephone or e-mail.

Sodomy Laws - Look at the map to see where it is illegal and legal.

The Doe Network - International center for missing and unidentified persons. Can you help locate one of the missing persons HERE or identify an unidentified person HERE. Also, check the HOT CASES out HERE to see if you can help.

911 Dispatch - Everything you`ve always wanted to know about 911...

Drug Information Page - Informative and Illegal! I don't condone taking drugs now or EVER!. Therefore, I'm just listing this page to compare the addictive habits of each type of drug, which some may find interesting. Keep in mind that "Drugs are for losers". Note: Some lines contain profanity. Also, click HERE for street terms of each individual illegal drug. How many do you know?

Dumb Laws - Can you believe that these laws exist? Also, click HERE for other dumb law sites.

Mugshots - What's unique about this site is that they list both non-celebrity and celebrity mugshots.

What Are The Top 25 Stolen Vehicles In Your State? - Click you state to find out. Also, click HERE for other "top" vehicle theft categories such as the top color stolen, top years stolen, most popular models stolen, etc.

Unexplained Disapperances - These people have NEVER been found. Have you seen them? Click on their image to read more. Also, click HERE for some unidentified victims. Can you help find out who they are?

Crazy Criminals - Crazy real-life crime stories. Also, click HERE for a site with some clumsy crooks and HERE for some more dumb criminal sites.

Steal It Back - Police Auctions Online

Perverted Justice - Targets wannabe pedophiles in regional chat rooms. Has pictures and phone numbers of the
sickos by location, not to mention the exact conversation that these sickos had with what they thought were underage CHILDREN. Also, check out USCyberWatch, a similar site. Just click on the screen name to see the pervert.

Report Terrorist Activity Here - While the FBI continues to encourage the public to submit information regarding the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, this form may also be used to report any suspected criminal activity to the FBI.

FBI's 10 Most Wanted Fugitives - The worst of the worst bad guys.

Speed Traps - Find out where the speed traps are in your neck of the woods.

How To Beat A Speeding Ticket - Very informative!

Report A Crime Anonymously - WeTip is a non-profit organization that has been in continual operation since 1972. If you have information on a crime, call WeTip's lines 800-78-CRIME, 800-47-ARSON and 800-US-FRAUD 24 hours a day. You can also give a tip online anonymously by filling out a form HERE.

How To Report An Internet Related Crime - Who to contact for a specific type of internet-related crime. Also, you can click HERE to file an internet fraud complaint.

Missing Children Database - National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Search by state.

America's Most Wanted - Help put the bad guys behind bars.

Sex Offender Registries Search - Is there a sex offender in your neighborhood? Now you can search many states and counties. If you can't find your county here, then go HERE to see if you state's county has a sheriffs dept. with a listing up. Just choose your state and then scroll to the bottom of the page and see if any counties are listed under "internet access".

Identity Theft - The site to turn to if you've been a victim of identity theft.

Scambusters - Extensive information on fraud, scams, hoaxes, urban legends and credit card fraud.

Crime Library - Detailed site about criminal minds and methods.

Know Your Money! - This site, by the Secret Service, is designed to help you detect counterfeit currency and guard against forgery loss.

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Polish Digital Clock - Every now and again there comes down the pike a graphic so good the fresh concept blows you away. This is a good subtitle graphic. The University of Poland science students have finally finished their digital clock they have been working on for 4 years. Wait for it to load. This is a real clock, and it's pretty cool! And check the time out too. Thanks for the link Daryl!

Baby Name Wizard - This has to be one of the COOLEST baby name finders that I've EVER found. Test it out ans see what I mean (type a name in, or a few letters of one).

Salary Clock - What a cool way to see how much you (or others) are making!

Text-Image - Here you can easily generate cool text-images from almost any picture you have on your computer.

Larger Than Life - A collection of pictures of objects that are larger than life.

How Old Are You? - Cool, right down to the seconds!

Subliminal Messages - Pretty darn cool stuff! Click next to proceed through the site.

Creative Anniversary Calculator - Just missed an important date? Work out the day of your next big anniversary.

Cool Stop - The best of the cool daily pick.

Cool Recursive Picture - It never stops. Watch it, you may become transfixed.

3D Street Paintings - Keep in mind that Kurt Wenner used chalk and these are all on "flat" surfaces. Too cool! This checks out with snopes as being 100% true.

Tricks of the Trade - Professional secrets from those in the know. Submit yours today!

Engadget - The future is here! Technology at its best. Also, check out Gizmodo.

Draw Me - For a reasonable fee, send your picture to this website and they will draw you, and even animate you if you wish.

Time's 50 Coolest Websites - A pretty cool list, I must say.

Craigs List - Select your nearest city from the right side of the page. This San Francisco based site is a freewheeling Internet marketplace which allows you to post, reply and browse posting pretty much for free. Click HERE for more info. in this Yahoo news story. Also, you MUST check out the BEST OF CRAIGSLIST HERE.

Search For Any Street Name Nationwide & See An Aerial Pic - NOTE: Afer a few uses, it says that you need to register view email, but you can bypass this by deleting your computers cookies. See many many many more cool online lookups like this HERE.

Cool Tools - Categorized, a cool tool can be any book, gadget, software, video, map, hardware, material, or website that is tried and true. Only the extraordinary, better than similar products, little-known, and reliably useful for an individual or small group.

Bug Me Not - Bypass Compulsory Web Registrations (ie. Many websites, particularly media sites, now require registration, usually to gather demographic data about users. If for any reason you don't want to register but still want to view the site, go to this site, which offers valid logins and passwords for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of sites. Click HERE for the top 25 sites requested on

Word Count - an artistic experiment in the way we use language. It presents the 86,800 most frequently used English words, ranked in order of commonality. Each word is scaled to reflect its frequency relative to the words that precede and follow it, giving a visual barometer of relevance. The larger the word, the more we use it. The smaller the word, the more uncommon it is.

CopyScape - Find copies of your content on the Web.

Interesting Optical Illusion - This is NOT animated. Your eyes are the only thing making it move. Cool! Click HERE for another one. Also, click HERE for a great eye tricks site with some awesome pictures that will trick your eyes.

Strip Images - THIS IS SOOOOOOO COOL! Strip Dir can be used to strip the images out of a website or open directory. I tested it on my main page and it put EVERY image in a one page display for me. Try it out on any page of your choice.

Pop-up Test - This is great! Now you can test your pop-up software to see if it is working correctly with different scenarios.

Secure Password Generator - Allows you to create random passwords that are highly secure and extremely difficult to crack or guess due to an optional combination of lower and upper case letters, numbers and punctuation symbols.

Textalyser - Just enter text or a website url. This is an online text analysis tool which details the statistics of your text, perfect for translators (quoting), for webmasters (ranking) or for normal users, to know the subject of a text.

Free Stuff - Tons of FREE stuff absolutely FREE!

Compare Stuff - A tool that let's you compare just about anything.

Earth At Night - A must see picture!

Ghost Towns - Search by state (Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Idah, Montana, Utah and California) for a local ghost town.

Write Like An Egyptian - See your name (or something else) in hieroglyphs, the way an Egyptian scribe might have written it.

Mother Of All Excuses Place - An excuse for just about any occassion. Also click HERE for another great site.

Future Me! - A site that allows you to send an email to yourself up to 25 years into the future. What a better way to remind yourself in a few years that you've failed to give up drinking, smoking, fatty foods and premiscuous sex.

Anyday and Anyyear - Find out birthdays, death dates, and special events that happened any day or any year. For another site to find out what happened in any specific year (1900-2004), then click HERE.

How Stuff Works - I think we've all been intrigued about how things really work.

Terraserver - Look at satellite and aerial photos of your house or neighborhood online. Tip: Use the "advanced find" by address to get to your house quicker.
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Fun Copter from Joni & Doug. Think you can fly a helicopter? Click on the helicopter, hold the left mouse key down to go up and release the key to go down.

Ball on String - Now this a unique kind of fun. A must see!

Web Crossword Puzzles - One of the BEST ones I've seen in a long time!

Random Webcams From The Net - Sometimes it's fun to spy.

Sled Riding Locations Across North America - This site,, is my other website that was started in December 2004 as a concept that I had. This concept has now taken on a life of its own thanks to a lot of media coverage. Therefore, for those of you who live in states and Canadian territories where snow sledding is a BIG DEAL, then this page NEEDS YOUR INPUT! Submit your local locations TODAY! Help others find those hidden hills on a snow day.

Bizarre Stuff You Can Make In Your Kitchen - A great way to spend a rainy day.

100 Top Toys of Yesteryear - All the top classics are here. Are you too young to remember them?

Imagination - Let your imagination run wild.

Draw a Sound - Draw on this thing and see what your picture sounds like.

Place The State - This is a fun way to boost your knowledge about the 50 U.S. states. The game teaches the locations of each state, their abbreviations, and their capitals.

The geography test nobody should fail - Great for the kids! Give it a second to load. Correct answer (state) will blink after second wrong guess.

Flash Face - I found this addicting. One slight shift or selection of a face feature totally changes the look. Ya know, this could come in handy under the crime category of this page for identifying someone. Give it a shot, make a realistic or non-realistic looking human face.

Coloring - Choose a picture and color it.

Fly Swatter - If you miss, they get BIGGER!

Etch-n-Sketch - Another classic is now online!

Lite Brite - The FUN classic past-time is now online!

Game Links - A great resource for links relating to yard games, board games, card games, video games, etc..

The Peoples Cam - Control what the live computer screens says by typing something on your keyboard. FUN, COOL AND INTERACTIVE! Please be patient while live feed loads.

Crayola Crayon Chronology - A look at the colors since 1903.

Drive Me Insane - Experience a deranged social environment. Spy on strange, moderately interesting people from around the world. And turn on and off their lights.

Someone Keeps Stealing My Letters! - It seems simple to make a word, but you will soon find out that someone at another computer is trying to make a word too, sometimes with YOUR letters. Addicting!

Fun To Watch Short Videos - You've probably had seen some of these on the internet here and there, but this site puts them all in one easy to find place. Enjoy!

Cool Opticial Illusions - Check out lots of optical illusions in the left bar of this page.

Costume Idea Zone - The place to go when you are at a loss for which costume to wear.

Test Your Senses - Take the sense challenge and see how well you do.

The 50 Most Important Video Games - The Essential 50 is a look at the games which they feel have made gaming what it is today.

Google's Webcam Directory - Many many many sites to browse webcams at. Also, HERE is a page that I found scrollable webcams on. Use the red arrows to scroll through hundreds of live cams. Some you can't click on without registering, BUT MANY YOU CAN. Mainly the ones with the address: won't work. Oh, also if you scroll over the webcam, it'll state where it's from.

Yahooligans - The web guide for kids. Click HERE to find lots and lots of other kid related websites.

Tongue Twisters - Will your tonque twist? Say them 3 times as fast as you can to find out.

What's Wrong With This Picture? - Take a minute or two! You should figure it out. Your speakers should be turned ON. If you listen closely, you will hear a 'hint'!!

Rate It All! - Find, share, and seek opinions on virtually any topic.

What Do You Remember From School? - Take this 10 question quiz and find out how you score. Personally, I had gotten 7 out of 10 correct. I'm not too happy with that :(

Portrait Avatar Maker - Make your own avatar and save it as an icon.

How Many Words Per Minute Do You Read? - Find out here with this simple 1 minute test.

Rate My Teachers - Where the student gives the final grade for their grade school teachers.

Rate My Professors - Where the student gives the final grade college professors. Also, click HERE for a similar site.

Morphases - An online next generation software in face manipulation. It allows user to modify and create human faces from different elements in real time with almost an unlimited power.

Entertainment Software Rating Board - Rating video games for your kids. Search your game before you buy it for your child to see what the content rating is.

Top 20 Game Download Websites On The Web - The Net Top 20 brings you the pick of the most popular and highest-rating sites for game download sites on the Net today, from a single page. Also, click HERE for the Net Top 20 video game sites on the web.

U.S. Citizenship Test - Can you pass this 10 random question test?

Radio Lovers - Wow, is the great! Listen to hundreds of old time radio shows online for free. My favorite is Abbott and Costello's "Who's on first" from 1942.

Native American Pow Wow Calendar - Trust me, if you've never been to a native american pow wow, then you are in for a TREAT! See when one is coming to your area with this easy calendar search.

U.S. Theme Parks List - Sorted by state, includes dates open, news, virtual tours, ride lists, pictures, etc.

Which Is Worse? - Vote on which situation is worse out of 2 possible scenarios. Also, click HERE and HERE for similar websites.

How Old Do You Think I Am? - The age project. Can you guess their age?

Which Day Of The Week Were You Born? - Just ask the rainman and he'll tell you. Also click HERE for find out what happened the week you were born.

Reaction Test - See how fast your reaction time is.

Board Games Archive - Just about every board game that you can think of. Reviews, ratings, details, etc.

Roller Coaster Database - A comprehensive, searchable database with information and statistics on over 1600 roller coasters throughout the world.

Send A Talking E-mail - The latest in enhanced e-mail! You can make your favorite photo speak your message, or choose from the assortment of characters in their picture gallery.

Bud Light Making Faces -This is great! Take a picture of anyone and make them talk, eyes blink, etc. Whoever designed this software is a genius!

Are you an idiot? -Take this 12 question quiz to find out.

Build Some Great Paper Airplanes - Instructions on how to build and fly it. Also, click HEREfor more paper airlplane designs.

Blackjack Strategy Card -Print this before going to the casino to play blackjack. Click HERE for rules and strategies for most casino games.

Card Games - Bringing you rules and information about card and tile games from all parts of the world.

Crosswords Resources -If you like doing crossword puzzles, then this online resource page is for you. Click HERE for a very popular crossword puzzle site.

Send An Online Greeting Card - Yahoo greetings is who I prefer now. used to be my favorite until they started charging for most of the notable occasions.

Meta Spy - Every wonder what the rest of the world is searching for on the web? Now you can see their filtered or unfiltered searches. Searches refresh every 15 seconds. Also, click HERE for a similar list.

Test Your Typing Skills - How fast can you type?

Check your IQ - allows you to take this 40 question multiple choice test (takes about 20 min. to take) and find out your IQ. Mine was a 133.

IQ Scale
Average: 85 - 115
Above average: 116 - 125
Gifted Borderline Genius: 126 - 135
Highly gifted and appearing to be a Genius to most others: 136 - 145
Genius: 146 - 165
High Genius: 166 - 180
Highest Genius: 181 - 200
Beyond being measurable Genius: Over 200

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Tricky Slide Puzzle - Purported to be the hardest possible puzzle of its kind to solve. The solution runs 84 moves. Have fun!

Smashing Games - WOW! Here's a load of fun online games all on one page.

Parking Perfection - How well can you park a car?

Ping Pong - Addicting and great graphics!

Connect 4 - The classic game!

Trashcan Basketball - Great office game!

Bowling - Let's bowl! Click HERE and HERE for other bowling games.

Tetris - Classic tetris style game. Drop your blocks down and break lines.

Shell Game - A classic! Can you make it to 8?

Helicopter Game - Keep from crashing! Also, click HERE for another great helicopter game.

Thinking Machine 4 - Play a game of chess against the computer. Can you beat the computer? Its evolving thought process is visible on the board before it makes its move.

How Steady is Your Hand? - I found this pretty darn entertaining.

Can You Hack This Site? - Give it a shot! Test your hacking skills out.

Cussing Simon - WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE ON THIS FUN GAME. If you want to play the game and not hear the foul language, then just turn off your speakers.

Bubbles - Use the arrow keys to move your bubble. Avoid being popped.

Stare Game - Have a staring contest with the computer and see who wins.

Pac-Man Flash Game -Play a Hall of Fame arcade game in your browser. Just use your arrow keys to move. Or, play the classic game Galaga, play the classic Donkey Kong. Shockwave required, download it HERE.


Quick Links
Boxing / College FB / Horse Racing / MCBB / MLB / MLS / Minor Leaque Baseball /
MotorSports / NBA / NCAA Baseball / NFL / NHL / PGA / ProRodeo / Tennis / WCBB / WNBA

Baseball Timeline - A very large GIF (image) file of this timeline.

