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News Archive - September 2005

Marriage Proposal 09/26/05
By Tricia Schmit
I just wanted to tell everyone that Wesley proposed to me last night. I, of course accepted. He took me to Mt. Baldy after work last night. We went up to "our" spot. We chatted for about an hour or so and then Wes started acting nervous. I asked him if everything was alright and he said yes. Then he paused for a second and then went down on his knee and took my hand and told me how much he loved me and I'm sorry to say I can't remember it all and then he asked me to marry him. I accepted happily.

File Photo
Wes & Tricia
Wes and I met three years ago at the Montclair Plaza Shopping Center, where we both worked. Wes is 24 and I have just turned the big 30. He now works for Sunrich Toys as an Account Executive. I'm a sales Associate with Living Spaces Furniture.

Anyhow, since there is no waiting period in California, we want to have the ceremony as soon as possible. We know it's fast but we are ready and feel no need for delay. We are happy and excited and I couldn't wait to share the good news.

Tricia, soon to be Mrs. Tricia Miller


Hurry-cane Rita 09/25/05
By Susie Devries
Hi Everyone,

Guess Rita thought better than to 'mess with Texas' didn't she? :) As for Arkansas, well there are simply too many hillbillies here to mess with, they wouldn't care! :)) We had no damage from storms that went through. We do have a bunch of downed tree branches and leaves, but no major ones. Tomorrow will be rake the yard day and all will be well. A tornado was reported close to my son's house. (Michael & Nancy) Bill went out there, and all was well. He did encounter a big tree that had fallen across the road on the way to their house and the fire department was there trying to get things in order so people could pass. Thankfully no real damage.

Bobbie, I hope you fared well with this storm, it got to be a bit rambunctious for awhile. Don't blame you one bit for not battling the traffic that was on it's way out of Texas. I've read that the normal drive time was twice as long, which would be one huge headache.

I had the twins from Thursday Eve, through today. (Sunday) We thought Nancy was going into labor, she had been having contractions. After some much needed rest she is feeling much better and we are thinking she was simply exhausted. Gee I can't imagine why can any of you? A 27 month old child with energy to spare, twins who are 14 months but only about 4-6 in age, not one single night of a solid 8 hours sleep and 36 weeks pregnant on top of that. Oh help!

OK, that's it. All is well, no major damage to report from here. I am tired after having the babies, but I would not trade this tired for all the tea in China as they say.

Love to all,


Back Home 09/25/05
By Barbara Lawrence
I stayed all night at Minerva's last night and then went to church with them this morning. I got home close to 1 p.m. and the front gate was closed. I could hardly get it back so that wind was strong yesterday. The metal tie was broken so I need to find something to tie it with because what is out there won't reach around anymore. It is still pretty windy today but more like a stiff breeze. Both of the rain gauges say we got about 1/8" below 1-1/2" and all the new trees are fine.

We do have a few limbs down out back but nothing to speak of. The skirting was all out on the east side Daryl's bedroom as far as the hose container and from the north corner on the front of the house all the way to the hose bib so I put that back almost first thing. I still have to get my stuff out of the car but it's too hot to do that after all that I have been doing outside - I'm going to try and cool off a little first as my hair is so wet the water is running down my back and I'm sweaty all over so have to change my clothes. It was 84 inside the house when I turned the a/c on (I turned off the circuit breaker before I left). I forgot to check the pond but will be going back out - I doubt there's much water in it if we only got 1-1/2 inches. I got the humming bird feeder back out, the birds fed and fresh water out for them so guess everything is back to normal.


Quilts 09/23/05
By Judie Riggen
Hi Everyone;

One of the girls that I graduated with makes quilts. My first thought was so do I, then I went and looked at the quilts she makes. She also writes books for children. I thought you might like to have a look see at the talent that was sitting right next to me and I had no idea! Her web site is www.aghines.com. I think you'll enjoy it as much as I did.



