Our Times Archive June 2005

News Archive - May 2005

Address Change 06/30/05
By John Schmit
If you are reading this, you now know about the new address. Unfortunately, we needed to make the change in order to prevent unwanted and malicious guests from viewing our pages. Our door is no longer open to uninvited visitors. Members of this website are still encouraged to share this place with those they feel appropriate. Without this ability to share, the site is worthless. Our main problem was a few homeowners in the complex we live in. I'm sure there is some groaning as bookmarks will now need to be changed. As non-functional links on the website show up, please let me know. Thanks.


Issues Resolved 06/28/05
By John Schmit
Just to let everyone know, the issues regarding our homecams has been resolved and they are back online. For the next few weeks our Mt. Rainier cam will be focused on our next landscaping project, after which it will return to providing those spectacular views of the mountain. There will be no address changes to our website and we will continue with our open door policy. We encourage all visitors to let us know they were here and how they liked the website. Feel free to use our Contact form.


Uninvited Guests 06/27/05
By John Schmit
Recently I was asked to assist the Trovitsky Park Homeowners Association in establishing a website for the purpose of diseminating information. Glad to be of help, I used the tools available to set up a site for them. For technical reasons, some files for that site were stored on our websites locations. After the homeowners site was made public, several homeowners found the links that led to our site and decided to investigate where they were not invited. As a result of this hacking, controversy arose as to our activities, especially over the purpose of our home cams. While we have always tried to be good neighbors, for some, that seems not to be enough. Cheryl and I are working to resolve these issues, but don't be surprised if we have to change a few addresses in the future. At this time, please continue to use the links provided and, as always, thank you for your contributions to our family website.


Moonshadow Investigates Exercise 06/22/05
By John Schmit
With the new equipment in the house for a couple of weeks now, it was only a matter of time before Moonshadow would try to take over. I had seen him watching out of the corner of his eye, pretending to be napping while I was working out. Now, today I found him actually snuggling and trying to move the weights himself. Then the real surprise as Moonshadow steps up onto the treadmill. He looked like he was ready for a true workout. Check these pictures to see Moonshadow at his best!


Andrew's Birthday Pictures 06/20/05
By Tricia Schmit
Hi! Here are the pictures we took on Andrew's 8th birthday. He had a lot of fun with his friends from the neighborhood. I hope you enjoy!
Click here to see the birthday pictures.


Flowers 06/16/05
By Susie Devries
Hi Everyone, Have any of you ever seen a Mother-in-Law Tongue bloom? This is only the second time I have. Thought you all might enjoy some of my plants. All these plants come in for the winter and my kitchen becomes a jungle. I have 3 windows along the back of my kitchen, all 5 ft square, so they get lots of good sun during the winter.
Click here to see these pictures.


Color Guard Ceremony 06/15/05
By Heidi Schmit
On my Picture page you'll find some new pictures of the Color Guard ceremony that I was apart of on Tuesday June 14, 2005 for the 230th Birthday of the Army. For my participation, I recieved another performance coin. Enjoy these 'latest' pictures!


Don Garlitts Car Museum 06/14/05
By Daryl Lawrence
I just got back from the "Big Daddy Don Garlitts Museum and car collection" next door to my hotel. A very nice selection of cars, and looks like ALL the dragster cars are retired here after they are done racing!? All the big names in racing were there dating back to 1957 or so. Check out the pictures on the Picture page!


Golf Winner 06/10/05
By Heidi Schmit
Mike has been in a couple of golf Tournaments lately and he's come in first place with 2 other guys. He's been on a winning streak. Right now he just wants to keep playing while it lasts. Here is a pic of him and the 2 other guys from the tournament.


File Photo
Golf Winners

Weather Delay 06/10/05
By Daryl Lawrence
Hold the presses, I ain't gonna fly through THAT stuff today!!!?!? I will live another day. Merlin must be SO confused. I am staying put.


Off To Ocala 06/9/05
By Daryl Lawrence
Okay, I'll be heading for Florida in the morning, just ahead of the worst of the rain coming up from the tropical depression. It WILL be to Ocala also, so quite a bit north of Heidi still. The 10 day forecast says t-storms every day there, as well as here.... oh well, I can sit in that motel just as easy. It's gonna be a "Sleep Inn", has high speed and micro fridge, so everything I need for a comfortable stay.

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