January 12, 2013
By Barbara Lawrence

We had so much fun today as there were four of us that went to an Elvis impersonator concert at Muckleshoot Casino in Auburn. We were told that we couldn't take four walkers on the same Access bus so Linda's and my bus came at 9:45 and we got to the casino at 10:25 - two other people on the bus had to be taken home before we could go to the casino. We started standing in line by 10:40 (for a 1 p.m. show) - one woman beat us there - and by the time it was ready for us to go in, the line stretched all the way around the casino. Darlene and Barbara Moore arrived about 1/2 hr. after we got there. It is so much fun standing in line because it's a way to talk to so many different people. The concert was outstanding but I used both of my ear plugs when the music was playing - it was LOUD. When they started, I almost jumped out of my chair because the band (which is EXCELLENT) started with a big chord and I really jumped. These are professional entertainers!!!!!

The concert lasted 1 hr. and 15 min. and Linda's and my bus was supposed to come between 2:33 and 3:03. It didn't come and didn't come and then an Access came that was for Darlene's bus which was supposed to come 40 min. after ours. Our bus driver (going there) told us how to schedule the next time we have 4 or more going someplace so we can all go on the same bus. When the driver to Darlene's bus came into the casino, he got on his direct line to dispatch and told them the deal so he got permission to have Linda and I go with Darlene and Barbara Moore. We had so much fun on the bus as there was another gal leaving the casino and all we did was laugh most of the way home. He had two pick ups and 3 drop offs before he brought us home. While on the bus I said to Linda "I have food to cook at home but don't feel like cooking now". Linda said "neither do I so do you want to go out and eat and I don't mean fast food"? I said yes so she asked me if I thought the other two might like to go so she asked them. All four of us decided to go right down the street to Shari's (something like a Denny's) and had some great food. We all decided we need to do this more often so when all four of us go back to the Muckleshoot Casino on the 26th to another concert, we will try to do this again. That concert is called "Society of Seven" (which I've seen before) and they are REALLY GOOD - they're Hawaiian but their main place to play is Vegas.

An overall fun day with lots of laughing. But COLD as it never got up past 37 or 38. When we went to get in Linda's car to go to dinner tonight, Linda's driver side doors weren't frozen shut but the passenger side was frozen so both Linda and Barbara had to force both of the other doors open from the inside. Linda's car was sitting on the north side of our building where sun never hits so no chance to thaw but it was too cold today for anything to thaw. We all looked as if we were dressed for being in Montana or someplace like that.

The worst part of our day is that when we got home, the coroner was taking a tenant out in a body bag. We don't know who it was so will probably find out tomorrow. Our driver was so respectful as he took his hat off and put it over his heart until the body got in the coroner's van. Our driver must have been in the service before.




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