Our Times Archive July 2005

News Archive - July 2005

New Pictures 07/20/05
By Frank and Carol
I have had some serious problems down this way that derailed me for a while. My computer failed taking out everything which was a mess. Fortunately I had backed up all my business, digital pictures and Word documents just the day before. But restoring my address books and such took up massive amounts of time.

But on the good news side -- the new baby is doing just wonderful and is so much fun. She is a very, very happy baby seldom ever crying except if she gets hungry. We spend lots of time with the children and over use our pool now that it is hot here in the desert. The kids love the pool but one of us has to be out there every second they are in "just in case".........

I have included some pictures of the baby, her sister Bella and some of us.


Twins 07/20/05
By Susie Devries
Here are a couple new pictures of the twins for the Family Web site. This is the first time I've been able to get them together when both were awake to take their pictures. Michael weighs 19 pounds now, Chloe is at 14 pounds. They were 1 year old, July 11.

Click here to see the pictures.  

Chloe Arrives 07/16/05
By Heidi Schmit
Yesterday was a good day. I went shopping for kitty stuff (food, litter, toys, etc.) during lunch so that way when I brought Chloe home that she would feel at home. I picked her up from my friends Bonnie and Lance in the afternoon before the thunderstorms started rolling in. I put her in the carrier and was surprised she didn't meow to much. When I got home I let her out of the carrier and her nose just went wild. Smelling everything. I showed her where her food and water were as well as her litter box. So far so good.

Click here to see the new kittie!  

Allen Promoted! 07/13/05
By John Schmit & Elvis
Congratulations to Allen Manese, he has been promoted to Assistant Manager at his work. After one year of struggling through classes, tests and interviews, Allen has finally achieved his new status. Now the hard work begins as he takes on the challenge of longer hours, longer days, and less on line time. We wish him all the best in his new endeavors.


Visitor 07/08/05
By Roger Schmit
At 5:45 this morning we awoke to find a visitor in our yard. I guess he just came for the breakfast which Barb so graciously supplied. He stayed around for about 20 minutes then just ambled off to continue his day. He did make a mess of the stand, feeder and the suet block.

Pictures 37 to 42 will show you our guest.


File Photo

Summer 07/6/05
By Roger Schmit
Guess it's been awhile. We've been very busy with company for the last few weeks. First I had three friends from the Shrine up for five days. We golfed every day and ate and drank too much, but we did have a good time.

After they left Barb was finished with school for the year (one more to go) so she was here getting ready for Matt, Jeanne and the boys to visit for a week. I think that they had a great time and did everything they wanted to do. Matt and I golfed every day at several different courses. Sunday they took the boys to a Bible camp run by the Baptists for the day. There was swimming, paddle boats, bow and arrows, BB guns volleyball and much more. They all slept well that night. Tuesday they went to a little zoo up here. It's a neat zoo because you can get very close to the animals.

In the yard I set up a little golf course for Aaron and he was out there all the time. You can see in the pictures that he had grandma caddy for him. We also played baseball and went swimming in the river. I bought a tube to pull behind the boat and the kids loved riding in that. Grandma was as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. On Wednesday we took the boys to the golf course with us. It's a short course but it was a lot of fun. Ryan even managed to par one hole and beat grandpa.

Friday night we went to the stock car races in Norway. Aaron thought that was the best ever. When we first got there he was asking a lot of questions and by the third race he knew what all the flags were for.

Saturday afternoon they left and grandma and I took a nap!

Sunday afternoon they had a grand opening and 100 celebration for the golf course just down river from us. They had a pontoon boat parade in which Barb, I and two neighbors took part. I was the Statue of Liberty and our neighbor was Uncle Sam. Cocktails and BBQ followed at another neighbors house (the captain of the boat), a good time was had by all.

Pictures from the week are posted.