Excercise Friends - A FREE online community for exercise friends to find each other.

Sports Illustrated Pictures - A massive searchable collection of sports pictures.

Sports Curses - Eventhough the Red Sox beat their curse, these curses still live on.

Sports Column - Instead of sharing your thoughts and theories with uninterested strangers, children, and lampposts, write 'em down and send 'em here. All are user submitted posts.

Rock Climbing - Not really a sport, but I figured this is as good of a category as any for this great website. Your rock climbing headquarters. Has forums, photos, articles, routes in various states and countries around the world to help you find the best place to climb. Click HERE for the Missouri section of this page.

Stadiums of the NFL - Your ticket to every NFL stadium from past to the future. Also, click HERE for a site that shows all baseball stadiums.

Crack Smoker (Sports Bad Boys) - Guide to expose the related travesties of sports, violence, and other forms of anti-social behavior. See the database categories on the left side of the page for NFL, NBA, MLB, NHA, NCAA Basketball or NCAA Football. "Cracksmoker" is a satirical term used to describe an individual who exhibits behavior outside of societal and social standards.

Pro Football Salaries - See how much the players really made. Also do a search for Pro Baseball Salaries and
Pro Basketball Salaries and Pro Hockey Salaries. It's great to find this salary database!

Wanna Surf - Your surfing headquarters.

Ski Report - Snow and ski report for your favorite resort. Also, click HERE for a state by state look. OH, BY THE WAY, I WANNA GO SNOW SKIING!!

Swimming Pool Locator - Locate any public accessible, full-sized pool anywhere in the world. Great for sport or fun!

Google Sports Directory - This link is PACKED with sports categories and links.

Seat Data - The best seating charts and views for all of the major sporting venues on the web. Searchable by team, city or venue.

Paintball Field Locator - A directory of Paintball fields nationwide.

Skate Spots - A directory of skateboarding parks nationwide with photos.

Sports Hair - This is the place for the absolute best in hair styling in sports today!

Bad Jocks - Where cops meets sportscenter. Gleefully reporting on sport celebrities doing stupid things.

The Best Sports Betting Sites - If you want to make some quick cash by betting on sports, then this is a list of the reputable sports betting sites.

Yahoo Sports - Scores, stats, standings, it's all here!

Sports Rules - If you didn't find the sports rule at this site, then check HERE.

Sports Trivia - Over 5,000 questions in the archives to be answered. How good are you?

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Job Search Quick Links
Monster Hot Jobs Career Builder USA Jobs AJB - A Comprehensive Resource for Job Seekers - Another excellent website sent in by one of our website visitors. Everything from position descriptions, to company history, and interview tips. All of it is here, and it is here to help you succeed. You will also find all of the tools you need to obtain that job, and begin your career.

Department Store Employment - Sent in by one of our website visitors. This is a great site for those interested in working at a department store. It is very complete and provides detailed information about the various jobs available at department stores. I recommend this one!

Job - #1 Online Job Application Form Resource Site. Find Printable Applications, or Apply Online for Full-time Employment, Part-time, Seasonal or Holiday Work Now!

Top 20 Resume Pet Peeves - asked more than 2,500 recruiters from a variety of industries what they see on resumes that they just can't stand, and created this list.

Find Out What Jobs Are Going Overseas - A database where you can find out which jobs in your community have been exported or lost due to trade.

50+ Sample Resumes - These can help you build the perfect resume. Also, click HERE for more sample resume templates and HERE and HERE for a combonation of resume samples and letter samples.

Google Job Search Directory - Lots of links to help find that job or career.

The 10 Toughest Interview Questions Answered - Read these before you interview. Also, click HERE for a list of 25 difficult questions.

Best Jobs List - Only the best are categorized here.

Free Resume Generator - The data you enter onto this form can be incorporated into an actual html script for you to SAVE to your own hard drive for later editing, OR can be displayed on screen for printing. Also click HERE and HERE for other FREE resume writers / generators.

Worst Jobs - Are you unhappy with your job? Well, things could be worse--just check out some of the jobs described here.

Cool Jobs - Cool Works is all about you finding a seasonal job or career in some of the greatest places on Earth. 75,000 jobs in GREAT places.

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Food (& An Occasional Beverage)

Fast Food Chain News

Hot Pepper Heat Scale - 48 different peppers rated in Scoville units ranging from Bell Pepper to the Red Savina Habanero, not to leave out the very popular Jalapeno and Pepperoncini.

Breakfast Cereal Character Guide - From 1900-present.

Ethnic Grocer - Lets you shop for food from 15 world markets; you can shop by country or by product.

Starbucks Drinks Simplified - Cheat sheet to help you figure out what you want without spending hours staring blankly at a menu.

50 Things To Eat Before You Die - In March 2004 people were asked to vote for the top 50 things everyone should try a bite of in their lifetime. This is how they voted.

Encyclopedia of Herbs & Spices - In case you ever wanted to know the specifics on those spices that you have laying around the kicthen.

Food Blogs - All the food blogs that you could ever read, and then some.

Crazy Things To Do With Coca Cola - Wacky uses for Coca Cola submitted by readers.

Pop, Coke Or Soda? - A map of the U.S.A. broken down and color coded by county showing what the most popular term for a soft drink is.

FAQ About Coffee - Frequently asked questions about coffee and all that goes with it.

Candy Critic - Categorized reviews of candy, YUM!

Weird Foods From Around The World - How some people stomache these things is beyond me.

Top Secret Recipes - Creating kitchen clones of America's favorite brand name foods.

Tesg's Guide to Big Chain Road Food Consumption - Reviews and info. on some of America's most popular fast food chains first hand.

Snack Reviews - So you wanna find out how your favorite snack chip and other snacks rate. Well, then this is the site for you. All types of chips and snacks categorized by type. You can also search by manufacturer HERE.

Food Aphrodisiacs A-Z - Aph·ro·dis·i·ac (af´ re dee´ zee ak´), -n. A drug or food that stimulates sexual desire.

Baking Substitutions - Have you ever started preparing a recipe by following the procedure step by step and then discover that you don't have a certain ingredient? Well, don't despair, check here. Also, click HERE for another list.

Top 50 Fast Food Chains - In case you didn't know which was #1 already. It's pretty obvious.

Food Dictionary - Search this dictionary by with more than 4,000 food terms.

Aspartame (Nutra Sweet): What You Don't Know Can Hurt You! - The sweetener found in most diet sodas. Aspartame is, by far, the most dangerous substance on the market that is added to foods. Click HERE and HERE to find out even more of what you DON'T know.

Sucralose (Splenda): The Possible Dangers - The new up and coming sweetener on the market. Click HERE to read one man's personal story that you should know.

Restaurant Row - The world's largest dining guide offering comprehensive restaurant information.

Utterly Outrageous Recipes - Oh, what some people will eat. Prepare yourself for being different!

Google Cooking Directory - Plenty of resources to get you cookin'!

Top 10 Meat Hogs - Unique sandwiches.

Food Additive Guide - Click on "Additives" at the top of the page to see a large listing of over 1500 of them, preservitives, colorings & enhancers and if they have possibly been banned or other comments. Now we all can know what that ingredient really is. Also, click HERE for the worst of these.

Top Coffee Picks - By Phil Lambert (NBC). Also, tips on how to perk up your morning cup of coffee.

Soda/Pop News - See what new flavors/brands are to come at this salute to soda website. Your #1 source for all things soda!

Retail Beef Cuts Chart - All 9 beef sections and the recommended cooking methods for each cut are here. Also, click HERE for another great meat identification guide for Beef, Pork and Lamb.

Top 10 Cancer-Fighting Foods - Also, click HERE for the top 10 anti-aging foods and HERE for the top 10 foods to eat organically due to the high amount of pesticides put on them and finally, HERE for the top 10 dirtiest foods that will make you sick.

The Five Absolute Foods You Should NEVER Eat! - If you do, make it only on occassion, not EVERY day like some. Also click HERE and HERE are more top 10 worst foods you shouldn't eat.

Types Of Girl Scout Cookies Baker #1 and Types Of Girl Scout Cookies Baker #2 - Two commercial bakers are licensed by the national Girl Scout organization, Girl Scouts of the USA, to produce Girl Scout cookies. Licensed bakers can offer up to eight varieties of Girl Scout cookies; only three types are mandatory: Thin Mints, Peanut Butter Sandwich/Do-si-dos and Shortbread/Trefoils. I suppose, depending where you live would depend what cookies that are offered. Oh, of the 200 million boxes sold each year, thin mints are the most popular selling cookie with 25% of the sales. Contact your local Girl Scout Council to buy some cookies. COOKIES ARE SOLD IN THE SPRING ONLY.

Fast Food Reviews - From burgers to donuts to chinese, it's all here. Choose your category from the top bar.

Fat Calories - Compare calories for most of the fast food resaurants foods. Also, you can click HERE and try out the fast food finder.

Copykat Recipes - You've tried it in the restaurant, now make it at home.

Recipe Locator - Through an easy search, this is the best source for recipes on the internet. Also, check HERE for another great recipe site.

The Food Timeline - Directory of foods from 17,000 BC to present.

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Forbidden Library - Banned and challenged books.

The Book Spoiler - *WARNING* - The ending to books on the New York Times best seller list will be revealed!

Magazine Price Search - Tracks the lowest price for magazines from online magazine merchants.

Google Books Directory - Lots of categories to start your search, and even a "search" category with a list of other search providers.

Cheap Textbooks - If you are a college student, or the parent of a college student, can help you find the cheapest new and used college textbooks. The website helps you comparison shop through all the online college textbook bookstores.

Bartelby Great Books Online - Books such as Grays Anatomy, Columbia Encyclopedia, Fiction books, verse providing books, reference books, etc.

The Gutenberg Project - Over 20,000 Books Online For Free.

Chambal Book Price Comparison - This site is pretty cool! Just search for your book by title, author or ISBN number and it will find the book for you and allow you to compare prices for that new or used book from popular sellers like Amazon, Ebay, Barnes & Noble, etc.

This Weeks Top 150 Best Sellers - Brought to you by USA Today.

Bible Links Galore - Wow, what a list! God would be pleased.

Best Selling Children Books Of All Time - Sorted by hardcover and paperback.

Amazon Book Search - One easy search. Find used and new books at great prices!

Live Manuals - Did you loose your users manual? This site is a cost-free service allowing consumers to search through thousands of continuously-updated support manuals of popular and cutting edge consumer electronics on the market.

Search The Bible - Finding a verse in the bible has never been so easy!

Book Sale Finder - Click on your state and see when the next big book sale is coming to your area. I love getting previously costly books now lowered to .10 cents-$5.00. Knowledge is power!

Book Finder - A great book search engine!

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TV Clips Page - Watch some videos from the early days of television.

Streaming TV From All Around The World - Pick a country and watch TV from there on your computer. Cool!

TV Show MP3 Music - Listen to a lot of your favorite television show songs here.

Yahoo Video Search - Search for videos across the web!

Television Without Pity Forums - Just by looking at the number of replies to each show you can immediately tell that this is a VERY POPULAR forum. I personally turned to it for the "Candid Reality Shows" category recently after watching a hypocritical Vegan lady on the show Trading Spouses: Meet Your New Mommy.

TV Tome - A guide to tv shows you love. My sister rates this site as GREAT!

Classic TV Theme Songs - Wow, do these bring back some memories. Theme songs like S.W.A.T., Welcome Back Kotter, Fat Albert, etc.. Listen and enjoy!

TV Tattle - A weblog of TV news and criticism.

Classic TV Database - Your home for classic TV. Check out the top 100 shows of all time.

Google Movies Directory - Great categories and just about a link to everything movie related.

TV Guide Online - It's FREE! Just enter your zipcode and then choose between antenna, cable or satellite. Click HERE for another good listing.

Save My Show - Show your support for any of the television shows listed on this site by voting for it. Periodically they mail the results of the vote to TV Network Executives, Network Presidents, Producers, TV Studios, Newspapers, Radio Stations, and other Media Outlets.

Commericals I Hate - The name says it all.

Top 20 Movie Websites On The Web - The Net Top 20 brings you the pick of the most popular and highest-rating sites for movies on the Net today, from a single page.

Find Out A Movie's MPAA Rating And Why It's So - Movie's from 1968 to present are available through this easy search. See if it is rated G, PG, PG-13, R or NC-17 and exactly why it is rated that way. Also, if you want to find out what exactly each rating means, then click HERE.

TV Show Recaps - Did you miss last nights episode of your favorite show? Well, you are in luck! Find you what happened at this site.

Reality Show Central -Lots and lots of show information and links, including current, cancelled or upcoming shows. Also, click HERE for the reality tv weblog. Lots of info.!

DVD Easter Eggs - This site shows you where there are hidden music videos, screentests, interveiws, etc in movies on DVD.

The Movie Spoiler - *WARNING* - The ending to films on this site will be revealed! Also, click HERE for a similar site.

The 100 Scariest Movie Scenes Of All Time - Only the best.

Movie Awards - The Academy Awards, National Society of Film Critics Awards, Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards, National Board of Review Awards, Golden Globe Awards, Annual Directors Guild of America Awards, MTV Movie Awards, NAACP Image Awards, Independent Spirit Awards, New York Film Critics Circle Awards, Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards, Boston Society of Film Critics Awards, British Academy of Film and Television Awards, Cannes Film Festival Winners, American Film Institute Awards.

When Will That Certain Movie/Show/Series Come Out On Video/DVD? - Here at you can find out the date when your favorite movie/show/series be released on video/dvd. If it's not listed, then it's probably not coming out on video/dvd anytime soon. Also, click HERE for, another great site.

Hollywood Obituaries - Immortalized in film, 2001 - present. Segregated by year and month.

Rottentomatoes - The best movie review & ratings site on the web

Upcoming Horror Movies - Reviews of obscure and difficult to find horror movies including many overlooked films of the 1980s. This is the horror movie site to be at!

Movie Trailers Galore - is my preffered movie trailer website. You'll need quicktime to watch.
Get it free HERE.

Movie Mistakes - Lists all of the movies errors in todays films.

Movie Database - A database of all movies.

TV Nielsen Ratings - A list of the top 20 weekly TV shows.

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Web Calc - Striving to be the ultimate in calculator sites by having every calculator imaginable all on one page. GREAT GREAT TOOL!

Word Origins - The words and phrases on this site are selected because their origins are inherently interesting or because some bit of folklore, sometimes true and sometimes false, is associated with the origin.

Collaborative Textbooks - A unique concept. Developing free, open content textbooks, manuals, articles and other texts, of which every page is open to your revision and addition.

The List - Bet ya didn't know some of these facts about earth.

Timelines of History - A great reference site with lots and lots of timelines.

A Virtual Library of Useful URLs - Worlds of knowledge arranged by Dewey Decimal classification.

Find Articles - Search and read 5.5 million articles from over 900 publications.

Think Exist - Finding quotations was never this easy! More than 120,000 quotations by over 11,000 Authors.

Wikipedia, The FREE Encyclopedia Online - So long volumes of books, hello online encyclopedia.

Google Reference Directory - This link is PACKED with reference categories and links.

Reference Desk - The single best source for facts on the net! Check out there top 15 most popular pages HERE.

Acronym Finder - Example: LOL can mean "laugh out loud".

Rhyme Zone - Type in a word here and you can search for rhymes for that word.

Oxymoron List - The largest list of oxymorons (contradictory words) ever collected online.

Urban Dictionary - Define your world.

Slang Site - A dictionary of slang, webspeak, made up words, and colloquialisms.

Reverse Dictionary - You supply the definition, or describe the concept, and the Reverse Dictionary will supply words and terms that are related.

State & County Quick Facts - Quick, easy access to facts about people, business, and geography by the U.S. Census Bureau

Library's On The Web - Libweb currently lists over 6600 pages from libraries in over 115 countries.

All Experts - Ask any question about almost any subject! is the oldest & largest free Q&A service on the Internet.

