Mid-Winter Ride

January 6, 2013
By Barbara Lawrence

Oh my gosh, what a fun day we had this last Sunday. Cheryl & John picked me up at 9 a.m. and we didn't get home until 6 p.m. When we left here, we drove north to Marysville and went to the Seattle Premium Outlet stores where Cheryl went to Chico's and I went to Naturalizer Shoes - both stores had big sales going on. After trying on a number of pair of shoes, I found a great bargain on a nice pair of dress shoes that had been $100 and were marked down to $50. I really like them. Cheryl also bought some things at Chico's. When we left there we drove north to an area south of Mt. Vernon, hoping to see thousands of the white geese but to our dismay, there were very few of them. We drove up and down a number of roads and saw a few more from time to time but they were too far away to get good pictures of them.

After we left Mt. Vernon, John headed west to Anacortes. We took a frontage road along highway 20 and got some great views of Fidalgo Bay and the refinery there. We also stopped and checked out the Fidalgo Bay Resort. We continued into downtown Anacortes and out toward the Lopez Island ferry terminal.

We checked out Shannon Point road then headed into Washington Park. This park is at the western most point of Anacortes and is a natural forest area . It has a beautiful road through the park with many views of Puget Sound. We were up above the Sound and found several turn outs to take pictures. Cheryl took my left arm and John was holding my right arm as we descended down over some rocks and weeds to a lookout place over Short Bay. It was a gorgeous view as we were about 300 feet above the water. John took pictures of me from one way and Cheryl from the other and as we went back up the incline, I kept laughing because I was having so much fun as I was so glad I was able to still do what we did. I really did good climbing and they didn't have to pull me up at all, at least I didn't feel like they did. Of course, when I got to the car, I could hardly breathe but it had been so much fun, I didn't care. It was freezing up on this hill because of the wind, so when I got back to the car, Cheryl wrapped my neck scarf around me and I put my gloves on while I tried to get my breath. It was in the low 40's but the wind coming off the Puget Sound was cold. All three of us could hardly wait to get back in the car - even with our winter coats on.

We left there and headed to the southeast to Flounder Bay, a marine area right on the Sound. Real pretty there but we didn't stay long. We then drove south along Marine Drive and enjoyed the beauty of Burrows Island, Allan Island and cute little Young Island.

Headed south, we passed over Deception Pass bridge on State Route 20 headed for Oak Harbor near Naval Air Station, Whidbey Island. While we were there, we stopped in at Wendy's and had lunch and then continued south to Clinton to get on the Ferry to head back home through Mukilteo.

I don't feel tired tonight at all because the day was so refreshing in the cold wind along with just plain fun doing things and going places I'd never done or been before. John was really lucky and didn't even encounter very much traffic coming back to my place. We didn't have any rain the whole day until we got off the Ferry in Mukilteo. I'm not sure how far north we were but I'm sure at one point it was at least 80 - 90 miles from my place in Kent.

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