March 21, 2020
By Barbara Lawrence

I had such a good time for dinner tonight. Our Governor implored the younger generation to pay more attention to their parents and grandparents because they can more easily become depressed especially most older people seem to live by themselves. I wrote an email to Edna's daughter, Charlene, and told her what the governor said. He said call more often, send flowers and just to do something nice for them.

Charlene called Edna today to say if she wanted her to, she would order pizza for Edna, Darlene, Paula and me, which she did. She got two boxes from Dominoes along with 6 bottles of soda. delivered to our front door Paula reserved the Private Dining Room so we could eat in peace while the rest of the residents were eating in their rooms. Charlene also delivered two paper sacks of groceries for Edna. Paula put them all away.

I asked Terri today if she could make arrangements for someone to regularly take Edna downstairs just to get her away from her room. Being she has a broken arm, in a cast, she can't use either her walker or her wheelchair and she doesn't have a TV or a computer. I also asked Terri if she could make arrangements for other people in Edna's shoes in this building and she said "what a good idea".

We were out in the hallway talking and Paula joined us and said she would see to it that Edna gets to leave her room daily. Edna has become very depressed. She had a different outlook on life for our "picnic" tonight. I was up and downstairs today four different round trips and my legs know it tonight. Paula is our Activity Director. As I said to Charlene, "we are all in this together" and she keeps thanking me - we had met twice before. Charlene is 73 and Edna is 91.