Snow Train

January 7, 2010
By Cliff Chamberlin

I was supposed to get on the train this morning at 2:30am to go to Denver to ride home with Candy. I chickened out last evening as I was driving in the middle of the night to catch it, so I stayed home. Candy spent the day at Mugsy's, in Denver, resting and will sleep there tonight and drive herself home tomorrow.

Well, the train did OK last evening thru Iowa and East Nebraska, leaving Lincoln this morning at 2am, 1hr 35mins late. It got stuck in a snow drift in Sutton NE, about 20 miles E of Hastings. Burned up 3 of the 4 traction motors trying to get out. Saved one motor to provide electricity to the heat system for the entire train. There it sat, in a snow drift unable to move, for 11 hrs while the RR dug it out. Then had to bring in 2 freight engines from Hasting to pull it all the way to Denver. Instead of leaving Hasting at 2am, it left Hastings at 3:12pm.

Got up to 3 degrees here today and the wind is dying reluctantly. Down from 35-40 with gusts higher, and rest of the time 15-20 mph.




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