2008 Vacation

July 7, 2008
By Ryan & Aaron Simmons

Dear Grandpa Schmit,

We had a great time on our vacation last week. We did a lot of fun things together. On Sunday you helped us unpack, we had ice cream and brownies for dessert, and Grandma slept with Ryan (poor you). Our favorite thing was seeing you and Grandma.

On Monday after dinner we drove the gator to the pool. We went in the sauna. On Tuesday we went golfing, we took a long gator ride into the woods, went to the pool and Ryan watched 1/2 of the movie Spiderman. We really liked the gator ride.

On Wednesday men came and cut down 3 big trees. After they cut the trees Ryan went way up in the bucket lift on the back of the truck. We played bocce ball in the backyard. Ryan won! Then we went to see Indiana Jones movie. It was good. Then we went shopping and there was a really long line for gas. Then we ate pizza. it was delicious! On Thursday, we took a pontoon boat ride, read Bunnicula, and played Spite & Malice. Ryan liked to play Spite & Malice.

On Friday, we read books again. Then we went to the pool with you. "No one can ride the bull!" We had chicken for dinner. On Saturday, we went golfing and the Blue Smurf team (Grandpa & Ryan) won, the Red, White & Blue Independents ( Grandma, Mom & Aaron) were sad, then we went to the pool for the last time, then we helped wash the gator and golfcart, then we went to the party, and Ryan ran up the big hill 5 times, then it poured down with rain. Then on the way home we saw 6 deer!

On the last day, we slept in til 9:00. Aaron liked it. We had pancakes for breakfast, Ryan tied his record by eating 7. We left by 10:00.

Thank you for letting us come see you, we will see you at our house in three weeks. Maybe we can go golfing again?

Ryan and Aaron

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