DMOZ - The Open Directory Project is the largest, most comprehensive human-edited directory of the Web. Trust me, you'll find it here! Another good Open Directory is This Open Directory contains more than 3.8 million sites organized into some 450,000 categories. It's edited by over 50,000 committed volunteer editors, so you'll find fewer dead links and more relevant content.

Resource Central - Loaded site! Even a spectacular encyclopedia listing.

Translator - Just type in your text and this will translate it in various languages.

Mirriam Webster Dictionary - Now with sound pronunciation. Also, HERE are many dictionaries at one site and HERE to search through 970 dictionaries with just 1 search. Now that's COOL!

Symbols Encyclopedia - From distress symbols to chemical symbols, it's all here.

Free Spell Check - Check a single word or a text of up to 20,000 characters.

Top 100 Speaches Of All Time - Read or listen to them here.

Webopedia - The only online dictionary and search engine you need for computer and Internet technology

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People Find

Background Check Gateway - A good resource.

People Search Links - Categorized for ease of use. Very helpful!

Who Me? - A Reverse People Finder website. A site where someone may be trying to find you. Is someone, somewhere, looking for you? Also, click HERE for a similar site.

Free Public Records Directory - WOW, is this nifty! I searched by my counties name, and it gave me assessor property info. on everyone on my street for FREE. Also, click HERE and HEREfor other great sites. I found the free court records search very very useful for my state.

U.S. Search - Find out just about anything on anyone. Free to search. People locater results fee ranges from $9.95-$59.95. Background search results fee ranges from $19.95-$99.95. The worldwide leader in public information. Also, click HERE for another search site. It shows you all the cities that one has ever lived (90%+ accurate). - Unlike which charges for some of its services, this site is absolutely FREE! It allows classmates to register by the school that they had graduated from. I think that this site will become huge since it's FREE. Therefore, if someone is registered, you'll find them by the school that they attended and won't have to pay for contact information. Also, click HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE for many other similar sites that I just found.

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"NOTE: Camera phone image blogs are listed under the Blogs category. Fun to view!"

Contact data management demos - Award-winning contact data management software from Experian Data Quality ultimately helps organizations save time and money. Thanks Madelyn for suggesting these address, email, and phone lookup tools.

Old Cell Phone - Get cash for your old cell phone. Also check out Cell For Cash.

Cell Phone Hacks - Phone Hacks, Security, Mod Chips, Discussion, Cellphone ring tones and hardware! This site helped me get the unlock code for a T-mobile supplied Nokia 3595 cellular phone that was going to be used with Cingular service.

Phone Scoop - Mobile phone news, info, reviews, community, and deals. Also, check out Mobile Burn.

Country Calling Codes - International telephoning made easy.

Cell Phone Carrier Reviews - Search by carrier, review title, review category or sort by submission date. User submitted. Personally, I don't care for T-Mobile due to their signal strength (Dead Zones Everywhere!). We recently switched to Cingular since they have the best signal strength country wide.

Camera Phone Tips & Tricks - Search by tip or available phone. User submitted. Also see Camera Phone Reviews Here.

Compare Cell Phone Plans - This is great! This site allows to you compare cell phone plans between AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Cingular, T-Mobile, and Nextel. Just 1)enter your zip code, 2)select a carrier, 3)select a phone (click 2 phones in the bottom left corner if you want a family plan), and 4)then select a plan. Walla, new cell phone plan searching

Cell Phone Plan Comparison Worksheet - This worksheet will help you compare offers. Simply print it out and make as many copies as you need for the number of service providers you intend to contact. Click HERE for a pdf version of the worksheet.

Tips For Keeping The Same Cell Phone Number When You Switch Plans - Also, click HERE for even more info. on wireless local number portability, which even includes a map of the area's in the U.S that this is allowed.

State-by-State Mobile Emergency Numbers - Good numbers to know.

Anywho by AT&T - Find businesses and people through this simple search offered by AT&T. Also, click HERE for many other phone number search providers.

Reverse Phone Number Search - Just enter the phone number, and if they are listed, you should get some info.

Teleflip - THIS IS SOOOOOOO COOL! Send a text message to ANY cell phone via your PC for FREE. It's quick to do, no sign-up.

Area Code Look Up - Search by area code (numerical ordered) or by state.

10-10Phonerates - Save time and money by comparing rates of more than a dozen 10-10 and 10-x dial around phone plans side-by-side. Tip: Choose an "Interstate" or "Within your state" link from the side bar.

National Do Not Call Registry - Most telemarketers cannot call your telephone number if it is in the National Do Not Call Registry. You can register your home and cellular phone numbers here for free.

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File Sharing Guides

After Napster / Slyck / ZeroPaid

Classic Cat - A directory with links to over 1500 FREE to download classical performances on the internet, sorted by composer and work.

Premature Death of Rock Stars - Interesting data.

Downloadable MP3 Music Stash - What a find! Enjoy while it lasts!

Visual Music Composer - This is great! You pick the notes and then listen.

Singing Fish - Search the web for video and audio media.

When Rock Stars Where Kids - Pictures of rocks stars a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away. It's amazing what time will do to a person.

Music Map - This is cool! Put in the name of a singer or band you like, and will draw you a "map" of artists that are similar. The closer two artists are, the greater the odds are that you'll like both. Great way to find
new music.

All But Forgotten Oldies - Find those long-lost tunes you thought you had long forgotten. This site maintains a searchable database of links to sound clips for over 4000 songs from 1960-1975 which can be browsed both by performing artist and by song title.

Yotoshi - The Bitorrent & Kazaa file search engine.

Singing Fish - a new FREE search engine for streaming audio and video.

The 50 Coolest Song Parts - That special song part that's worth stopping whatever you're doing, telling everyone else around you to shut up, and just enjoy it.

Google Music Directory - This link has lots of categories and links for music lovers.

The 365 Top Selling Songs Of The 20th Century - From the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Rock On TV - A great site to see when your favorite band is going to be on T.V.

Kiss This Guy - The Archive of Misheard Lyrics is the Internet's largest database of misheard lyrics to pop songs. Browse by song name or artist, or submit your own.

The Origins Of Band Names - Did you know that STEELY DAN is named after a dildo and Jethro Tull was a farmer? Find out the story behind over 400 band names. (updated weekly)

One Hit Wonder Central - Find all of the one hit wonders here.

Find Videos - Hundreds of record companies put their artists' videos online to promote CD sales. This site constantly searches for these videos and puts them here.

Hidden Songs - A comprehensive listing of hidden and unlisted tracks from albums by all types of artists. A hidden song (also known as a "ghost track" or "easter egg") is a song on an album which is not listed on the album sleeve or jacket.

Top 20 Lyrics Websites On The Web - The Net Top 20 brings you the pick of the most popular and highest-rating sites for lyrics sites on the Net today, from a single page. Also, click HERE for the Net Top 20 karaoke sites on the web and HERE for the Top 20 music stores online.

Dare To Sing - The place to share your own recordings and listen to others!

FREE Wav Music Site #1 (Various Alphabetized) and FREE Wav Music Site #2 (Various From Down Under) and FREE Wav Music Site #3 (Various) and FREE Wav Music Site #4 (Various With Lyrics) and FREE Wav Music Site #5 (Various, 30's-80's) and FREE Wav Music Site #6 (Various) and FREE Wav Music Site #7 (Various) and FREE Wav Music Site #8 (Various Love Songs) and FREE Wav Music Site #9 (Various) and FREE Wav Music Site #10 (Various) - A few of my more frequented free wav sites. Be patient if you are waiting for a song to load or download if you are on a dial-up. Turn up your speakers and enjoy!

Lyrics - Just about every lyrics by every artist.

Song Meanings - Find out the meaning of your favorite song.

Song Facts - This is where you can learn about the songs you listen to.

Music Fan Clubs Directory - The premiere site for music enthusiasts offering the best Music Fan Sites on
the internet.

What's That Called? -Find music to the latest U.S. tv commercials.

Song Facts - This is where you can learn about the songs you listen to.

Music Awards - The Grammy Awards, MTV Music Video Awards, Billboard Music Awards, Gramophone Awards, American Music Awards, Country Music Association Awards

Billboard Top 20 Adult and Billboard Top 20 Country and Billboard Top 20 Contemporary and
Billboard Top 20 Modern Rock and Billboard Top 20 R&B/Hip Hop - And with many other categories to choose from.

Music Videos Galore - Launch by Yahoo, watch and listen to your favorite music videos online. All genre's of music are here!

Radio Locator - The most comprehensive radio station search engine on the internet. They have links to over 10,000 radio station web pages and over 2500 audio streams from radio stations in the U.S. and around the world. I listened to an Irish radio station today, this is GREAT!

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Web Search

Yahoo Video Search - Yahoo has made it easy to find videos.

Google Zeitgeist (Inquiries) - Search patterns, trends, and surprises according to Google.

Yahoo Shortcuts - Special features designed to help you to find answers quickly.

1500 Search Engines Worldwide - Great complilation of worldwide searches.

Tool Kit For The Expert Web Searcher - Tired of endless lists of Web search tools that give you no guidance as to which ones to use? Or that were last updated when Gophers were alive? Use what this person uses every day for Web searching in an academic library. This person keeps up with this stuff so you don't have to!

Unusual Search Engines - Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know of the major search engines like Google or Yahoo. But did you know that there are many other smaller or niche search engines out there that can offer you
unique help?

Can't Find On Google - Most of the time, you punch what you want to know into Google, and you instantly get what you're looking for. But have you ever had that experience, where you try query after query and no matter how hard you try, you just can't find what you're looking for? That's what this site is for.

Picture Search - By google, one of the best image search tools on the web. Also click HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE for other great image search engines. Tip: Most pages you can turn on/off the image filter under preferences, but this possibly will offer images NSFW.

Sound Search - Search the web for sounds.

Best Search Engine Page - Simply a spectacular search page.

All Search Engines - A concise listing of all popular search engines.

Search Engine Showdown - Search engine news. The users' guide to web searching. Also, click HERE to see the top 20 search engines. I bet you can guess which is #1.

Google's Government Website Search Engine - Google has done it again! Find government sites and info. easy.

Google's University Website Search Engine - Just pick a college of your choice, and google will give you a search engine specific to that college only. Great tool!

Google Catalog Search - Search and browse mail order catalogs online.

Google Answers - Don't have the time to search for your answer? Ask a question. Set your price. Get your answer at this site.

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Guys & Gals

Pick Up Lines The best Pick Up Lines website on the web (really!) Thanks to Larry!

How To Pick Up Girls Guide - GREAT ADVICE for the guys!!!!

Funny Pick-Up Lines Funny pick up lines - A collection of good & funny pick up lines that work.? Thanks to Doron!

Stripper FAQ -Hey, if this is your thing, then this is the perfect tutorial site for you. Personally, I think you'd be better off NOT doing it in the first place. A bit of my advice for the "Safety" category. "If there's a will there's a way."

Really Good & Really Bad Chat-up Lines - Try em out, maybe you'll get lucky :)

The Couch Surfing Project - You can use the network to meet people and then go and surf other members' couches! When you surf a couch, you are a guest at someone's house. They will provide you with some sort of accommodation, a penthouse apartment or maybe a back yard to pitch your tent in. Stays can be as short as a cup of coffee, a night or two, or even a few months or more. When you offer your couch, you have complete control of who visits.

Internet Dating Stories - The good, the bad and the ......... OH MY GOD! What were they thinking?!.

100 Things Every Guy Must Know - The ultimate guide to help you fit in.

Paper Napkin Rejection Service - A FREE e-mail rejection service, Paper Napkin will tell your persistent suitor to buzz off when he comes calling electronically.

Relationship Fraud - A website designed to assist Men and Women in their search for a faithful mate, by providing a tool that will allow you to search for known Men and Women that have been unfaithful. Men and Women that have cheated will be posted on this site.

Bad Date Stories - Read about the bad dates. Also, click HERE for other bad date story sites.

E-admit - The place to admit your secrets. See what others have admitted. Note: Adult situations. Also, click HERE and HERE for other similar sites.

World Ages Of Consent Guide - How young is too young?

40 Mistakes Men Make While Having Sex With Women - Listen up men! Note: Please be over 18 (Adult wording).

Gotta Break-up - When you just don't want to do it yourself. Now you can send your own Gotta Break Up Ecard, and break up with a special saying from us or customize it yourself.

Too Hot!!! - Safe for work. You've gotta click on this to see what these two girls are doing, WOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Lines That Are Good - The most complete and most useless collection of pick-up lines. Note: Some lines contain profanity. Also, click HERE for another good site.

Great Female Comebacks -Ladies, if you are tired of getting hit on, then this is the page for you!

Rejection Line - Numbers all across the U.S. to give to that unspecial someone.

Female Or Shemale? - Can you tell?

Meet Up - Not dating, but rather meet up with people from your town that share your interests. Thousands of different meet up topics. So go for it, make some NEW friends! Also, check out Friendeavor, which is a similar site.

The Knot - The world's #1 wedding planning site. Great message board.

Fakers Suck - Do you hate being accused of having a fake picture or wonder if a picture is a fake or not? Then this is the site to check out. Find fake pictures now with the easy to use picture checker or search the database by different physical attributes.

"110% All Around FREE Dating Sites"

Social Grid - Another 110% FREE to reply/post/view etc. dating service that uses google to find your partner. Once again, FREE IS GOOD! Let me know if this ever goes Non-Free HERE and this link will be removed immediately.

Profile Matcher - A lot like Hot or Not, but 100% FREE. You can get the contact details for FREE once you sign up for FREE. Therefore, rate or date. This site is BEST because it's FREE! Let me know if this ever goes Non-Free HERE and this link will be removed immediately.

Plenty Of Fish - 100% FREE online dating service (NO CHARGE!). One of the few absolutely free ones left. This ones is very popular. Let me know if this ever goes Non-Free HERE and this link will be removed immediately.

Mega Mates - 100% FREE online dating service (NO CHARGE WHATSOEVER!). Let me know if this ever goes Non-Free HERE and this link will be removed immediately.

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U.S. Government News/Press Release Websites - This page provides a gateway to news and press release websites throughout the U.S. Government.

Infographics - The following six maps deal with an array of major current world issues, from the serious to the seriously frivolous.

Unique County by County U.S. Election Results Map - For the 2004 presidential election. Also, there's a link to the 2000 election map.

Directory of U.S. Political Parties - A great reference.

Funny Political Pictures - Loads and loads of categorized cartoons, doctored photos, and funny pictures helping politicians put their best face forward. Brought to you by About's Political Humor Section.

U.S. Presidents: Lists and Records - Understanding U.S. Presidents helps us understand American history.

Google Political Directory - Easy to navigate politics categories and links.

U.S. Government Blue Pages - You online guide to U.S. Government.

125 Most Popular Political Websites On The Net - This top 125 consists of websites which includes just about everyone's political affiliation. This listing was comprised in May 2004 based on rankings.

Contacting Congress - Here's the spot to go to contact your congressman.

Polling Report - A nonpartisan resource on trends in American public opinion. The top polls are here.

Compare Countries Statistics - Very detailed info.

Open Secrets - Your guide to the money in U.S. elections. Also, click HERE to pick your state and get the dirty on who's making the big political contributions in your state, as well as where the money's coming from.

Above Top Secret - The internet's most popular destination for news, discussion, and debate on government conspiracies, cover-ups, UFO's, and other alternative topics.

Active National Debt Clock - Have you wondered how much our country is in debt right NOW?

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Computer (General Use & Info.)

Must Haves

Send Your Password The Secure Way - FIREPASS makes sharing passwords MUCH MORE SECURE. We feel our new tool is the best available for sending passwords securely and keeping users safe....and the best part is it is totally free. GET IT!

Spyware Center - The perfect place to start if you want to get rid of spyware or download the best anti-spyware programs to rid the spyware. My 2 favorites are Ad-aware and Spybot, Both of which I highly recommend installing, which you will find at the bottom of this linked page. I would recommend running them BOTH, since what one don't catch, the other will. You will also find great info for HiJackThis, Firewall and Pop-Up blockers here. If your scan detects CoolWebSearch, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you run CWShredder too. It is almost impossible to delete completely without running this new program. It's fast and easy.

