June2, 2007

Braden's b-day is tomorrow. He will be 4! We are going miniature golfing during the day, then visiting Chris at his new store, since he has to work. The kids love going to see him at work. We'll bbq for dinner. Chris got him the Superman cake he's been wanting. It's not the big party the kids usually have for their birthday, but there will be balloons, cake and presents- so I think he'll be just fine. : )

He started karate on Thursday and he loved it. There are two 45 minute classes for his age group back to back. When the first class ended the new one started right away- so Braden got out there with the second class and started in with them. I thought that would be too much for the instructor since Braden is brand new and the others have been there for at least a year, but the instructor asked me if it was ok that he stayed. Braden ended up doing both classes. The first class was mostly kids who had to be disciplined almost constantly, so Braden will be taking the second class. His instructor said that would be better as he will learn more. He told me Braden did really well and caught on quick. It was so fun watching him. He got his uniform and will get to wear it for the first time on Monday. He's very excited. I will try to have it together enough to get pictures.

As if there haven't been enough- Braden's Grave Digger Monster Truck was run over by the moving van. It was his most favorite thing in the world. He pushed it around everywhere. He sat on it and we'd push him. Ally could even sit on it. It's abot two feet long and a foot tall- maybe. It's cast iron. If you have an ideas of where to find another one- other than what we have tried- please let me know. He is so upset. It's so sad..... We've tried- Target (where we got it originally), Walmart- in store and online- Monster Jam online and ebay.