New Job

March 7, 2008

I have a new job starting Mon. It will be two days a week - Mon. & Thu. - from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. They asked me which days I could work and I told them that Mon. & Thu. are my only open days and they both said that's the days they wanted someone.
This is at a truck wash and I know the people through the Chamber and that's how I got the job. They need someone to do their Quick Books data input and once we get everything entered from Jan. 2nd to current, I might only be working one day a week just to keep everything kept up. This man (Robert) and wife (LeAnn) don't know anything about Quick Books and I'm not a pro but sure know enough to do what they need done (they have a CPA that can answer questions for us). I explained to them some of the things they can get from Quick Books and they were both so excited. LeAnn wants to learn along with me doing what needs done so she knows what is going on in case I'm not there and she needs to do something.
Robert asked me what I want for pay and I told him I get $8.50 at the Chamber so he asked me if $9 per hr. would be okay and I said great. I will be working at the Chamber April 7 - 9 and then back at the truck wash on April 10th before I leave to go to Seattle on April 13 - busy week. I'm really excited about this because I need more to keep my mind active as I just get too bored staying home so much and, of course, the extra money always comes in handy.