Bazooka - This is some AWESOME software! GET IT TOO! It does what Adaware and Spybot can't. That is, after scanning your computer, it tells you step by step how to manually delete off of your computer certain spywares that Adaware and Spybot may have missed or were unable to remove. It helped me to get rid of the pesky Midadle, Winpup and TV Media spyware programs off of my computer. I thought I'd never get these off, but thanks to Bazooka, they are now gone! Oh, don't forget to use HijackThis as a back up too. It can be downloaded HERE. Please read the review at this download site before using it.

Sygate Firewall - This is the best 100% FREE firewall for your computer. GET A FIREWALL! Run this easy to use program in conjunction with your anti-virus software for maximum protection against hackers, trojan horses, etc. Also, Check out Zone Alarm.

Google Toolbar/Pop-Up Blocker - This is the best toolbar for your browser out there. Now with an internal pop-up blocker to block most of those annoying pop-ups. GET IT!

Free Anti-virus Software - AVG has some of the best anti-virus freeware on the web. GET THIS FREE ANTI-VIRUS WARE!

Free PC Audit - Try the Belarc Advisor. (Tells you everything about your system!)ALSO, GET THIS TO SEE WHAT YOU'VE GOT!

Get Firefox! - Firefox/Mozilla, the second most popular browser next to Internet Explorer being first. A MUST HAVE! I USE BOTH IE AND FIREFOX. See browser statistics HERE. Use this fast and colorful browser (different themes available) as an alternate to Internet Explorer. I do and highly recommend you doing so too. Only a 4.7MB download. Once you download it, I HIGHLY recommend downloading and using the Noia 2.0 theme HERE. It makes your browser look COOL! Finally, click HERE for a list of firefox extensions (add-ons).


Tech Recipes - Instruction for completing specific tasks in Solaris, Windows, Linux, Cisco, databases, programming languages, and information technology systems.

Google-Watch - A look at Google's monopoly, algorithms, and privacy policies.

Computer Tips Galore - So many tips on how to make your computer experience BETTER! This is a Great site with LOTS of tips and tricks.

Cool Who Is - Lets you look up the registration information for any domain name including the generic top level domains (.com, .net, .org, .info and .biz) and the country top level domains (such as .uk, .de, .to, .ws, .at, etc.).

EdBott - A great computer info. blog with news, reviews, tips & tricks about windows, office and other stuff.

Tutorialized - Where everything is a tutorial.

Tweak XP - Dedicated to improving and customizing Microsoft® Windows® XP.

Process Library - In the recesses of your computer, 20-30 invisible processes run silently in the background. Some hog system resources, turning your PC into a sluggish computer. Worse yet, other useless processes harbour spyware and Trojans - violating your privacy and giving hackers free reign on your computer. is an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to know the exact purpose of every single process. This site also lets you search for dll files to find out the meaning of each.

Find Out Where SPAM Originates - A pretty cool map! Also, click HERE to find out where VIRUSES originate on this world map.

Googles Computer Directory - Resources galore.

Computer Gripes - This web site is devoted to what stinks about computer products (hardware,
software, web sites).

Top 20 DSL Provider Websites On The Web - The Net Top 20 brings you the pick of the most popular and highest-rating sites for DSL providers on the Net today, from a single page.

Free & Cheap ISP's - A concise listing of the country's free & cheap internet service providers. Why pay $20+ per month for a dial-up! We found ours here,, and only pay $7.95 per month.

Broadband Reports - The 'bible' for Information on DSL, Cable and Other High Speed Internet Services.

Internets Most Popular Software Downloads - offers this great listing of mostly FREE popular downloads. Even offers CNET user reviews of this software after you select one.

Computer Forums

UK Webuser Forums - Forum for the UK's best selling internet magazine. I've found some great posts and very friendly people on this overseas forum.

Spyware Forums -Find answers to all of your questions or ask one yourself here.


Wallpaper and Desktop Backgrounds - An excellent collection!

Laim Name -Next time some loser asks for your AIM name - Give them one of these names instead.

Computer Stupidities - A large collection of stories and anecdotes about clueless computer users.

Away Messages - Has cool and funny away messages for use with aol, aim, and other im services. Also, check out Gone Buddy.

IT Facts - Lots of up to date IT facts.

Visual Paradox - FREE Hi-res 3D desktop wallpaper and background screens for a variety of platforms.

Shareware - Find and download thousands of shareware and free programs from dozens of downloadable software directories.

Browse Anonymously

Proxify - Another surf the web anonymously site.

Anonymous Browsing Quick Start Page - If you need to go to a site anonymously, this page provides forms you can punch the URL into to do it without hunting down a free and usable anonymizer-type service yourself.

Surf At Work - How to Bypass Most Firewall Restrictions and Access the Internet Privately.

Ghostzilla - The idea is that you want to surf the web, but have it look like you are doing normal work to people walking by your computer. Ghostzilla is a browser that hides itself in your normal work applications, like Excel, or Word, or Visual Studio... anything. With a swish of the mouse, Ghostzilla pops up and you can surf the web. If you see someone coming, simply move the mouse away, and it disappears, leaving no trace.

Great Tools

Pricelessware - The best of the best in freeware.

Browser Spy - Can tell you all kinds of detailed information about you and your browser.

Port Scanner - Find out which ports are open on your computer to see if hackers and other evildoers could mess with the machine. If any are open, then you NEED a firewall! Also, try HERE for another good firewall tester.

Simple Share - Sharing a file has never been so easy.

Did They Read It? - A free trial service to let you know if someone read your email or not.

Drop Load - A place for you to drop your files off and have them picked up by someone else at a later time. Up to 100MB ea. Performance Test - See how long it takes for images, text or an upload to load. It will give you a breakdown of different types of connections and their speeds at the completion of the upload or load.

Browser Encryption Test - By just going to this website, you can find out what your browser's encryption
connection is.

IP Address Location - This lookup displays the location of an Internet Protocol (IP) address. The city, state, country and ISP provider will be displayed.

Lost Password? - More than 30 password recovery modules: Asterisk Passwords, Excel, Word, Access, Outlook, Windows XP and other applications.

Key Finder - The Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder is a freeware utility that retrieves your Product Key (cd key) used to install windows from your registry. So, if you trying to load Windows or Microsoft Office from CD and you or the original owner don't have the Authentication Key Code (usually a 25 digit #), the all that you have to do is run this program on a previous computer that this CD has been installed on before and it'll find the code for you. Trust me, it works!

Tiny URL - This is cool! Are you sick of posting URLs in emails only to have it break when sent causing the recipient to have to cut and paste it back together? Then you've come to the right place. By entering in a URL in the text field, they will create a tiny URL that will not break in email postings and never expires. For another similar site, then click HERE

File Too Big For E-mail? Try YouSendIt! - Just enter your recipient's email address, choose a file to store on YouSendIt server, click on Send It button to send a link.

Every Version Of Web Browser Archived - Find that version of a browser that you prefer here.

Microsoft Top 50 Downloads From Their Website - See if you should download some popular software/updates.

Best Ever Freeware Utilities - The best of the best. Also, click HERE or HERE for other listings.

DLL Files For Free - Did you accidently delete a DLL file on your computer and keep getting that pesky pop-up stating ***.dll file not found? Well, worry no more. Try this site for a free redownload.

Old Version - Miss the old version of AIM or another program? Well here's the answer, download free, slimmed-down, older versions of your favorite software titles.

Can I Break Into Your Computer? - A series of audits designed to test and fix your browser's security vulnerabilities. It's worth a try!

How To Open Just About Any Type Of File Extension - Ever try to open a file extension that would not open? This site will tell you what program you need to open virtually every file extension on the net.

Free Virus Scan Of Your Computer - If you don't have anti-virus software on your computer, then this is the next best thing. I recommend that you perform this monthly.

IP Address Search - Have you ever wondered who a specific IP # is assigned to (ie. is Yahoo's)? Do this free search through the American Registry for Internet Numbers.

Internet Speed Test - Perform this FREE bandwidth test on your computer.

Is there Pornography on your computer? - ContentAudit is a FREE online tool that safely checks your PC for explicit or other unwanted content picked up from the Internet. - Calculates the ranking for the top 900,000 (growing every month) most visited websites and provides these results to surfers absolutely FREE. See where your favorite website stands, or find out about other popular sites that you didn't know about.

Boot Disks - FREE BootDisks - PC Support - Essential Utilities for your computer.


E-mail Icon Generator - For GMail, Hotmail, MSN, Yahoo!, AOL and many more!

E-mail Abbreviations - Good reference to find out what those letters really mean.

FREE Web Based E-mail Service Providers - Also, HERE or HERE.

E-mail Provider Rankings - By the number of subscribers. Hotmail has the largest base.


How To Fix Moms Computer - A how to guide on how to keep that computer running sharp.

The Laptops Weblog - This site features news, reviews and information about many brands of laptop computers.

100 Oldest .Com Names - Can you guess the oldest? I thought for sure that Microsoft would be in this list.

Websites That Lock You In - Sites that let you in, but you in which you can have difficulty getting out of. Give it a try, click on the category for Top 9 and dare to go further. I know the ways out, but some novice users may find this difficult. There are tips on this site to get out of lock-ins.

Crucial - The best place on the internet to buy more memory for your computer.

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Webmaster Tools

Free Image Hosting Sites - If you need somewhere to store your pictures for FREE, then this is the site to find such a place.

Error Message Generator - Create your own error messages here.

GIF Works - FREE online image e-tools. Nothing to download. Manipulate your GIF image today!

Color Contrast Checker - Allows you to specify a foreground and a background colour and determine if they provide enough of a contrast.

URL Wire - News of top web launches and events (unique and useful) since 1994.

Search For Expired Domain Names -Find a domain name that you really want. View .COM and .NET domain name registrations that have expired and are pending renewal or deletion using this alphabetical directory or keyword search.

Link Ranks -LinkRanks are a measure of how many pages link to each particular site, with more weight given to fresher links and to links from a wider variety of pages.

Pirated Sites - Not really a tool, but more like a wake up call to webmasters that pirating of websites is going on. See side by side comparisons here.

Make A Countdown - Your Web Resource for a free countdown web page.

Who Links To Me - For the ultimate narcissist within you.

Hit Maps - Put a visual map on your website showing where all of your traffic is coming from.

Color Scheme Generator - For websites.

Website Address Magnets For Your Vehicle - After hours of searching, this is the only website that I could find that offers an affordable 3" x 24" single lined magnet with various options (font, background color, shadows, etc.) that you can design and order online. This magnet is perfect for that website address (URL) for placement on the back of your car or truck. You've spent a lot of money designing your website. Why not advertise it!

Find Out Your Link Popularity Number - Mine is 430 total. That means throught all of the search engines checked, there are 430 links to my site or an average of about 75 per search engine. I hope to get this number to go up seemings my website is still pretty new.

Check Your Page Rank In Google - 1-10, what is your score?

Hypergurl - This site has a lot of great tools and scripts!

Google Rankings - Check your search engine ranking and placement in Google. Also, click HERE to check the position of your website in the search engine of Yahoo. Finally, click HERE to check your ranging via multiple search engines.

Search Engine Spider Simulator - Displays the text and links that the search engine would see when it crawls a page.

Free Java Chat - Here's an absolutely free and easy to install chat interface for your website.

Wordtracker - See who's searching for what. The ultimate tool to increase your webistes traffic.

AFS Inlive Live Counter - Inlive counts exactly the number of visitors currently present on your site and displays it in a small box. See my pages for an example.

My Shoutbox - Put a FREE live chatbox on your website. I did!

Color Code Converter - If you already have or are building a website, then this tool is great to have. Also, click HERE for the color wheel which is pretty cool to use and the GREAT synthaxis HERE. Once you start dabbling with the synthaxis, you won't want to quit. Just click one on the colored boxes and and then the bottom right corner. You'll get the hang of it.

Netmechanic - Tools for your website (ie. GIFBOT, Fix HTML code errors and more), a lot of tools to try for FREE!

SevenTwentyFour - Link Rot Is Eating Your Site...They Can Help. Why do you think I don't have any dead links? Also, click HERE for a FREE downloadable link checker. I've recently started using this too in conjunction with SevenTwentyFour and find it very useful.

Pongo - Learn HTML for FREE! It's easy, and this is where I learned it. Also, another great HTML learning site is HERE.

HTML Cheat Sheet - Also, click HERE for some more tags.

Free Find - Add a search engine to search "your" website for FREE.

Domain Name Search - Find out if a domain name is available or not. If it is taken, you may be able to find out detailed information on who owns it.

Geocities - 3 GB bandwidth, 15 MB of FREE website space. This is who I used to use for free until I upgraded to Geocities Pro. For reviews of other free hosting service, click HERE.

Godaddy - Who I recommend buying a domain name from. Cheap!

Link Popularity Check - Checks the popularity of websites, by, which provides many cheap or free services (Ie. Meta Tag generator, Keyword genterator, website search engine submission, etc.).

Proboards - The best FREE remotely hosted message boards on the web. Great for webmasters! This is the FREE message board that I use for my main page.

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Photo Enforced - Red light camera locations and fines.

Automotive Calculators - A bunch of great useful automotive calculators from

Road Rage Cards - Purchase and flash one of these cards the next time you detect a bit of road rage in yourself. WARNING: Adult Language

Safer Car - Be informed before you buy. Provides crash test and rollover ratings, investigation, recalls and complaints.

Recalls & Technical Service Bulletins - Check here to see if your vehicle has been either recalled or has received a TSB. A TSB is a notice to the tech's of something that can be done to fix a problem. No charge if you are still under warranty. A recall is a mandate by the government or the company of something that MUST be fixed whether under warranty or not. Usually a safety related item.

Car Accident Pictures - Submitted auto accident pictures as a reminder and a warning.

State Speed Limits - A nice to know chart if you are travelling.

ERideShare - A FREE donation-supported service for connecting commuters, or travelers going the same way.

The Old Car Manual Project - Manuals and brochures for older model vehicles.

CHEAP Costing Pocket Bikes - At less than $400 with FREE SHIPPING, these mini motorcycles have become all the rage. I can see why, the pricing is soooooooooo low! After shopping around for months, this site has been determine the BEST site to buy this. Click HERE and go to the BOTTOM OF THE PAGE for General state operating laws for these pocket bikes. This site even has a parts department, in case you'd like to alter your bike to possibly make it go faster or give it a different look, but you can also go HERE to for another great pocket bike parts site. Finally, click HERE for a snow scooter version from another site that also sells pocket bikes cheap.

Google Automotive Directory - A great place to start your search.

Automotive Picture Rating Sites - Over 13 of the best automotive rating sites on the web.

Emachine Shop - Where you can design, price, and order your custom parts online!

Car & Truck Picture Search - Looking for a few ideas on how you can improve your ride? Search's cool rides to see thousands of vehicles owned by people just like you!

Cool Car Wallpaper Pictures - The cream of the crop of vehicles in high resolution photos for your desktop wallpaper. Most models listed. Also, click HERE or HERE for other great wallpaper pictures.

License Plates Around The World - A picture of just about every design through the years.

My Car Sucks Rants - Read the funny stories from some upset people looking to vent!

Fuel Gauge Report - How much is gas going for throughout the U.S.A? Also, is another great site.

Gas Mileage Tips - In todays economy, any tip to save a buck is a good tip.

Trip Fuel Cost Calculator - Get an idea how much that next trip of yours is going to cost you.

Fuel Consumption Guide - Vehicles 1985 to present. See how much your car guzzles.

Gibson Tailpipe Exhaust Tips - Cover up that rusty looking tailpipe. These are ABSOLUTELY THE BEST tailpipe tips on the market. GIBSON Tips are 100% polished 304 stainless steel which will dramatically outlast chrome! Stainless steel delivers the brilliant "show look" and will not chip, flake, or rust like chrome. This is what I have on my truck now and is all I will ever buy. No more CHEAP Autozone tailpipe tips.