Hurricane Plans 09/21/05
By Barbara Lawrence
Even though Susie (my cousin) was sweet enough to ask me to come to Little Rock to stay with her until the hurricane is past, I have decided to go stay with my friend Minerva who lives about 15 miles north of me in a huge brick home - 4 or 5 bedrooms so there is plenty of room there for me. I have decided I don't really want to be on the highway going to Little Rock with as many people as there might be driving to get away from the storm. Our news now says that the worst of the winds and rain will be going further west than north but that our winds might be up to 50 mph gusts with lots of rain. Living out here on the prairie in a trailer is something I don't want to live through in the end of a hurricane even if we don't have any problems. Jan told me I could come stay with her but Minerva had asked me before I talked to Jan so I told Minerva I would come stay with her. I am the luckiest mother-in-law to be because I couldn't ask for a better wife for Daryl than Jan will be - when they get married next year.

Thought you might like to know what my plans are come Sat. as I will go out to Minerva's Sat. morning and the news said we will have this storm through Sun. Minerva claims me as her best friend and I feel the same way about her. She got married two years ago this last July 5th (she is 73) and her husband is one of the nicest men I've met - she is very lucky and they are the perfect couple. In case some of you don't know my cell phone number, it is: 903-466-1443 if you want to reach me over the weekend. If nothing else, I will have a weekend away from home.

Luv ya all,


Elvis To Wed 09/20/05
By Daryl Lawrence
While on location in Ocala, Florida with my job, I was able to arrange a weekend for my girlfriend Jan Cason to come for a nice weekend visit. It was a few days of vacation relief for her.

We had a very relaxing time during her visit, and saw a few sites in this area. I surprised her Sunday afternoon with an engagement ring! We had discussed it in the past, but it is NOW official!

File Photo
Elvis & Jan
We are both very happy about it, and looking forward to our future together, where I am no longer "on the road" with my job. The date is still pending, and will most likely be a private ceremony, somewhere...


Catalpa Tree 09/19/05
By John Schmit
Earlier this month, Cheryl and I planted a new tree in our back yard. We were not happy with the existing tree, as it was a left over from the developement. The new tree is a Purple Catalpa. The tree has very big leaves and hopefully will provide plenty of shade in the Summer. This tree should grow to a total height of 30 feet. That should take some time.

Click here to see the new tree pictures.  

This Week 09/16/05
By Heidi Schmit
This week I took my Final Exam for my American Government class and I received a 220 out of 250 which is really good. So my final grade for the class is 906 out 1000 which is an A-. In two weeks or so Iíll be starting my next class which is part two of American Government. Hopefully Iíll keep my GPA in the 3.0ís. Next week is going to be a busy week, Chloe goes in for surgery on Tuesday to get declawed and spade. Poor Chloe is going to hate me. Iíll be picking her up on Thursday. Iíll let you know how it goes.  

Moonshadow Passes 09/13/05
By John Schmit
Moonshadow, one of our cats, passed away Monday night at about 10:15pm. He died quickly, quietly and in comfort. Both Cheryl and I were with him in the end.

Moonshadow had been a part of our family for the last 13 years. He was a true "Garfield" cat - controlling, demanding and always ready to eat and sleep. He was a curious cat and would usually check out visitors.

File Photo
Moonshadow eventually became John's cat and would sleep in his right arm at some point, every night. His loss is felt deeply. We know he is more comfortable now.

Please enjoy these favorite pictures of Moonshadow.  

Yard Work 09/06/05
By John Schmit
The end of season rush is here. We are trying to finish up our work on the yard before the weather breaks. Following the pour of concrete, we needed to level the ground between our neighbor's yard and ours. We both decided to replace the dead grass and found concrete sludge under the sod, which we removed. We put down some good dirt and replaced the sod.

Cheryl and I now are finishing the plantings. A little here, a little more there. Soon it will be time for indoor projects!

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Trees 09/01/05
By Barbara Lawrence
I'm sending you the pictures of the three trees that lived. The middle tree was a 5 gallon bucket and the other two were in 1 gallon buckets. Stacey came over and cut off the other two at ground level (that looked dead) and they now have new growth coming up.

Daryl planted these trees on 8/3/05 and the middle tree wasn't even up to the top of the posts so that gives you an idea how fast these trees grow. I'm sure the little ones have grown at least 2 or 3 inches but I'm so disappointed that the middle tree will always be taller. Oh well, as fast as they grow it shouldn't be long before we have some good shade out front.

Thought you might enjoy.

Click here to see the pictures.