The Technical Specialist

June 30, 2020

Where to begin!
How about I say a few words about the new employment.

June 8th I received an email from a skilled labor placement company called Aerotek. Basically it informed me that they found a match to my resume, if interested, please reply. Well, I was curious as to what they had to offer. I replied.

About thirty minutes later my phone rang. I spent about forty five minutes speaking with a recruiter learning about possible employment opportunities with their client, Spectrum Brands. I was interested in what they had to offer, and the recruiter was interested in my abilities. He called my previous employer, Alsco, to see what they had to say about me. A few hours later, around three in the afternoon, I got another call from Aerotek. They liked what they heard from Alsco. The recruiter asked if I was available to go to Spectrum for an interview on Wednesday at 1 pm. I checked my schedule, being laid off I found I was able to make it.

Wednesday afternoon I met with the HR representative, Maintenance Supervisor and General Manager of Plant Two. After online aptitude testing, touring the plant and three interviews, I was informed they wanted to have me start Tuesday the 16th. It was a long anxious weekend. I showed up Tuesday for orientation, and went to work Wednesday.

Now, what did they hire me to do exactly. My title is Technical Specialist. Plant Two produces various types of aerosol bug repellents. On day shift, I work with four other specialists. Our function, keep the process running. The shift production quota is 102,000 units. The process is high speed and very automated. It does however require intervention to maintain balance. Thatís the essence of my job, keep things moving.

See the pictures and video here.