Radar Test - The world's most quoted authority on radar detectors. Check out the reviews. Note: Adult situations

Insider Car Secrets - This site spills the beans on the car dealers, exposing the truth about how they scheme behind the scenes to Get Into Your Wallet. Also, check out the tips in the bar on the left side of the page.

How State Driving Laws Measure Up - The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety rates states by their laws on DUI, seatbelts, child restraints, motorcycle helmets, red light cameras, and young driver licensing.

Car Loan Calculators - A list of 11 very useful calculators.

Why One Needs To Wear Their Seatbelt - A MUST SEE 20 SEC. CLIP! Flash is required, so download it HERE for free.

Where Does Your Gasoline REALLY Come From? - disputes the urban legend email going around and points out where your gas REALLY comes from. It's clear though at about mid-page that only Sinclair's, Sunoco's and for the time being, Conoco's gas don't come from middle eastern countries.

Wrecked Exotics - The internet's largest collection of exotic car crash photos.

Find Out The Value Of Your Vehicle - (ie. Used cars & trucks) Before buying a new car, be sure to get the Blue Book value of the car you own now.

Find Out The Value Of Your Motorcycle - (ie. Used street and dirt bikes, ATVs, scooters, mopeds and sidecars).

Find Out The Value Of Your Personal Watercraft - (Ie. Used jetski's & waverunners).

Professional And Owner Vehicle Reviews - Want to know what current owners or experts think about the vehicle that you want to buy or already own?

New Vehicle Previews - Previews of brand new models coming soon to a dealership near you. Also, new and improved models. Check out the latest concept cars.

Tire Ratings & Reviews - Enter your search criteria (ie. by vehicle, size, price, brand, etc.) and find out the best tires for your vehicle. Great tool! Also, click HERE for a tire conversion chart.

Tire Surveys - Consumer survey results on-going since 1996. 562 different tire models represented.

Vehicle Crash Test Ratings - How did your vehicle do?

Vehicle History Report - Just enter the vehicles VIN # and get a FREE record check.

Automotive Lamp Replacement Guide - Are you wondering what the part number of that light bulb that you need for your car's headlight, foglight, blinker, etc.? Then select your vehicle from the list for a details on all of your automotive lighting part numbers.

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ShopSleuth - ShopSleuth recommends alternatives to your favorite stores and brands. ShopSleuth covers it all, from the newest e-commerce brands to popular retail stores in your area. A visitor to our website thought our visitors would find it helpful. I did! Thanks, Mary!

Certificate Swap - Have a gift certificate you don't want? Perfect! There's no charge to list it for sale on (the seller just pays 7.5% of the sale price.). When it sells, use the proceeds to purchase any certificate on our site or take the cash! Also, check out similar sites &

Naughty Codes - This site finds and lists ALL of the coupon codes and promotional codes that can be found. If it's out there, they have it!

Woot! - A marketing idea where they make a purchase of a nifty piece of technology that they sell in 24 hours. Every day a different bargain. Check out the community HERE for previous days bargains and comments.

Find Gift - If you are having trouble finding the right gift, then check out this site that helps you find unique gift ideas and connects you to on-line stores where these gifts are sold. It is a gift search engine that evalutates your gift-giving challenge and suggests a variety of solutions.

Which High-End Television Is Best? - A very informative article stating the pluses and minuses of current TV's on the market (EDTV, Plasma, LCD, Cathode Ray Tube, Rear Projection, Front Projection).

Kalamafree - Where everything is for FREE; you just pay for the shipping.

Fitness Infomercial Reviews - Ever wonder if Cortislim or Ab Lounge really works? This site collects consumer reviews of fitness infomercial products.

Replacements - the world's largest selection of old & new dinnerware, including china, stoneware, crystal, glassware, silver, stainless, and collectibles. Each month, thousands of customers replace broken or missing pieces, or add to their collection.

Infomercial Scams - Check out this site before buying ANYTHING off of T.V.!

Who Would Buy That? - Auction oddities from all over the web.

Funny Auctions - Priceless Ebay auctions galore.

Search Multiple Auction Sites From One Place - Now shopping has been made even more fun! No more wasting time going to all of those auction sites. Do it all from one page, and even search all sites from just one simple search!

Last Minute Auctions - Ebay auctions ending in less than an hour that are less that a dollar. FIND A BARGAIN!

A Look at the Highest Priced & Most Watched Items on Ebay - Ebay Pulse is a great page!

Digital Camera Reviews - Check this site out BEFORE you buy.

Ebay Drop-off Store Directory - See where a store location is in your state.

Freecycle - You can get free stuff and get rid of your stuff for free.

Responsible Shopper - Discover the good, the bad and the ugly behind the products you buy everyday — from clothing to shoes to toothpaste. Investigate hundreds of companies on a range of issues, including: Sweatshops, Pollution, Ethics, Discrimination and more.

Sales Circular - Find out what's on sale at the retail stores near you this week. Just pick you state and then category of the item that you are searching for. Best Buy, Circuit City, CompUSA, Kmart, Office Depot, Office Max, Radio Shack, Sears, Staples, Target, WalMart and select local retailers. NOTE: They also have FREE items listed after rebate. You must choose your state first, then click FREE AFTER REBATE at the top of the page

Cheap Stingy Bastard - This "independent guide to good deals on the web" ferrets out bargains and posts them for like-minded shoppers.

Cool Stuff Cheap - Your source for super deals on really cool stuff for you and your habitat.

The World's Finest Long Lasting Scented Candles - From gingerbread, to holiday wreath to watermelon, these candles will surely scent your home a lot lot longer than the store bought brands. Click HERE and HERE to view a few of their many scents.

Buy Used Laptops Cheap! - Good for those of us that can't drop 2 grand on a laptop.

My Simon - Free shopping search service to compare products, prices, and stores and to find the Web's best prices on whatever you're shopping for. Also, click HERE for and HERE for, which are similar comparison shopping sites.

Oriental Trading - Who my wife and I recommend for party supplies. For a list of other party supply sites,
click HERE.

The Internets Top 20 Auction Sites - If you can't find it on Ebay above, then try one of these other 19 popular auction sites.

Top 10 Shopping Stores - With lots of categories to choose from, I'm sure you'll find a store that interests you here.
For example, click HERE for a top 10 list of toy store websites. Also, click HERE for some shopping sub-categories such as cards, flowers & gifts.

Google Shopping Directory - If you can't find it here, then there has to be a problem. Wow is this great!

Nifty Cool Toys - This site picks toys not because they are the latest fad, but because they teach or are just plain
old fun. Shop here for that special kid.

As Seen On TV - The world's largest source of As Seen On TV products.

Overstock - This site is the best because on everything shipping is only a $2.95 flat fee. WOW! Also, NOW OFFERING AUCTIONS like Ebay. You'll see the tab at the top.

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Cosmetic Surgery Before & After Galleries - Just select the procedure to view the before and after gallery. Also, click HERE for a similar site which also includes a problems and complications gallery.

Questions To Ask Your Doctor Before Surgery - Be informated!

CDC Weekly Flu Activity Map & Report - Check out the map to see if you state has gotten hit yet and
how severely.

State Immunization Requirements For School Entry - Pdf file, Adobe Acrobat reader needed to view.

Health Assessment Calculators - 14 helpful health calclulators.

Poisonous Plants Information Database - From Humans to livestock to pets; see what affects who and how.

DNA Home Test Kits - Get a definative answer on paternity, maternity, siblingship, genealogy, anthropology and grandparentage with a kit. Now, testing has never been so easy.

Google Health Directory - This link is PACKED with health categories and links.

Calculate Your Body Mass Index - Body mass index (BMI) is measure of body fat based on height and weight that applies to both adult men and women. Thanks to Zara!

Safe Medication - Type in the name of a prescription drug, and the website tells you special precautions to take, dietary instructions, side effects, and what to do if you forget a dose.

Determine Your Disease Risk - Find out your risks for Cancer, Diabetes, Stroke, Heart Disease or Osteoporosis.

Infectious Diseases - A pretty concise listing with a load of info. on each.

Top 20 Medical Websites On The Web - The Net Top 20 brings you the pick of the most popular and highest-rating sites for medical sites on the Net today, from a single page.

Lowest Prescription Prices - This site compares prescription prices among different vendors for the absolute biggest savings for you. If you desire to buy super cheap, then Canada offers non-FDA approved prescriptions HERE at rock bottom prices.

Find Out Info. On Your Physician - provides basic professional information on virtually every licensed physician in the United States.

Drug Information - Detailed info. Just browse by first letter of generic or brand name drug.

America's Best Hospitals List - Search by specialty.

Doctor/Dentist Locator - Over 800,000 doctors, dentists, etc. in this database accross the U.S. You can also do a search HERE.

12 Supplements You Should Avoid - The have been linked to serious adverse

NEW Contact Prescription Lense Law - Effective 2-4-2004 It states that your doctor MUST give you your prescription, unlike witholding it as in the past. See details.

Top 10 Supplements For Men - Your drugstore carries thousands of bottles of colored pills. These are the ones you actually need, besides a daily multi-vitamin. I admit to taking 5 of these 10 daily. Also, not on the list, I recommend taking a baby vitamin daily.

Supplements Womens Should Take - A list of 6 women should take daily.

What Are Healthy Levels of Cholesterol? - Find out here and see where you number lies for 1) total blood cholesterol, 2) LDL (bad) blood cholesterol, 3) HDL (good) blood cholesterol and 4) tryglycerides levels.

Blood Pressure Chart - Enter your age and see where you stand with your blood pressure numbers. Click HERE for another great chart.

Smoking Risk Calculator - If you smoke, then see about how much time smoking has taken off of your lifespan.

Immunization Chart - Know when to get the vaccination. Tip: Vaccination number on chart corresponds to description number below chart.

Health Screening Chart Timeline For Men - This chart lists recommended screenings and immunizations for men at average risk for most diseases.

Health Screening Chart Timeline For Women - This chart lists recommended screenings and immunizations for women at average risk for most diseases. Two pages long.

Family Doctor - Health information for the whole family. is brought to you by the American Acadamy of Family Physicians. Great reference tool!

Ultimate List Of Health/Medicine Websites - This page has them all!

Ibabydoc - Extensive health information about babies and children from a pediatrician.

FREE Online Hearing Test - Are you deaf? Find out here. Headphones needed.

FREE Online Self Vision Screening Tests - Visual acuity (eye chart provided), Pinhole screening (eye chart provided), Amsler Grid screening (Grid chart provided), Glaucoma survey and Dominant Eye test. your perceptual awareness.
Click HERE for a standard acuity test using an eye chart (read instructions then take the test at the bottom of the page).

FREE Online Color Blindness Test - Are you color blind? Find out here. Or for a more serious test, click HERE.

Optical Illusions - Test your perceptual awareness. Also click HERE for 38 more optical illusions & visual phenomena

Web MD Message Boards - Excellent message boards here.

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Top 10 Retail Sales Rip-Offs Exposed - Arm yourself with knowledge.

The Squeaky Wheel - Another consumer complaint database.

This is Broken - A project to make businesses more aware of their customer experience, and how to fix it.

My 3 Cents - A leading source of real consumer advice. Visitors come to learn, interact and voice opinions regarding companies, products and services in our open community.

Planet Feedback - A free site that makes it easy to send complaints, compliments, or suggestions to companies.

Consumer Opinion Websites Directory - A lot lot more consumer complaint websites via Yahoo. Also, click HERE for googles directory listing of complaint sites.

Black List Of Bad Movers - Check this list before hiring a mover. A lot of great info. here.

Rip-Off Report - Victim of a consumer Rip-off? Want justice? Rip-off Report is a worldwide consumer reporting Website & Publication, by consumers, for consumers, to file & document complaints about Companies or Individuals who ripoff consumers.

Consumer Complaints Database - Enter a search term or search by date at the bottom of the page.

Better Business Bureau - The place to go to check up on that company.

Black List Of Bad Movers - Check this list before hiring a mover. A lot of great info. here. Also, click HERE to see some ratings and reviews of common movers at

1-800 Number Search - Just enter the business's name and you should get a list of 1-800 numbers.

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Shipping Tools

Suspicious Mail Alert - A warning from the USPS.

Calculate DHL Shipping Costs - Click HERE for transit times. Also, click HERE to track a DHL package and HERE to find a DHL location.

Calculate UPS Shipping Time & Cost - Also, click HERE to track a UPS package and HERE to find a UPS location.

Calculate FedEx Shipping Time & Cost - Also, click HERE to track a FedEx package and HERE to find a FedEx location.

Calculate USPS Domestic Shipping Time & Cost - For international, click HERE. Also, click HERE to track a USPS package and HERE to find a USPS location.

Iship - Calculate & compare the best shipping rates and services from multiple mail carriers (ie. UPS, USPS, FedEx, Airborne Express).

Zip Code Look Up - Do you need a ZIP Code(s) for a city? Or all cities in a ZIP Code?

Track your package - By choosing from one of 58 different carriers (ie. UPS, USPS, Fedex, etc.) and providing the tracking number, this tool provides an easy way to track your package on one simple page, plus even provides a nice tracking log of your searches.

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Secondary Accreditation? - This site tells you if a college or university is accredited or a fake! If it isn't on the list, then it isn't accredited, which means that it probably isn't real. This site also gives you the student size for each university. Good reference tool!

Google Education Directory - This link is PACKED with educational categories and links.

America's Best Colleges - This is the BEST ranking compilation on the web.

Homework Helper - Lots and lots of useful homework helping links for every subject and grade (even college).

How Much Money Do Teachers Really Make? - This file breaks down by state the "average" teacher salary. Also click HERE for a break down by state of the "average beginning" teacher salary. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader®

Educational Videos Galore - Educational videos including A&E Biography, National Geographic, and other history, nature, wildlife, and instructional videos. HERE's another good site. Also, click HERE and HERE for some "active" educational videos and HERE for "musicical Instrument" educational videos.

K-12 Schools Website Registry - Now it's even easier to find you elementary, middle or high schools website. Just click on your state on the map. If it's not listed, then let the webmaster know.

So You Wanna - teaches you how to do all the things nobody taught you in school. is another similar website.

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Cool Ways To Fold A Napkin - Set your table in style.

How To Mend It - Database has information explaining how to mend just about anything.

Home Project Calculators - A calculator for Interior Paint Wall Paint, Ceiling Paint, Window Paint, Door Paint, Exterior Paint, Wallpaper Vinyl Floor Tile, Sheet Vinyl Floorcovering, Wood Flooring, Carpeting, Ceramic Tile, Insulation and Air Conditioning so you know exactly how much you need.

DIYnet - This is an awesome website for the homeowner! Step by step projects around the house (even with pictures). Also, check out Do It Yourself or Ehow for two other of my favorite "Do it yourself" websites. Finally, check HERE for a big listing of do-it-yourself websites.

Wacky Uses - Many wacky uses for different things around the home. Discover hundreds of little-known uses for well-known products.

Healthy Home Test Kits - Kits for sale that test for: Mold/Bacteria, Lead, Radon, Asbestos, Formaldehyde & Carbon Mondoxide. Also, Click HERE for some home water test kits.

Epinions - Kind of like Consumer Reports, but a FREE service in which you can get the average persons opinion on almost any product out there before you buy. Also, check HERE and HERE for two other FREE consumer products rating sites.

Garage Sale Hunter - A new site, but growing fast. Find a sale in your area possibly. Feel free to post your sale. Click HERE to do a "YARD SALE SEARCH" in your area. Click HERE for tips on having a yard sale and click HERE for tips on yard sale shopping.

Tip King - Tips and advice to make our lives simpler.

Hints-n-Tips - Hints and tips on just about anything you can think of. Great site!

Home Water Filter Comparisons - Top 10 Home Water Filters, Water Purifiers & Water Treatment System Brands. Compare by price, performance and ongoing costs.

Lawn Care Basics - Brought to you by Scotts. The leader in lawn care.

Home Maintenance Checklist - Here's a simple bi-annual "Top to Bottom" checklist to keep your home in shape year round.

