May 5, 2008

Here are some pictures of my 'garden'. The bushy tomato is now wrapped in green mesh, that I 'stole' from Lowe's. It's actually the mesh that encased the Boston Ferns. They were going to throw it away any how, so I asked the gal if I could 'steal' some and she said sure. It serves as a support for the plant and also a deterrent from 'critters'.

The bush tomato is two cherry tomato plants and they are setting fruit now. The tiny scrawny plants are green peppers, tall skinny tomato plants are Arkansas Traveler's and they are beginning to grow. Then the teeny tiny scrawny green twig is one of 3 Italian Ice tomatoes that I ordered from Burpee Company. They were in very ragged condition when they arrived, two have died and I am wondering about this one. If you look close, you can see it has itty bitty leaves at the bottom, so maybe there is hope yet. The plants in the next picture is Autumn's Green Beans.

I had put tomato cages up for them but they needed more stuff to climb on so Michael and I made teepees for them yesterday. And finally, the last of my yellow iris.

Hope you enjoy the pictures. Click here to see the pictures.