Yreka -- First Night

July 25, 2008
By Frank Bingham

Hello Everyone,

Well Slim and I are ON THE ROAD......... We got up and out of the house at 4:30 this morning to avoid traffic between us and the open road that lies beyond the San Fernando valley. Great plan; proved to be perfect as we just floated along with minimal traffic or stops.

The ride up here was uneventful and fun. We laughed a good deal, stopped a few times but generally kept pressing forward toward the North. Weather has been good but after we got past the Sacramento area smoke began building up in the air from the fires that are burning up this way. By the time we reached Redding the smoke was so heavy that you could only see about 2 blocks. We needed gas so stopped and reloaded. The smell of smoke was so strong in Redding that one would guess the fire was on the very door step to the city rather than 30 miles away. Redding had a zillion fire people there who have come back from the fire lines to rest, get some hot food, get a good shower and sleep. I never have seen so may pieces of fire equipment. This resulted in "no space at the inn" as all the motel rooms were filled in Redding. So we drove on.

After leaving Redding we passed over Shasta Lake-- I was astounded at how empty it is. I have seen the lake low before but not like this. The water level must be down a 100 feet or more ?. There are miles and miles of shoreline that sits so far down that most of the valleys and such are completely dry. Wow..

Finally we arrived in Yreka, just below the California border, and found a nice motel that is quiet except for the 231 high school kids running up and down the walkways up stairs, the local parking for big rigs, and of course the Midnight Crawler freight train who will pass about 20 feet behind our room....... Actually This is a nice place that is quiet and comfortable. No problems and a great view of the mountains.

Tomorrow morning I hope to leave about 7 or so and proceed North. Who knows where we will get as the story is still unfolding........

Best to all
................ Frank & Carol