This To That - Select two types of material, it tells you the best glue to stick them together.

Make Stuff (Home-made Formulas) - Formulas for lotions, potions, and remedies you can make at home.

Appliance Repair Clinic - Appliance parts, help & more!

How To Clean Practically Anything - From pets to auto to the interior house and exterior house to stains, it's all here.

Around The Home Forums

Bob Vila's message board - Great forum for fixing stuff around the home! Also, check out the DIYnet Forums and the Do It Yourself Forums.

Garden Web Message Forums - The forums comprise the largest community of gardeners on the Internet. Covering more than 90 different plants, regions and topics. Your question will be answered!

New Housing

AreaVibes - Find the best places to live in America with livability information for thousands of US cities. Thanks to our website visitor, Jacqueline Talbott!

Homes For Sale By The U.S. Government - Find a home cheap!

Mobile Homes By State - A state by state percentage breakdown on how many mobile homes there are per state.

Fastest Growing Counties - Choose your state to see where your county stands in regards to population growth. Also, this site has a lot more info. on every city in the U.S.A.

Best Places - The ultimate resource for relocation, recreation & retirement. Lists best and worst cities for crime, most and least stressful cities, school statistics, cost of living and more!

Search Foreclosed Properities By State - Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Georgia, Kentucky & Oklahoma properties available from First Preston or click on HUD listings for more states. Choose your state from the dropdown menu. Also, check HEREfor a similar search site.

Mortgage Calculators - Here is a list of 6 popular mortgage calculators and HERE is one that is prefered.'s Home Search - Great home search tool.

Homes For Sale Search - (For Missourians) This site information is privy mainly to real estate agents. This somewhat unknown search tool can greatly assist in your search with detailed info. After you type in your search criteria, just click on the MLS # that interests you. Make note: Sometimes this database can be slow. It lists both Coldwell Gundaker homes and all of the competitors (ie. Remax, Century 21, etc.) through the MLS system.

*NOTE* On the results page after your search results come up:
1) A=Available homes, S=Sold homes, P=Pending homes, X=Listing has expired, W=Withdrawn, C=Contingent
2) Coldwell/Gundaker (CBG) homes are list first at the beginning of the results page, and the competitors are list secondly lower down the page.
3) When searching by "Street", only use the street name, not if it's a drive, lane, street, etc.

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The Worlds Richest People - Listing by Forbes, 1996-2004.

Google Personal Finance Directory - Lots of finance links in these categories!

U.S. Lotteries - Find out the lottery numbers or the current jackpot for the lottery in your state here.

Personal Check Ordering Directory - There are lots and lots of companies on this page to choose from to order your next lot of personal checks.

Top 20 Stock Websites On The Web - The Net Top 20 brings you the pick of the most popular and highest-rating sites for stocks sites on the Net today, from a single page.

How Much Should I Tip? - This site will tell you what is customary for each instance.

Fix Your Credit - If you find anything you think may be a mistake on your credit report, then here's a step by step guide to fixing your credit score.

Where's My Refund? - Access this secure Web site to find out if the IRS received your return and whether your refund was processed and sent to you.

Major Market Indexes - See how the market is doing.

12 Credit Card Secrets Banks Don't Want You To Know - Knowledge is power!

Inflation Calculator - Compare an amount of money's inflation between 1800 and 2002.

What To Do If You Hit The Lottery - Here's what to say, what not to say, where to go, where to tell your job to go, and how much money to blow.

Does The IRS Owe You Money? - Enter your name and state here to find out.

How Rich Are You? - Just enter your annual income into the box within and hit ‘show me the money’ . Great comparison facts.

Credit Card Rate Finder - Search credit card offers to find the best one for you. Over 333 credit cards compared. Search and sort by interest rate, annual fee, issuer, etc.

Many Calculators - Many different types of calculators (ie. Scientific, Unit converter, Currency, etc.). Also, HERE and HERE and HERE are some nice financial calculators.

Currency Conversion Calculator - Conversions for all currencies.

How To Get A Free Credit Report - Free circumstances, cost circumstances & contact info. Great info.! Also, click HERE for a newly passed law for getting a FREE COPY of your credit report.

Various Interest Rates - Select your state and find out the going interest rate for auto loans, auto refinancing, CDs & savings accounts, home equity, mortgages, mortgage refinancing & IRA savings. This will also list the national average in comparison.

ATM Locator - Need cash? If you are a member of a credit union, then use this ATM locator HERE to find ATM's with no surcharge fees.

Pay Your Bills Online FREE - Stop mailing your bills, see if you can pay it online for FREE! We do!

State Tax Links - Just click on your state for a lot of info. from forms, FAQ's to audits, it's all here!

IRS Tax Links - From forms, FAQ's to "where's my refund?", it's all here!

Check your credit card - You may want to check here to see if your card has been compromised (100% Secure)

Compute Your Social Security Benefit - How much will you have when you retire?

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City Data - Census data Pictures and Links for most US Towns.
Keepers of Lists - A new list each day!

Web Gallery of Art - a virtual museum and searchable database of European painting and sculpture of the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque periods (1100-1800), currently containing over 12,400 reproductions.

48 Laws of Power - Follow these and you just may have POWER!

Sneaky Cheap - There are lots of crafty things people do to save money. Some are good ideas, some are lousy ideas, and some are downright criminal.

How To Insult, Swear, Cuss, and Curse in 165 Languages! - Swearsaurus is the world's largest resource of multilingual swearing. CAUTION: 18+ and DON'T INSTALL THE PLUGIN! Bypass it by hitting cancel 4 times.

Local Drinking Water Information - Check up on the status of your local drinking water to see if there have been any recent violations by the EPA.

I-Hacked - This site shows you how to take advantage of electronics to make them faster, give them added features, or to do things they were never intended to do. For example, hacking into a Coke machine.

Get Relaxed - Listen to soothing sounds online.

The MIT Lockpicking Guide - For educational purposes only!

I Really Hate That - The place you're meant to vent!

NTSB Accident Database & Synopsis - Contains information from 1962 and later about civil aviation accidents and selected incidents within the United States, its territories and possessions, and in international waters.

FedStats - The gateway to statistics from over 100 U.S. Federal agencies.

Guide To The Most Efficient Things In The World - Find things that are the most efficient in just about
every category.

Insect Repellants, Everything That You Need To Know - Info. that I have found answering most of your questions and posted on my forum. Mainly, which repellant to use in which case and also, info. regarding DEET and children, what percentages are safe. Great to know in the time of the West Nile Virus.

The Complete Edition Of Murphy's Laws - Pretty cool!

Lost And Found - Place your lost and found ads here nationwide for FREE. Also, click HERE for another excellent
lost and found site.

Funerals: A Consumers Guide - I know that if I had to plan a funeral, I wouldn't know where to start. This page helps in planning.

100 Things I Hate About ...... - This is a brand new site dedicated to your feelings about, well anything.

The Official U.S. Time - The true time to set your clocks by. Also, Click HERE to find out the exact time just about anywhere in the world.

God Checker - Your guide to the gods. Over 1,600 gods online.

Racial Slur Database - Over 2000 slurs.

Pet Peeves - A listing of peoples annoyances. Over 4000 listed. Also click HERE for another other great pet peeves page.

Collector's Web Guide - The categorized resource directory for collectors.

Best And Worst - Vote on some very interesting polls (ballots).

How To Tie A Tie - Windsor, Half-Windsor, Bow-Tie, Four-In-Hand, Pratt, they are all here.

Charity Navigator - Look them up before donating. Your guide to intelligent giving.

Safety Recalls - See if something that you own has been recalled. Also, check HERE for toy recalls and HERE for another great recall site.

How to Obtain Birth, Death, Marriage, and Divorce Certificates - Just click on a state.

Popular Baby Names - The most popular since 1990. Also, click HERE for another popular baby name site.

Potassium Iodide Pills (A MUST HAVE!) - Being in the industry myself, I can't stress it enough the importance of having at least one box of these in your home. They have a shelf life of at least 5 years, are approved by the FDA, and just may save you and your families life if there ever were a nuclear or terrorist incident. This link is very detailed in justifying the need for these little pills, and are too recommended by our government at this website . They are affordable and have FREE shipping. As a piece of mind (and common sense) I have a box on hand, and recommend that you should too! Finally, if a nuclear bomb were to go off, would you know how to make your family and home as safe as possible? If not, then click HERE.

Underground Shelters - The leading manufacturer of self-contained underground fiberglass shelters for protection against nuclear, biological and chemical warfare (NBC), tornadoes, terrorism, and natural disasters.

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Big Dog Proven Tuff Ultra Jumbo Kong Toy and the Kong X-Treme Goodie Ship passed the lengthy chewing tests of our very strong chewing Chesapeake Bay Retriever. We HIGHLY recommend these for your dog if you have one that chews everything else to bits and pieces.

Pet of the Day - Every day a new pet photo and story.

How Much Do They Sleep? - A nice table showing how many hours of sleep certain animals get per day.

Lost Pets - The internets largest lost and found pet database.

Pet Abuse Database - Check out the cases near you.

Pet Finder - Find and adopt a homeless pet in just about any state. Great search tool to find that special pet.

Google Pet Directory - I'm sure you'll find what you are looking for through one of these categories.

Pet Picture Rating Sites - Over 30 of the best pet rating sites on the web.

Can Your Pet Make You Sick? - Learn what diseases your pet and other animals can carry.

Horse Breeds - A break down of the breeds.

Human Foods That Poison Pets - Note this list if you own a pet, especially chocolate.

Plants That Can be Poisonous For Your Pet - Please check your home to see if you have any of these plants accessible to your pet.

At Home Pet Test Kits - Check for worm, leukemia, heartworm, Lyme etc. all from home cheap.

Adopt A Homeless Pet - Pet finder Searches 96,960 adoptable pets. Locate shelters and rescue groups. Great place to search before you think about heading out to the pet store.

Ask A Real Veterinarian A Question - Only $2.99 per question.

Veterinary Information Service - Inform yourself about the medical conditions that your pet may have.

Veterinary Hospital Locator - Find a veterinary hospital near anywhere you want to go.


Amazing Cat Collection - Great pictures!

Cat FAQ's - Great frequently asked questions subjects, by breed or topic.

Feline Vaccination Schedule - See which shots your cat needs.

Gallery of Cat Breeds - A break down of the breeds.


I Look Like My Dog Contest Winners - WOW, they really do!

Zillions of Dog Names - Find a name for your new puppy. Also, click HERE and HERE for lots of cat names.

How Well Do You Know Where Dogs Are From? - Match the dogs from around the world with their respective country of origin.

Cute Puppy Gallery - Aren't they so adorable! Also, click HERE for a kitten gallery.

Dogster - Search through lots and lots of dog photo webpages. Also, check out Catster with the same
concept for cats.

The Chesapeake Bay Retriever Resource Page - Yep, another page by me, the Webmaster. This is my wife's passion [besides me of course :) .

Dog Breed Specific Afghan Throw Blankets - Now these are cool! I bought one, since I have a Chesapeake Bay Retriever and they are GREAT!

FAQ's By Dog Breed - Locate your dog breed and read some of the frequently asked questions.

Canine Vaccination Schedule - See which shots your dog needs. Distemper=DHLPP, Bordetella=Kennel Cough

Top Dogs For Security Work - Which dogs to pick for security.

Photo And Picture Gallery Of Dog Breeds - Find a photo of your dog possibly. click HERE for another good dog breed site.

Top Dogs For Watchdog Barking - Which dogs to pick that will bark if an intruder is near.

Intelligence Of Dogs - Which is the smartest? See how your dog ranks among other breeds.

Compare Dog Foods & Their Ingredients - The makers of Innova and California Natural dog food allow you to compare ingredients of some of the most popular dog foods on the market with theirs. I know that we feed our dog ONLY THE BEST since he's a purebred.


Fish Base - The webs most extensive fish database. Tons of info., from Goldfish to Trout.

Fish Breeds - A break down of the breeds.

10 Quick Aquarium Tips For Beginners - Great info.

Aquaria Central - If you own an aquarium, then this is the site for you.

Pet Forums

Pet Forums - has the absolute best pet message boards out there. If you post a question to one of these forums, I'll almost guarantee that it gets answered! Forums and Forums are two other highly recommended pet forums.

Fish Forums - Fish questions? This is the place to go.

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Wasting Time

Cool Sites - A great listing by the American Press Institute.

Dave's Daily -Great site! Also, the links page has sooooo many great links that I thought I'd add it HERE instead of listing them all seperately.

Exbyte - Great media time wasters.

Weird Links - The name says it all.

Stulz Favorites - A site almost as packed with "BEST" links as mine is. This, I must say, was a GREAT FIND!

Webgardi - Interesting & top links.

Yahoo Picks - A new pick by Yahoo everday.

Pluggie - Plug your site or check out other sites that have been plugged.

Corey & Jay's Missing Link Archives - Packed with some great links! Also, click HERE for the 2003 archives.

Dribble Glass - Sips from the dribble glass of life.

USA Today's Hot Sites - A great compilation each day since 1996, even though I can only get them to come up back to Jan. 2001. That's fine though, for that I'm sure the pre-2001 sites are dead by now :)

Madville - It's a hell of a lot better than work.

Googles Best Of The Web Selective Links List - Holy cow, what a find! Here is a list of other sites that have compilation catergorized link sites.

Mary Laine's Neat New Links - Great links chosen by your librarian without walls. Updated weekly.

Albino Black Sheep - Weird name but cool site to waste time at.

Waxy Links - Great informative links updated daily.

You Think - Heck, I don't know where to begin, except, you must check out this "links" section.

Boredland - Lots of great stuff!

Surfbored - Only the very best websites get onto Hey, kind of like my site :)

Gordon Keith Links - An ever-evolving list of weirdness on the web. Also click HERE for another page of interesting links.

Our Strange World - Strange, humorous, weird, absurd, odd, useless and sometimes just plain moronic items found on the web.

Linkapalooza! - April Winchell's page of 50 constantly changing links. If you have a good one, then submit it here.

Bored - Wow, is the site packed with great links to ease the boredism!

Link Filter - A bit of everything for everyones pleasure.

Schnitt Show - The web is full of Schnitt.

Zfilter - Some of the best webfinds on the web, categorized and with a brief description.

Go Wally - A great place to waste some time.

Cool Site Of The Day - This site is packed with some great links.

Milk & Cookies Latest Links - WOW is this site is LOADED with some very very very interesting links.

Site Of The Day Archive -'s site of the day. Archive goes back to 1999.

Rayvigator - Website for fun and learning. You will spend hours getting lost in this EXCELLENT "useful" links page.

Alan's Sorted Hotlist - Oh, the places you'll go.

Accessplace - Nicely done assorted links.

Links For Wasting A Saturday Afternoon - Great links!

Best Of The Net - These links are, in Jon's mind, worthy of surfing or at least having as helpful links. Give them a try and try not to get lost in the info.

Worst Of The Web - See the winners archive of the worst of the web. Also, click HERE for Flush The Web, a similar, link packed site.

Forbes Best Of The Web 2004 - Categorized, and includes Forbes favorite for each category.

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Bar Tricks - Tricks you can pull off in a bar.

Project Roadblock Videos - Watch these short clips and THINK ABOUT THEM before you ever drink and

Don't Drink And Drive - The pictures will say it all. :(

Drinking & Driving - It's obvious why drinking can do to a driver.

Punch Recipes - Sorted by highest rated. Add a bit of alcohol and your set to PARTY!

Beer Talk Forum - The largest forum gossiping about beer online. Change the topic and view the other beer related forums at the bottom of the page.

Way Too Many - A site dedicated to those who have had way too many.

My Life is Beer - Click on a beer name to see picture, comments, and ratings or to add your own comments.

Beer Advocate - Beer 101.

Beer Cook - Cooking with beer.

Webtender - The online bartender. Mixed drink recipes and bartending guide.

Am I Wasted? - Where you rate how wasted people look.

The 5 Stages Of Drunkeness - Right on!.

Beer Commercials & Movies - Great to watch!

Beer Wallpapers - A nice collection for your computer.

