Our Times Archive May 2005

News Archive - May 2005

My Visit With Heidi 05/31/05
By Cheryl Schmit
I had a very nice visit with Heidi in Florida from May 14-22. The days were hot and muggy but her apartment and car have air conditioning, so weather was not really a problem. Most of the evenings we had a little rain. One night, we even had a pretty good lightning show off to the east that we watched while visiting out on her deck.

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Company News 05/24/05
By Daryl Lawrence
Thought you might be interested in the latest news from the "other" side of my company, Pictometry. They just signed a 5 year deal with Microsoft, to provide imaging for them. BIG thing for us, and a year round job for them most likely. Traditionaly lately, they only use our planes from September to May, then take a couple of months off. NOW with this, looks like a year round thing. Check out the news article below.

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New Pictures Arrive! 05/11/05
By John Schmit
I thought I'd let everyone know that we have just gotten in new pics from both Chris & Erin and Wes & Tricia. Be sure to check the Picture page and see the newest pictures on the website.


New Summer Work 05/09/05
By John Schmit
Today I picked the bus routes I will be driving for the Summer. I'm glad to say, I'm happy with most of my choices. The work available to choose from on Thursdays wasn't the best, but...

I will have more time at home in the evenings and weekends with Cheryl, while at the same time getting an additional hour per week of overtime (that's the good stuff!). My late Sunday nights and early Mondays will again limit my activities those two days, but with Tuesday and Wednesday off, I'll catch up! I was successful in my main goal to pick work that did not go to downtown Seattle, as they are closing the bus tunnel and traffic will grow worse there over the summer.

Only 39 more picks (three a year) to go till retirement. I'm ready now!


Elvis On The Move 05/06/05
By John Schmit
Elvis (AKA Daryl) has moved on to another area of the United States to work. He'll be flying around the Gulf coast of Louisiana for a while. Click on the "Where In The World Is Elvis" image on the left to go to his page and learn more about what Elvis is up to. Check the Elvis area cams to see places where Elvis is flying near.


Welcome Robert McWilliams 05/03/05
By John Schmit
I'd like to welcome a new participant to our family website, Robert McWilliams. Robert is the son of Susie Devries and he has a special interest in his 1973 Roadrunner. To begin his participation, Robert has sent several pictures of his car for us to enjoy. Please take some time to check out these new pictures and to welcome Robert to our site!


Weekend Fun 05/03/05
By Daryl Lawrence
Here's some pictures of last weekend, where Jan's son and daughter in law, came up to go camping at Cypress Springs lake using grandma and grandpa's fifth wheel trailer. They had a great time Sea dooing all weekend, although Kendryl got pretty bruised up from wiping out... mostly when she took her friend for rides.

We bar b qued Saturday night, VERY peaceful and relaxing time at this lake. Just wait till this summer though, it will be PACKED with people then.


Baseball Fun 05/02/05
By Susie Devries
I thought I'd send along these pictures that were taken over the weekend. Our friends, Mike and Jamie have been host to Pavla, a Czech Republic exchange student for the past year. We invited them to go with us to the Travelers Baseball game at Ray Winder Field. It was so much fun even though the Travs lost the game!