Move/Birthday Party

March 21, 2007

Well we accepted an offer yesterday on our house! It'll be a 30 day escrow. It's a full offer but they want us to pay closing costs. Apparently a week after we listed our house the guy around the corner dropped his price $40,000. His is the exact floor plan as ours. Then the other houses with the same square footage around us lowered their prices and the new houses that popped up for sale started out cheaper.

Right now it's a buyer market and sellers are having to pay closing costs. Frustrating, but hopefully it will work for us in buying up North. We will see..... As it is now we will go up when our house sells and get the kids into school right away. This way they'll be able to make friends for the summer. If we don't find anything or can't move in right away we can stay at Jodi's up there or just rent back a couple weeks from the woman who bought our house. She's an investor and just going to rent it out anyway.

Ian's birthday party is April 14th, Saturday. It's here at the house. Probably at 1:00. I'll be sending out invitations, but just so everyone can plan ahead. If you don't get an invitation in the mail I must not have your address so- this IS your invitation! Please RSVP so I have enough food and treat bags for the kids!! We're not doing a seperate going away party since Ian's party is just before we are leaving so it'll be a combination of both I guess. Don't really want to think about that part yet!

Also we are driving out to Texas to see Chris's Dad and Jan and Nana on the 23rd of March- this Friday. So only send important stuff, letters... For whatever reason the Adelphia/Roadrunner mail box only holds a small amount. Once we are in Texas I"ll be able to check it though.

Talk to you soon!