Beer Screensavers - Another nice collection for your computer.

Beer Icons, Animated GIF'S & Desktop Themes - Wow, what a collection! Also, click HERE for some skins.

How To Brew The Simplest Homemade Beer - This may lead to a drunken epidemic!

How Many Would It Take? - A self explanatory rating site.

Is Your City Sloshed? - Your statistical sobriety checkpoint. HINT: Hit CTRL + F on your keyboard to search for your nearby urban city.

Crazy Drinks Archive - A list of some very unique drink mixtures.

Beer Links Galore - Wow, this site has put together one heck of a beer links section.

Name That Beer Bottle - Can you match all the beer bottles with the correct labels?

Drinking Games - Hundreds of games to play when you are drunk.

So You Wanna Cure A Hangover? - What it is and what to do, step by step.

Bud Light Presents ....... - Listen to many of the Bud Light comedic "Real Men of Genius" and "Real American Heroes" TV ads. VERY FUNNY!!! Click HERE for another collection of these funny ads. Get them all while you can, for that I here Anheuser-Busch is trying to shut websites that host these commercials down. Why, I don't know.

The Drink Wheel - Calculate your blood alcohol content (BAC). Also, click HERE for the affect levels and HERE for a chart for men and HERE for a chart for women.

The 86 Rules Of Boozing - There's more to it than tipping a glass and acting foolish.

40 Things Every Drunkard Should Do Before He Dies - A man is, ultimately, the sum of his accomplishments.

The Effects Of Alcohol - In shockwave flash format and a must see!

Beer Ratings 1 has over 10,000 popular beers sorted by highest rank first (also, you can search by beer name to find it's ranking) and Beer Ratings 2 has the rated beers broken down by category (including the world's worst beers). Also click Beer Ratings 3 for some personal ratings on over 400 beers and click Beer Ratings 4 for a list of over 75 voted for beers.

Alcohol Drink Database - Search by ingredient or by drink name from the search option in the left menu bar. For another list, then click HERE. Also, you can find out what the top 10 drinks are.

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Atmospheric Optics - Awesome photos of rainbows, ice halos, water droplets, rays, shadows, etc..

Severe Weather Map - This is a pretty cool map showing all of the warnings and watches accross the U.S.

Atlantic Hurricane Tracker - This interactive map will automatically plot the path of active Hurricanes. Also, you can view the path of archived storms. Pretty cool!

Weather Blog - Blogging the weather, one day at a time.

Tropical RAMSDIS Online - This site is nothing short of COOL! Click on any of the image maps to see what I mean. Great real-time animations.

Google Weather Directory - Lots and lots of links on this page. Also HERE.

National Hurricane Center - Your hurricane headquarters. Also, click HERE for a list of hurricane names to come.

Weather Videos - Footage of natural weather.

Enchanted Ceiling - A stunning collection of photographs of the sky, sent in by web surfers from around the world.

Air Quality Index - Click on your state and choose a nearby city to see how the air is going to be in your neck of the woods. Also, click HERE for some air quality webcams.

Weather Advisories, Warnings & Watches Map - Click on your location on the map to see and read about the advisories, warnings or watches in your area.

Storm Videos - Pretty cool!

Weather Alerts Map - See if there are any advisories, watches or warnings in your neck of the woods.

Intellicast - One of my two preferred weather sites. (Nice radar for websites). - My other preferred weather site. (Nice 10-day forecasts templates for websites)

Doppler Radars Accross The U.S.A - Sorted by state, just click on one for instant radar images in your area.


Compare Planet Sizes Side-by-Side - A great visual of the true size of some planets.

Hubble Wallpaper - Great images for your computer.

Space Weather - News and information about the Sun-Earth environment. Also, check out some great pictures of the Northern Lights Here and HERE.

Earth Impact Database - Photographic and location database of Earth impacts in the past.

Solar System Simulator - A tool to see the solar system from a different view.

World Sunlight Map - This is neat looking! A world map showing current sunlight and cloud cover.

Spaceflight Now - The leading source for online space news. Also check out Universe Today for more space news. If you want more space news, then click HERE for a load of links.

Astronomy Picture Archive Of The Day - These pictures in this archive are soooo awesome!

Natural Hazards NASA Satellite Imagery - WOW! There are some high definition pictures on this site. For example, check out the before and after of Hurricane Charley's wrath HERE. Finally, click HERE for new images which are updated frequently.

Moon Phase Calculator - Will your next camping trip have a moonless sky to see the stars at their brightest? Use this program from the US Navy to find out what the moon will look like. You can view the phase of the Moon for any date and time [1800-2199 A.D].

Current Near Earth Objects List - Asteroids are ranked by the most likely to hit earth first. If highlighted in green, then they are of a concern. These are based on the Torino scale (0=least likely, 10=most likely).

Astronomical Event Calendar - When will the next big astronomical event happen? Check this sites calendar.

The Nine Planets - A multimedia tour of the solar system. Very detailed.

Other Related (ie. Earth, etc.)

Science Toys - Make toys at home with common household materials, often in only a few minutes, that demonstrate fascinating scientific principles.

My Radiation Resource Page - My (The Webmaster's) specialty.

Seismic Monitor - An awesome real time map of earthquake activity across the world.

Volcano Cams - Also, click HERE for another list of volcano cams worldwide.

Peak Fall Colors Map - Find out when is the best time to see the fall colors in your state. Click HERE for a more defined date after looking at the map, including first hand reports.

Current Large Wildfire Locations - Updated frequently, move your cursor over each location to find out how many acres have burnt so far. Also, click HERE for wildfire news.

Tide Height & Tide Temperature Predictor - Just pick a state and the monitoring location to find out a 3-4 day outlook of the high and low tides and there temperatures. Click HERE for another popular predictor site that shows predictions for the year.

Disaster Links - CBS News sure has put together an excellent compilation.

U.S Recent Earthquakes Map - If you feel a quake in the U.S., then come to this map to find out more about it. TIPS: First, zoom in by clicking on the map of choice two times for a closer look at the quake in question. Second, click on the quake (colored box) in question a third time to get detailed info. on that quake. Finally, if it isn't located on the map, but you're sure that you had felt it, then click HERE to report it. Wow, also I just found this cool world wide seismic monitor HERE.

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Famous Trials - One heck of a compilation, from Jesus's trial to OJ's trial.

Google Legal Directory - Loads of info. Also, click HERE for the google LAW directory.

Lawyer Locator - a comprehensive directory and search engine -- over 269,000 lawyers across the U.S. You can also do a search HERE. Also, check HERE for another good lawyer search site.

Free Legal Advice - The easy to use site for legal information. Great message board!

Legal Forms - Over 25,000 legal documents and forms including wills, name change, real estate and more. Search by state or subject to make the search easier. There is a fee to obtain the forms, but this saves time from looking elsewhere.

FREE Legal Forms - If you prefer to try to get free legal forms, then here is a listing of some. You can also go HERE for a listing of some free ones.

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Quick Links
ABC News - BBC News - CBS News - CNN - Drudge Report
FOX News - MSNBC - Topix - USA Today

News Maps - This site offers visual maps of the NewsIsFree headline database. News Maps allow you to quickly scan dozens of news articles and instantly understand what's being reported all over the world. Each square in the News Map is an article. You can obtain additional detail on each article by moving your mouse over it. You can read an article by clicking on it.

Slashdot - News for nerds, stuff that matters.

All You Can Read - Newspapers and magazines from all over the world.

Coast to Coast AM - Offbeat news and information. Check for affiliates in your neck of the woods HERE.

Fark - Strange, stupid, amusing and weird news. Also, check out the Fark Forum

Anomalist Newsline - A unique news page updated daily that pulls stories from major news sources regarding unexplained mysteries, maverick science, strange science, unorthodox theories and unexpected discoveries.

Tabloid News - Shocking but true.

Crayon - Lots and lots of frequently updated news links.

Crazy Reports - Your source for weird news stories. Also, click HERE for news of the weird.

Day Pop - A current events/weblog/news search engine.

Google News Directory - This link is PACKED with news categories and links.

Top 20 News Websites On The Web - The Net Top 20 brings you the pick of the most popular and highest-rating sites for news on the Net today, from a single page.

News Search Engine By Google -This will definitely make searching for news stories easier.

Top Breaking News Headlines - Top breaking news headlines from top local, regional, national & international online news sources - updated continuously, 24 hours a day. Also, click HERE for the Associated Presses breaking
news page.

Most Popular News Stories Of The Day - By Yahoo News, includes most popular photos of the day

The Smoking Gun - News gleaned from court records and other public documents.

World News Network - The best world news website with an excellent Environmental News subcategory.

Newspaper Links - A gateway to your local newspaper. If it's not there, then check HERE or HERE.

Daves Daily - Funny, Strange, Bizarre News Stories and Pictures from Around the World.

Today's Front Pages - 253 front pages from 33 countries presented alphabetically.

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Gossip List - Loads of celebrity dirt.

Name That Face - Guess which celebrities face is distorted.

Celebrity Scum - Celebrity news and gossip, including candid/paparazzi pics, celebrity flash games, mugshot picture rating, and more.

Celebrity Caricatures - Exaggerated prominant facial features to make the subjects more recognizable, and also, funnier looking.

Former Child Stars, Then & Now Pictures - About 27 then and now photos of former child stars. Also, find out where they are now.

Celebrity Safari - Community submitted, non-professional photos of celebrities out and about.

Detouching Celebrities - The third installment of removing the retouching from airbrushed celebs. Here is Detouching 1 and Detouching 2.

Celebrity Love Letters - Some of the most famous love letters of all times from celebrities of their time.

Celebrity Driveways - Lots of pictures.

Celebrities Flipping The Bird - A unique compilation of photos.

The Superficial - A brutally honest look at society (Celebrities Mainly) and its obsession with the superficial. Their goal is to make fun of as many people as possible.

Famous People & Their Drug Use - Find out which famous people used which drugs.

Political Donations of the Rich, Famous, & Powerful - Find out what political affiliations celebrities gave to.

Dead Ringer Contest - Submitted pictures of everday people saying that they look like someone famous.

Celebrity Heights - Compare how tall you are with lots and lots and lots of celebrities.

Good Plastic Surgery - From bad to good.

Awful Plastic Surgery - From good to bad.

Celebrity Atheist List - Who believes in God and who don't. Click HERE for another lists of atheists who are no longer with us.

Female Celebrity Smoking List - Someone actually had time to compile this!

Celebrity Death Beeper - A service that e-mails you when a celebrity or sports figure dies. FREE. Simple. Easy. Fun. No bull.

Birth Places Of Famous People - From this index you can find out all the famous people born in your town or state and then check out the web sites about them.

Am I A Celebrity? - Rate average people on their resemblance to a specific celebrity.

Celebrity Hate List - A list of the 110 most hated celebrities.

Mo More Affleck - So many celebrities, so little talent. A site about celebrities that have hung around a little
too long.

From Failure To Famous - A list of people that went from failure to famous!

Celebrity Prank Calls - Using soundsboards of celebrities, this site calls real businesses pranking them. Some of these are really funny!

Celebrities With Disabilities - A listing of celebrities with disabilities and what disablity they have.

Guess The Distorted Celebrity - You can also goo the original face yourself. Pretty fun!

Top 20 Celebrity Websites On The Web - The Net Top 20 brings you the pick of the most popular and highest-rating sites for celebrities on the Net today, from a single page.

Celebrity Loops - Pretty unique, I must say. A collection of famous people who share something in common. That 'something' may be a job, a hobby, a mode of death, missing digits or practically anything else.

Celebrity Mugshots - brings you these famous arresting images.

Bald Stars - See what a celebrity would look like if they were bald.

Rubber Faces - It's easy - they show you the faces of celebrities, you drag the mouse around and play with
the faces!


Celebrity Addresses - A pretty concise search of email and mailing addresses for celebrities.

Celebrity Tippers - The saints and the scum.

Whatever Happened To ..... - This is where we track the has-beens, the flash-in-the-pans and those pseudo-celebrities who were all too annoying during their 15 measly minutes.

Famous Birthdays - See who shares your birthday.

Famous Last Words - The last words spoken by famous people at death, or shortly before. Also click HERE for famous last words of those put to execution.

Celebrities Without Make-Up - See them how they truely are. Also click HERE for another similar site.

Celebrity Soundboards - All celebrity soundboards are for parody and personal entertainment use only. My personal favorite soundboard is Sling Blade. Also, click HERE for another great compilation. Even prank phone calls have been made using these soundboards. Check out the prank calls HERE.

Michael Jackson's Face - If this is what's happening on the outside, imagine what's going on inside? 50 second windows media video clip.

Who's Alive & Who's Dead? - The site that helps you keep track of which famous people have died and which are still alive! If you're asking about wrestling, the go HERE. Finally, if you are asking about people in the adult industry, then go HERE.

The A List - Get all the dirt on your favorite celebrity. Even find out if they are GAY.

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Maps & Directions Quick Links
Mapquest Yahoo Maps MSN Maps

Voyages Booth - Your Dreams - We deliver - The fastest way to book your trip to destinations worldwide. Thanks for sharing Lucifer!

Web Flyer - Designed to help savvy frequent fliers keep tabs on all their valuable miles. You can compare mileage programs and figure out the distance between any two airports to find out if you have enough miles to make the trip, or how many miles you will earn on that next flight.

Trek Earth Gallery - SOME AMAZING PICTURES! A forum where people have posted photos from trips to pretty much every country in the world.

Kayak - Search all of your favorite travel sites with just one click. Also check out the similar site Mobissimo. Both are GREAT sites!

Airline Guide - THIS IS A GREAT SITE PACKED WITH GREAT STUFF! Find out the top 25 airlines by fleet, employees, profits, passengers, etc. and also see some amazing real photos, air disaster stats., etc.

Airline Meals - The world's first website dedicated to nothing but airline food.

World Time Server - Find the current time anywhere in the world.

World Airport Directory - Find an airport website anywhere in the world.

Full Universal Currency Converter - Converts ALL currencies.

Universal Packing List - Generate a custom packing list for ANY journey.

Who Is In Town? - The place where you can meet with your fellow travellers, or to find a new friend who is visiting your town.

World66 - THIS IS COOL! Generate a map of all provinces, states or countries that you have visited.

Free Latitude & Longitude Finder - Find the latitude & longitude of any US address - for free.

Strange Buildings - Odd looking buildings that you may happen accross on your travels.

Which Side of the Road Do They Drive On? - A list of countries and the side of the road on which they drive.

Castles of the United States - I never knew there were so many. Categorized by state.

Seat Guru - The source for airplane seat information. Have a comfortable flight, research the seat you want FIRST!

Travel Blog - A collection of travel journals, stories and photos from all around the world.

Vacation Rentals By Owner - WOW, what a link find! This site is GREAT! Over 28,000 vacation rental worldwide all rented out by the owner.

Tips 4 Trips - This is a page of user-submitted travel tips, submitted by people just like you.

Virtual Tourist - Travel information organized by country, extensive user forums.

Island Search - A comprehensive directory and search capability for island destinations.

CIA World Factbook - Select a country from the drop down menu for in-depth and current background information on that country.

Europe Travel Tips - A resource for general information, top destinations, and informative tips for travel to countries in Europe.

Google Travel Directory - A great place to search for planning your travel.

Airport Security Checkpoint Wait Times - Choose your airport and find out how long the wait will be.

Top 20 Travel Information Websites On The Web - The Net Top 20 brings you the pick of the most popular and highest-rating sites for travel information sites on the Net today, from a single page. My personal favorite is Expedia.

Airline Toll Free Numbers - 1-800 numbers for most airlines.

Sleeping In Airports - The Budget Traveller's Guide to Sleeping in Airports. More than 2000 listings from over 571 cities. Choose your city and see where your airport lies in comfortability.

Airline Ratings - 3 excellent airline rating sites to choose from. See where an airline stands BEFORE you book
your flight.

The World's Best - Best of the Best. See photos of some of the Travel Channel's No. 1 picks from their
World's Best lists.

