Sunday Ride

May 19, 2008

Cheryl and I took a nice Sunday drive yesterday. Our plan was to drive to Yakima, Washington and check out the "Gateway To Washington Wine Country". The weather was perfect for the ride, sunny and warm. We were however, disappointed with the run down appearance of Yakima. We chose to drive 'the back way', Highway 12, back through the Cascade Mountains.

The very scenic road took us past wonderful views we had not seen before. About half way from Yakima to White Pass, we came upon a huge dam that held Rimrock Lake. The lake is the primary water source for Yakima. Just beyond was Crystal Lake which was just beautiful. We took a side road into the forest around the lake and had the chance to see where there had been a huge rock slide. The rocks were as big as cars. The was even a twisted evergreen tree that looked like it had been sculpted.

We no longer started our cruise towards White Pass when we came upon the frozen surface of Dog Lake. Yes, it was 75 degrees, but the lake was a sheet of ice. It demanded a picture. Along the way were many water falls of winter run off flowing out of the mountains. Finally we got to White Pass and stopped for pictures of the ski area.

We had to take the Southern route around Mt. Rainier as the Northern passes were still closed. We did get a new look at the mountain from a Highway 12 view point. Across the road there were mini rock slides as the water seeping out of the hillside pushed the gravel down. It was a very interesting and relaxing day.

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