March 26, 2007

Back in December I applied for a position in the Accounts Payable department at King County to be a Senior Accountant. I finally heard back from them in late February and went for an interview on 3/1. About a week later they made me an offer for the position and I accepted. Monday, 3/26 is my first day.

The last couple of weeks at my old position have been quite hectec as I've tried to wind up loose ends. Finally, this last Thursday a temporary person started. It's been hard to train someone in just two days.

I was very surprised with all the warm and sincere congratulations from so many of my coworkers. They even had two pot luck meals (one lunch and one breakfast). John was able to attend the lunch and even took a few pictures.

In my new position I'll have mo supervisory responsibilities. Over the long term I'll be helping to update the processes used by the department as we change to new software. I'm very excited about the new position and expect that I'll find it a challenge.

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