Top 10 Ski Resorts - Here is a consisive list of the top 10 ski resorts in the world, 6 of them being in
North America.

Trip Advisor - Unbiased reviews of hotels, resorts and vacations.

Famous Locations - With Famous Locations you can walk with and in the footsteps of the stars and their movies.

Airline Baggage Restrictions - Educate yourself before you fly. Also, click HERE for a list of permitted and prohibited items on the flight. NOTE: List requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.

U.S. State Dept. Travel Warnings - Check this listing before travelling out of the country.

Bed & Breakfast Search - Surprise your significant other, take them to a bed & breakfast. Great search tool!

Passports, Applying For or Renewing - Applying for Your U.S. Passport the Easy Way.

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Blogs That Are Worthy

PostSecret - Secrets mailed on a postcard in and posted on this blog for all to read.

Boing Boing - A directory of wonderful things.

santoALT - A blog with some great stories.

Information Junk - An informative links blog.

Everything Isn't Under Control - Blog about technology, humor, and art with a dash of politics.

Random Drivel - All that is not fit to link to.

Random-Abstract - Lots of informative links in this blog!

Geisha Asobi Blog - A blog that introduces funny, crazy and interesting sites.

Everlasting Blort - Very visual.

Look At This .... - Bringing you the best and the worst of the Inter-Web, and other stuff.

Cynical-C Blog - Cynicism is an unpleasant way of telling the truth.

Hack a Day - A blog that serves up a fresh hack each day, every day from around the web and a special how-to hack each week.

Bacon & Ehs - A Canadian perspective, sunny side up!

A Welsh View - A informative to read blog with great categories.

Metafilter - A unique weblog that anyone can contribute a link or a comment to.

J-Walk Blog - Simply a great blog with great links.

JJChandler - Lots and lots of cool links in these weblog archives.

Presurfer - Your daily dose of diversion.

Grow A Brain - A great place to waste time. Check the categories out on the left sidebar.

Portals to a Bunch of Great Blogs

Blogging About Incredible Blogs - Identifying INCREDIBLE blogs.

Worlds Largest Browseable Blog Index - Categorized to help you find the right blog to read fast.

100 Most Linked To Blogs - Technorati brings you the most authoritative blogs, ranked by the number of sources that link to each blog.

Hot or Not's HOT Blogs - The highest rated blogs and categorized by keywords.

My Blog Log - Find out what your readers are clicking in your blog!

Blog Search Engine - At globe of blogs, you can find thousands of blogs by title, topic, location, authors name or authors birthday. Also, click HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE for other great blog search engines.

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Selected Civil War Photographs - Over 1,118 AMAZING photographs. Browse by subject or use the timeline.

Civil War Photos - Over 1,000 Civil War Images, Photographs and Cartes de Visites.

Iraq Conflict Fatalities Map - U.S. Fatalities in Iraq mapped by home of record.

Until Then - An emotionally moving flash tribute to our soldiers over in Iraq.

Civil War Photos - Over 1,000 civil war photos.

Pentagon Attack Aftermath Photo - An arial view.

Fallen Heroes Memorial - An online memorial for all of the fallen servicemembers of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, including photos and visitor-submitted messages.

Front Line Video Footage in Falluja - This 3 minute video clip will give you an idea what our servicemen and servicewomen are going through over in Iraq. If that link goes down, then HERE is an alternate.

The Women Who Gave Their Lives in Service to Their Country - Civil War to Present. See photos of more current "hero" female casualties at the bottom of the page.

War in Iraq Related Links 2003-Present - Grow A Brain Blog has compiled a massive collectin of links related to Iraq since 2003. Check back regualarly for updates.

Last Letters Home - Get the NY Times log in ID and Password HERE for this link.Excerpts from among the final letters home of some soldiers who died in Iraq & Afghanistan. Also, click HERE for another touching story.

Any Soldier - Want to send a care package to Any Soldier in Harm's Way, but have no idea of what to send, who to send it to, or how to send it?

Frontline Camera Phone Photos - Daily updated photos from our soldiers in Iraq.

WWI Photos In Color - A definite must see! Pictures scroll left to right. HINT: There are 159 of these pictures at the following link. Click HERE to start at #1. All that you have to do is change the # at the end of the web address to progress to the next photo all the way up to 159. Also, click HERE for another set of photo's from 490-616. I've started you at #490. And again, HERE for #'s 626-673 and HERE for #'s 160-351 and HERE for #'s 360-398. Amazing colorized pics from the early 1900's.

My Navy SEAL Resource Page - I (The Webmaster) hope to include all of the most important relevant links on this page for those who aspire to become the elite of the elite, the best of the best, a U.S. Navy SEAL.

Military Casualty Information - Department of Defense site that lists United States war casualties and other detail information from the Revolutionary War up through the current conflicts.

Iraq Blog Count - A blog packed with Iraq info. and links.

National Gravesite Locator - This site by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs contains more than three million records of veterans and dependents buried in VA's 120 cemeteries since the Civil War. It also has records of burials in some state veteran's cemeteries and burials in Arlington National Cemetery from 1999 to the present.

Pentagon Strike - The case of the mysterious vanishing Boeing 757 continues... PLEASE BE PATIENT WHILE IT LOADS/DOWNLOADS. You can also get it and a ton more info. HERE. After watching this, then click HERE. This can get pretty deep! Much more intriguing stuff that I never knew existed can be found HERE regarding 9-11. Make your own judgement.

Iraq Photo Blog - Kevin Sites, a freelance solo journalist currently on assignment for NBC News in Iraq, runs this personal website not affiliated with or funded by NBC News.

Camera Iraq - The war of images in the middle east. NOTE: Some links on this site lead to very disturbing

Get Your Own Personallized Military E-mail Address - Every branch to choose from (Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Guards, Reserves, Retired, Veteran, Military Family, Etc.).

Global Security - This site is PACKED with info. I recently visited the military section which has an operations page that shows where Navy carriers, Army ground troops, National Guard troops, Gators, etc. are currently throughout the world.

Request Military Records - This is the site to visit if you need a copy of your records or if you are the next of kin, a copy of a deceased veterans records.

Iraq War Photos - 2 pages of some high quality photos. Great photography work!

Photos Of Iraqis Being Abused By U.S. Personnel - See the pictures that have been all over the news lately. This has 2 pages in which the link to the second page is at the bottom of the main page.

Faces Of The Fallen - U.S. fatalities in Iraq. Also click HERE and HERE for other photo memorial sites.

U.S.S. Cole Recovery - Eventhough that this incident was a very sad issue, these pictures of the recovery are pretty cool in the aspect of how it was done.

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I Love The Sky from Daryl.

Check out this "Evolution of Dance" sent by Daryl. If you've been around awhile, you'll even remember some of the music!

The Gag Report - Strange, Funny, Weird News Stories and Funny Pictures from Around the World.

Write Your Name In The Snow - Gotta love it!

Patently Silly - a) really weird, b) really cool or c)really scary patents submitted to the U.S. Patent Office.

The 100 Funniest Jokes Of All Time - Warning: Adult Language.

Moronland - Dedicated to the mentally inept.

Jack Nicholson & Unsuspecting Housewife - I usually don't put these individual prank calls on this site, but I had found this one sooooo damn funny that I had just about fallen out of my chair. This is a Jack Nicholson soundboard from A Few Good Men calling an unsuspecting housewife. How does she not have a clue who this voice is?

Enaddict - Funny videos!

Only The Very Best Videos Of The Star Wars Kid - If you've never see this, then it's about darn time that you did. Watch the original first (at the top of the list), then at least check out the most popular remix, which is the second from the top. HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!

The Writings On The Stall - Submitted writings that people find in the stalls of public bathrooms.

Wasted Network - Adult humor.

You Know You're From... When... - Click on the state(s) you've lived in - and see if you really act like you're
from there!

Get Annoyed - Thousands of ways to annoy people.

Practical Joker Archive - Play one of these on someone today!

Rainbow Trip - Did you take too much acid today? Weird, but funny.

Weird Answering Machine Messages - Get an idea for your next answering message here.

Hillariously Offensive T-shirts - Where are the bad shirts go. You probably shouldn't wear these when you visit your parents, but your friends will bow down before your superior sense of humour.

Great Joke Websites - Consult one of these websites if you need a good joke. IF you are looking for some jokes a little more risque (dirty), then click HERE for some adult jokes.

Choose A Payback & Get Revenge - There's nothing that gets your message across better than a smelly, nasty dead fish! These packages are very popular and are most often sent to ex-boyfriends/girlfriends, backstabbing friends, or anyone who has pissed you off. There are other paybacks available to send anonymously at their main page HERE.

Revenge Stories - Read hilarious tales of revenge sent by real people. Also, click HERE for another sites top 10 revenge stories.

Prank Sites - These sites are great!

Dumb & Funny Video Sites - These sites have movies/videos that will make you laugh.

Dumb Warnings - Where you may see the consequences of numerous pointless lawsuits. Also click HERE for dumb bumper stickers.

I Used To Believe - A collection of ideas that adults thought were true when they were children.

Crazy Thoughts - Lifes unanswered questions.

Ebaum's World - A Hilarious Collection Of Media For The Masses. You definitely won't be bored at this site!

Late Night Liners Archive - Monologs from Leno, Letterman, Conan.

Super Bowl Commercials -Watch them (Quicktime required), 1998-Present. VERY FUNNY!!!

Funny Names Of People -Thousands of funny, strange, & rude names of real people in the phone book.

Funny Town Names - These are actual town names from all over the world. Also, click HERE and HERE for more.

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"General, interesting, weird & funny photo links that deserve their own category."


Aircraft Oops List - Check out these "oops" photos.

Funny Photo Blog - Only funny and interesting photos.

Redneck Photos - Jeff Foxworthy would be proud of these pictures.

Index Of Humorous Pictures - Now these are some funny pictures! Also, click HERE for another lot of
funny pictures.

Strange Animals - Like none you've ever seen before.

Funniest Signs -From around the continent, these are some of the funniest roadside humor on the net. You can search by state too. Also, click HERE for other funny sign sites.

Strange Cosmos - The portal to the funniest pictures and today's most current humor and news. This site has some VERY FUNNY pictures!

How Strange Fun & Funny Photoshopped Images - A look at things things in a new perspective. Please Be Patient While The Images Load.

General & Photo Blogs

Blogging About Incredible Blogs - Identifying INCREDIBLE blogs.

Worlds Wind Hotspots - Locate the neat stuff.

World City Photo Archive - Serving up aerial photos and skyline views of world cities on the internet since 1998.

Sunrise Gallery - Pictures taken daily since 1998.

Montage-a-Google - Enter a keyword and create a montage of pictures. Cool!

Photo of the Week Gallery - Amazing!

Webshots Community - Pick a community to check em out! Also, click HERE for the most popular pictures.

FREE Picture Hosting Service - The number 1 source for free image web hosting. If this ever starts to charge, notify me immediately and I will pull this link.

Live Journal Images - This tool takes images from the most recent entries at They may be subject to copyright and may not be work safe. Also, check out this sites FORUM for some of the best photo's that have shown up on here.

Top Photo Blogs - Top blog links with GREAT pictures.

Stock Vault - A source of free stock photographs for personal or non commercial use.

The Best of Still Photojournalism 2004 - Some of these pictures in each of these categories pack an emotional punch.

Fun Pictures To View - Number one place for cool and dumb pictures. Caution: There is an adult category

DMOZ's Picture Rating Sites - Well over 150 of some of the best picture rating sites on the web. Every category is here.

Flickr Photo Tags - View photos by keywords called "tags" that people submit. The bigger the link, the more popular the tag. I found this pretty fun. You can also search for tags.

Amazing Photographs From Alaska - I love the igloo pics, but honestly, I love them all. Great photography shots!

Awesome Nature Photos For Your Computers Background - Just right click and set as background.

Foto Community - An international photo community that allows you to upload and discuss some great pictures. Categorized. Also, click HERE for, another great site that lets you filter through submitted pictures (see top of page).

Found Photos - Pictures found on P2P networks. A interesting view at society, I must say.

Interesting & Weird

Hoax Photo Test - See if you can tell if the photo is a hoax or not.

Photoshop Contest - Cool site with great photoshopped pictures!

Human Decent - What a little computer intervention to a photo can do.

Best Photoshop Images Ever - These, I mus say, are some cool pictures. And, if you like those, then you've gotta see "the last picture you'll ever take" section HERE.

Documented Life - An inventive photographic project. Watch one mans life flash before your eyes.

The Daily Photo Project - This guy takes a photo of himself EVERYDAY and puts it up on the web. Talk about obsessive!

June 17th Photos - On June 17th, every year, the family goes through a private ritual: we photograph ourselves to stop a fleeting moment, the arrow of time passing by.

Unusual Aviation Pictures - These are some very interesting pictures, I must say.

Snopes Photos - Numerous "photographs" circulate on the Internet. Some are real. Some are fake. Some are real, but have been given false backstories.

Weird Picture Archive - Some of the strangest images found in the world.

Safety Photo Of The Week - Some of these photos are AMAZING! What are some people thinking?

Roswell Film Images - Are these the images of the Roswell aliens authentic? Many believe that they are. You decide for yourself.

Paranormal Images Gallery - It's obvious which are real and which are fake. Or is it? Some may just creep you out!

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General Forums & Chat

Discussion Pool - A spin off from, this is another great, but smaller forum to discuss a variety of topics that may interest you.

Answer Pool - A great forum to provide you answers with just about any question that you have. Categorized. Over 200,000 hits per month.

America's Debate - A free and easy-to-use discussion forum for debating serious issues seriously. You are in the right place if you wish to discuss current events, politics, and government in a civil and constructive fashion. Click HERE to jump right to the forum.

Lycos Discussion Search Engine - Search for forums, bulletin boards and groups where people are discussing your topic right now.

Yahoo Chat - The most popular free chat interface online. Talk with someone live in just about any category that you can think of today!

"Other forums will remain under their better suited categories (ie. computer, tv, home etc.)"

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Best of ...

Cream of the Crop - The 100 most useful websites according to the Guardian.

Best of Linkfilter 2004 - Most clicked, highest rated, most voted on and most commented on submitted links of 2004.

The Best of 2004 - The lists are just starting to come in. This page will quintuple in size by the end of the year, so c'mon back later. See 2003 & 2001 results links at the bottom of the page.

CNET's Top 100 Products - The top 10 in 10 product categories. Only the BEST of the Best make this list!

Top Ten Links - Thousands of top 10 lists of web sites in every imaginable category. Also click HERE for's list.

The Best Things In Life - I agree!

Best of Beauty Products - Fellas, Listen Up, this isn't only for the ladies, because it lists the top 3 men's fragrances (Colognes) under the "body" section. Lucky me that my wife bought me the #1 fragrance for my birthday. I never knew it was so popular until now. Also, best of hair, make-up, nails, face and breakthrough beauty product categories.

Alexa's Top 500 Sites - The webs well renowned ranking master. I bet you can't guess which english website is #1? Hint: It's not mine, lol.

Top 20 Insurance Quote Websites On The Web - The Net Top 20 brings you the pick of the most popular and highest-rating sites for insurance quote websites on the Net today, from a single page.

Top 100 Biggest U.S. Cities - Where does your city stand? Click on a city to see more info. Also, click HERE for cities with fewer than 1000 residents. If your city is neither a BIG metroplis nor a small town, then you can still find out were your city stands by clicking HERE and choosing you state.

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Family Contributions

Bubbaz Art Work from Erin. He repaints it every year. Amazing pictures. One time it was defaced and the guy got a punch in the face from a Veteran. After that, the rock was never messed with again.

Hard Rock Hallelujah. In upper center, click on Multimedia Lounge in upper center, click on video or audio (check out video's, some strange people. Most songs are in English) On right, click on country/artist

Fun Copter from Joni & Doug. Think you can fly a helicopter? Click on the helicopter, hold the left mouse key down to go up and release the key to go down.

I Love The Sky from Daryl. Get past the advertising and enjoy!

Check out this "Evolution of Dance" sent by Daryl. If you've been around awhile, you'll even remember some of the music!

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