July 5, 2008
By Barbara Lawrence

I drove to Lisa's house Thursday afternoon because we were all going to the fireworks that evening. Patti had come in the previous Sat. and is going home tomorrow (to CA) so she and I spent the afternoon "catching up" on the family. When Lexi got up from her nap we took the three kids for a ride to Hallsville to find the school where Chandler will be going in August. When Lisa & Adam got home from work, we all went to Dairy Queen for dinner and then drove downtown to find a parking lot next to where the fireworks would be shooting off (I drove my car and also had Lisa's car because too many people for one car). We had a good time there because we met up with Adam's friends and family so all the kids had a great time in the parking lot. I didn't take any pictures during that evening because I was too interested in Lexi watching the fireworks. I told Lexi "pretty" and then she figured out the word and kept saying "pretty" over and over. We were just far enough away from the extreme loud sounds but were close enough that we still heard and saw the fireworks as close as we all wanted.

Daryl & Jan came down Fri. noon and we all met them at Ryan's Buffet for lunch. That Lexi can out eat anyone at the table, it seems as she LOVES food and still only has four teeth. While we were sitting there she reached to Patti's plate and picked up a jalapeno, which none of us saw. All at once we saw her choking, her eyes were running and she couldn't get her breath. Patti reached in her mouth and pulled everything out and gave Lexi her sippy cup - she couldn't quit drinking. It was so sad but almost funny. Lexi doesn't have a bottle or pacifier anymore so just drinks from her sippy cup.

Jan brought her cutting scissors and trimmed Lexi's bangs and also Andrews hair all over which made him look so good.

Lexi liked the trampoline as long as it wasn't moving. Andrew was holding Lexi on the trampoline.

I left Lisa's in my car at 2:30 and Daryl & Jan left in their car to visit her son and his family who live in the same city.

When I got home, I took a shower and then went to the July 4th party at my pastor's house at 6 p.m. for all the congregation and friends. I got home about 9:30 and I was exhausted.

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