January Update

January 31, 2010
By John Schmit

Not too much time around here. Starting after New Year's both Cheryl and I have had a tough time finding any free time. With the longer work days and just maintaining the household chores quiet together time has been rare. Hopefully as we get into February we'll have some weekend time to play.

This pick at Metro was OK. I was able to keep my Sunday/Monday days off and continue to drive the routes I like. I did lose a little overtime, but not that much. The big change for me is this time all my work starts at the same time each day. That will make it much better on the body. The new work begins the first weekend in February.

We are still visiting the toy store (Fry's) to try new things. This time it's a LAN to A/C converter. Recently the technology increased the speed of the data transfer available on these devices. So I just had to get a set to try it out. I'm not seeing the top speed all the time, but the devices are very good for my needs. I put one on the Library computer and one on and old computer in the living room downstairs. This is just another way to access the home network and the Internet.

An opportunity for a new wood dining room table came up, so we took the plunge. That also meant a shopping trip for new chairs. In short order we had six new chairs on order and delivered. The new set looks great and easily allows for six to sit at the table. That's a good thing with so much family getting to be nearby.

As always I have videos and DVD projects in the works. The last few weeks I have been working on final production of the 2009 DVD material. I'm looking forward to several opportunities this year for some good video work. Of course I always look for videos and slideshows from family members for the website.

It must be Global Warming. We have had the warmest January on record. Our only snow so far this winter was a dusting back in November. The warm winter has caused the plants to think its spring and buds are everywhere. Crocuses, daffodils and tulips are popping up and the trees are sprouting. The Catalpa tree will soon be no more. Over the last few weeks we've been cutting it down, limb by limb. The tree had a very short season and left a lot of debris.

So, there's a bit of the activities for January. If this weather continues, we should have some good color for pictures next month. I'll probably have to start cutting the grass soon too. Maybe I'll just have a cold beer!

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