Monday -- Still In Bellingham

July 28, 2008
By Frank & Carol Bingham

Hello all,

It is Monday afternoon and we just got home from a day of renewing our experiences in Bellingham. Yesterday we bummed around all day seeing people we know here and visiting some of our favorite stores. Sounds kind of odd but we have so many memories from being here in the past.

I am attaching a few pictures -- some of Carol picking Black Berries when we were on the road coming up. She just loves Black Berries so the first ones we saw triggered and big "STOP" sign at the nearest Rest Stop so she could pick away. They were very good I must say......

I also included a couple of pictures of where we are staying. We leased this house twice when I had an office in Vancouver B.C. ( about 30 miles away over the border). This house is owned by our friend Anna and she leases it to professional people who need a regular home for a few months rather than living in a hotel or motel. The house is fully ready to be lived in complete with a freeze full of food and canned goods in the pantry. You do not need to bring anything but your clothes and yourself. It is a very neat idea. Anna says that she has never been stolen from, cheated or had any payment problems with lease payments in the 20 some years she has been doing this. ( she will only rent to professional people, no pets and no smoking ) We love it here. And, Finally a picture of Carol sitting outside just enjoying the beautiful backyard and flowers.

Tomorrow we are going down to Everett Wa. to a computer conference with Anna. She is putting together a web site related to her house leasing idea and needs assistance with some of the inter active parts of the site ( pictures and audio). Slim and I are going to keep her company and may learn a few things ourselves. That will take up most of the morning but when that is finished we are going to a local lake and go fishing. We may catch fish and we may not but for sure we will have a great time.

So that is it from our little spot in the world. We hope all of you are well and enjoying the Summer.

Frank & Carol B.

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