Our Times Archive March 2005

News Archive - March 2005

New Baby Update 03/26/05
By Frank Bingham
I just got back from the hospital where I was visiting with my new Grand Daughter Mabel. She is aging very fast as she was already 2 Hrs and 8 minutes old when these pictures were taken. She is not very talkative at this point but certainly has a BIG voice in that tiny body. She has let it be known a couple of times that she wants to sleep.......

She and her Mama were just about to be moved from the birthing room to a regular room so I thought this was a great time to scoot home and send a few pictures. All is well with the baby and Mom.

Love to all ............. Frank & Carol


New Baby! 03/25/05
Frank & Carol Bingham are new Grand Parents today. Our youngest son Jeffrey's wife Corey delivered a perfect little girl this morning at 9:45 A.M. She was 8 lbs 1 oz., 19 1/2 in. and has a lot of straight dark hair. They have named her "Mabel Frances Bingham".

Mom and baby are doing well and dad is tired from the experience. We, the grand Parents, are thrilled with the new addition and feel blessed to have a healthy baby born into the family.

Love to all in the family ....... Frank and Carol Bingham


Hawaii Trip 03/24/05
From Frank - Carol and I have been gone on a 16 day cruise to Hawaii. We left from LA and went to the islands on the Island Princess, spent a week there going to all the islands and then cruised back to LA via Mexico. We had a wonderful time as we had a cabin on the top deck with a great Veranda.

The islands are beautiful and different from each other. I have included some pictures. I have over 500 pictures so these are but a tiny sample.


Baby Update 03/23/05
Susie let's us know - Just a little update on Baby Michael. He has his feeding tube in his tummy now. Nurses refer to it as a button. He is given 100 CC of formula every three hours. 100 CC is about 3.3 ounces. It is put into a large syringe and pumped into his tummy over a one hour time span. during the night he is given 40 CC an hour on a continuous basis.

No word on when bottle feeding may begin again and still no word on when he will get to come home. He is improving though and no longer is light as a feather when you pick him up. :)) He will come home with the feeding tube but we are not yet sure if he will also have the pump. I guess it all depends on how well he does and if he is able to take a bottle and swallow correctly. Only time will tell. I will keep you updated.



Elvis On The Move 03/20/05
Daryl has quickly packed his bags and made a mad dash for Dayton, Ohio. Daryl tells us - Today's flight was half in IFR conditions, with structural icing the last half hour.....geeeeeeesh! Hurry up to get here, and will no doubt be sitting here in the motel for a long time. Weather.com's 10 day forecast, says crap every day... Oh well, that's what they pay me for, sitting in motel rooms.

Nice motel here also, a 3 year old 4 story Howard Johnson Limited, the high speed bandwidth speed test said 3.1 meg on the connection, so VERY fast!!!! When it turns light in the morning, will try to get a new picture on the web cam, and will look for stuff to take pictures of...

Click here for more information about where Elvis is, and Click here to see the latest pictures.

Update - Elvis is now in Lansing, Illinois 03/24/05  

St. Patrick's Day Parade 03/15/05
Roger tells us - I marched in the St. Patrick's Day parade last Saturday. The weather was not exactly parade weather, 18 degrees and windy, kinda cold blowin' up the old kilt. A little Irish whiskey after the parade sure did take the chill out of the old bones. Barb stuck with hot chocolate and Baileys. I've put up a couple of pictures from Saturday.

We're going up north next week for Easter. Matt, Jeanne and the boys are coming up for the weekend and we're staying up for the week. I don't think we'll be doing any golfing but I'm sure the kids can go snow tubing. We'll probably watch a few movies and crank up that surround sound.


Baby Update 03/14/05
Susie writes - Michael has been in the hospital since February 7. He may get to come home this week. He continues to have an eating problem, and that is going to be taken care of by putting a \'button\' in his side. Actually its a feeding tube. Michael will be allowed to nurse from a bottle for 20 minutes. What he does not take will then be given to him trhough the feeding tube. After 20 minutes the baby uses more calories to nurse than what he can take in. Hopefully this little guy can come home and be with his family soon. Here are pictures of the babies and Nancy.


BRADEN PEED IN THE TOILET TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! 03/12/05
Erin writes - Now keep your fingers crossed that he does it again!!

File Photo
Braden Lawrence


Elvis Works Pipes 03/10/05
While off work for the last couple of days, Daryl (AKA Elvis) has been busy installing a new jacuzzi in his bathroom. The project has taken a bit more time and effort than he expected, but, quality work is a priority, so Daryl continues to take care of the detail work. There is still a bit to be done as Elvis says "As you can see in the pictures, still needs grouted, still needs the face of it closed up too, and texture coated..." So, check out the pictures he sent.


Erin & Chris Back Online 03/06/05
Erin writes - We just got our computer back today. It had a worm. I finally got the discs today and reformatted everything. I'm proud of myself- I got through about two weeks without a computer! Amazing. We are all good. Today was a beautiful day without rain or wind! Also amazing!!

Read the rest of the story - click here!


Pool Therapy Suits Blanche 03/05/05
Blanche Glaeser started pool therapy this past week. After two sessions with her doctor at the pool, Blanche is thrilled with the progress she is making. So is her doctor. Blanche was very nervous about going to the pool in the first place, but now is anxious to continue the "very tiring" workouts.

With all the good news about the pool, Jumpy has decided he'll join in later this week. He's been looking for a new activity to work on himself. The pool therapy is at a new Senior center facility recently built near Blanche's home in Las Vegas.


Sleep-Over & Snow from Roger 03/03/05
Well the [Shriner] circus is over for another year. I always look forward to it and I'm sooo happy when it's over. ( No pictures from the circus yet ). Barb had a sleep-over with all 3 grandkids on Saturday night. I think she now understands why you have kids in your 20s and 30s when you can keep up with them.

I'm now back up north where this morning it was a brisk -12. The sound system is all tweaked and I spent yesterday hiding speaker wire. It sure sounds good. I took some pictures from the sleep-over and up here yesterday.

Got to go type up and send out the Director's Staff Newsletter. We're going to Albuquerque in April for a convention. Might post some pictures.


Daryl Visits Dad 03/02/05
Daryl drove to Rockwall, Tx today to visit his dad, Dean Lawrence. Dean says he is feeling fine lately. Daryl took some pictures and spent the day there.


Barbara's Car Hit 03/02/05
I was at the Post Office this afternoon (Tuesday), had backed up out of my space and had straightened out ready to change the gear and "wham", some lady didn't see me and backed in to my car. I was sick about that but we traded info so when I got home I called her insurance company. She had already called them so they had the claim number ready. The lady was driving a big Cadillac (a little older one so it was bigger than the Cad's of today) and fortunately I wasn't back further than I was because her back bumper hit me square starting at the back door all the way to the back. Fortunately the lady told me she knows it was totally her fault so that helps and she even told her insurance rep the same thing.