Final Trip & Test

July 24, 2008
By Frank Bingham

I saw the doctor today for the final "Down the Throat" test sequence. He said it would not be much fun and he was certainly correct. The test took a long time, as painful and largely completely disgusting. There was a small video camera and a larger tube all the way down to my stomach. Between these two instruments the surgeon was able to map the entire inner surface of everything. In all it took about 5 hours ( as I had to be awake and doing things) but some of that time was spent resting and cleaning up when I had to throw up several times.

The doctor said that there is no question at all that I must have the surgery and that I do have the ailment he talked about. So it looks like August 29th will be the day.

Aside from the above Carol and I are free to take off on our road trip. So we are going to leave in the morning and scamper Northward as the spirit moves us. With a "must be back date" so far away time is not necessarily a problem.

We will take pictures of things we see and I will send them along.

Best to all
............. Frank