Trip to Omaha

July 30, 2008
By Susie Devries

Our trip to Omaha was pretty much uneventful until we got there. OH MAN, what a change!! We have not been to Omaha in about 20 years. It's grown like nobody's business. Of course it's grown west, which is the only way it can. What used to be a drive 'in the country' to Boy's Town, is now completely city! A couple of the pictures I have sent are of Dodge St. We were staying at a Super 8 on 116th and Dodge. They now have 'expressways' above the actual street. We were flabbergasted. I guess we should not have been. I don't think we expected as much change as there was. We did visit the Old Market and I've included several pictures of it. The Old Market has changed also, but doesn't seem to be as 'changed' as West Omaha. My gosh, I remember when 132nd St was way out. Now it goes to something like 200th!!

I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures. The majority of the pictures are of the Old Market Passageway. Such a neat place. Old old buildings, narrow halls, arches, plants galore and flowers to boot. There is an art gallery inside and it has a garden. The garden pictures have grapes, Crepe Myrtle, Bougainvillea and a pond. Really soothing place to be.

David's memorial service was small, immediate family. He was cremated and his ashes sprinkled over his Mom and sister. It was an emotional time for Bill, because this was the first time he'd been to those graves. Both his Mom and sister were cremated also. After the memorial, we all went to Wheat Fields for lunch. Oh boy, was that good!!

After lunch Bill and I went back to our room, changed clothes and then stopped at Crossroads Shopping Center. It used to be a booming place. I call it Ghost Roads now. Almost empty. Sad.

So all in all our trip was nice. Bill had a good tour of memory lane. It was good to see the city again, but it's changed so much and we are not real thrilled about another visit any time soon. Some places are still there, some are not, and I suppose that's the norm for any city that prospers.

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