Our Times Archive January 2005

News Archive - January 2005

Blanche on the Mend 01/31/05
After over six months of ciatic pain, Blanche is on the mend and appears to be finally getting some relief. Woking with a chiropractor, she is slowly beginning to feel better. Still, there will be a period of physical therapy for her. She will be working on strenghtening the back muscles and getting more mobility.


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Blanche Glaeser

Chris & Erin to Tahoe 01/25/05
Monday, January 17th, Chris & Erin left for a great time in Tahoe. Chris is a snowboarding enthusiast and goes often. This was Erin's first time and she really had fun. You can click here to read the entire story by Erin. They also sent pictures (found on the Picture page) for you to enjoy.


Busy Barbara 01/25/05
Barbara is back on her busy schedule after the holidays. She is Secretary/Treasurer of the Extension Club and the project for this years fundraising is a cookbook. Barbara is helping to type the 150 plus recipes into a standard format. She is also volunteering at the computer lab and enjoys helping others learn how to access and use the Internet.


John's Pick 01/18/05
John had his pick of Spring work on Monday. The selection of available work was better than expected. John was able to continue with Tuesdays and Wednesday off and working nights. The added treat is that he will continue to avoid the downtown Seattle routes. The next pick for John will be for the Summer work in May.


Heidi Update 01/11/05
Heidi called today and let me know that she will be leaving for Iraq in the next few days. She told me she has been very busy getting ready, so I asked her to send an email that we could share. Click here to read her story. We hope to be in email contact while she is gone.  

Welcome Frank & Carol Bingham 01/09/05
Everyone is invited to check out the new pictures from Frank and Carol Bingham. Frank is Cheryl's 2nd cousin. They live in Palm Springs. Frank is an avid ham radio operator (WA6DRQ) and also shares an interest in astronomy. We are very glad to include pictures from Frank and Carol.  

Thanks to All 01/09/05
I would like to say thank you to all who have made my birthday special. Thanks so much for all the cards, letters and phone calls. It was very nice hearing from each of you. I sure enjoyed my birthday present, a new MP3 player. It has a 1 Gig memory card and can hold 27 hours of music. Cheryl had a German chocolate birthday cake waiting for me when I came home from work. It was a GREAT day!  

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John Schmit

Pages Updated 01/05/05
All our readers are invited to explore the newly updated pages on the website. First we present - "Where In The World Is Elvis?" This page provides information about where Daryl is flying and working. Next we have "Our Times In Space". This page is located in the 'Other' section of the website and contains information and links about space exploration and astronomy. Finally, also located in th 'Other' section, is our Communications page. As the name implies, Communication related items can be found here. Please take time to explore all the pages located on the website and watch for updates, especially on the picture pages. Thanks to all who contribute ideas and content for this site.  

Doug and Joni Visit 01/05/05
Doug and Joni arrived at Nana's about 9:30 p.m. on New Year's Eve. Doug, Joni and Barb did the tour of the surrounding area on New Year's Day and then had a champagne toast before a great ham dinner, including blackeye peas and collard greens. This was a different dinner, but oh so good with the mashed potatoes. On Sunday morning, everyone went out to breakfast then drove to Tyler, Texas. The trip was to look at the historic section of the town and some of the great old homes. Dinner Sunday was at Vaughn's on the lake. Doug and Joni left by 9 a.m. on Monday to take their rental car back and then to the airport for their trip back to Atlanta.

File Photo
Doug & Joni

Heidi Goes Back To Ft. Bragg01/02/05
Cheryl and John took Heidi to the airport this morning at 5:30am for her flight back to Ft. Bragg, North Carolina. We all had a wonderful two week Christmas visit. Heidi had a great time with the visiting, food, and of course, shopping. Now we go back to the phone calls and emails. We wish her a lot of luck with her 2005 adventures.