Leftover Turkey

November 24, 2012
By Susie Devries

What do you do with the left over turkey, besides eat it till you can't look at it any more. I cut all I can off the bird and portion it, put in food saver bags, seal and freeze. I bet most of you do that too.

Now what to do with the carcass? Toss it? NO NO NO!!! In that carcass are all the good tastes of that bird---Get out your big stock pot or crock pot, put the carcass, skin, left over stuffing, everything in the pan. Cut it up if you need to. {Dont worry about left over stuffing, you strain the broth when done.} Then add some unpeeled chunked up: raw carrots, celery {those leafy tops are great for this} onion, fresh garlic. How much you add, depends on how much turkey carcass you have. I then add some fresh rosemary, sage, thyme, and oregano from my garden. You can then do one of two things, add some canned chicken broth to the pan, or just use water. Today I am using both, but we only had a breast this year, so my broth won't be as much as in other years. Let this mixture simmer all day, crock pot works great. I do not add salt and pepper at this time. Once this 'soup' has simmered all day, let it cool some and strain into another pan. I then toss the bones and used veggies. {ok, usually in the back yard, behind my playhouse. Nothing grows there, but coon, opossum and an occasional cat come by for munchies} Let your broth cool over night, then strain it again, using your strainer and cheese cloth. WaLa! You have some super turkey broth for future pots of soup!!! It freezes well of course, so go for it, give it a try.




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