Seattle Center Activities

May 26, 2008

Monday we went to the Pacific Science Center specifically to see a presentation by NASA Ambassador, Greg Donohue about the recent landing of the Phoenix Spacecraft. Upon arriving at the Seattle Center we discovered the annual Folklife Festival in full swing. While that didn't include the Pacific Science Center itself, the surrounding grounds were packed with people on one of the first warm weekends of the year.

Once inside the Pacific Science Center we had about an hour to wait until the presentation, so we visited the Tropical Butterfly Room. Yes, warm, moist and chock full of very colorful butterflies' the exhibit was a photographers dream. Whipping out the cell phone camera we started clicking away. There was even a very large moth (about a foot across) that was attached to one of the trees.

The NASA presentation included a lot of footage from yesterday's exciting landing. Mr. Donahue went into more detail as to the lander's specific functions and abilities. Of course, it's always a challenge to condense into 40 minutes what has taken years to design, build and achieve. Greg Donohue is the President of Celestial North and is a certified member of the NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador Program.

After the NASA presentation we went to the Planetarium for a show on Tonight's Sky. We had not been in this planetarium before and found the forty seat facility very comfortable, providing for a very personal show. It was quite a space filled afternoon.

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