Our Times Archive January 2006

News Archive - January 2006

New Adventure 01/28/06
By Frank Bingham
Hello to all the family. It would appear that I am off on a new work adventure to Canada. I wrote a proposal some months back to assist in the development of a multi business opportunity in Alberta, Canada. Evidently they liked my proposal and have asked me to come up to Calgary for a month - six weeks to review what they have available and where we can see that I fit in their organization as a consultant. Since they have offered to pay me a substantial fee for the review and effort plus my expenses I said "Great I'll be there on Monday".

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House - Vol. 2 01/21/06
By Doug Lawrence
Thought I'd open up the computer this morning since its a rainy day here in Atlanta and send some more photos. Just about done sending all I have taken. I know you're all saying, I'm glad he's running out of pictures to send, I thought he would never stop. The good news is I'll take some more when I get a chance of something other then the house. Maybe the car (just kidding). Anyway got to go, have a great weekend. Luv ya'll.
Check out these house pictures!


New Schedule 01/21/06
By John Schmit
The pick for Spring work went very well. I was able to maintain my suburban driving and evening shift. I did change my days off to Mondays and Tuesdays. Now I will drive a van bus on Wednesdays and a regular, 40 foot coach on the other days. The drivers seats are better on the 40 foot coach. This schedule begins on February 11th. Looks like a good Spring time pick.


Squirrel 01/18/06
By Barbara lawrence
I just looked out and can see the squirrel hanging from the hanging feeder eating the bird seed. I have been telling Daryl I just can't believe how much seed I've been going through in that feeder so now I know. I just tried to take a picture and even though I sneaked out to the back porch, the feeder is just too far away. I can see the squirrel on the feeder but I doubt anyone else could. As it was, it heard me and got up fast.
See the squirrel!


Lakers Game 01/09/06
By Tricia Schmit
Wes and I won Laker tickets at my Christmas party and the game was set for Monday Jan, 9th against the Indiana Pacers. We arrived early (almost an hour) and we got situated in our private suite. We shared the suite with a few of our other coworkers. The suite was really nice, it had t.v's and a lounge area complete with a refrigerator, couch and nice upholstered chairs. there was also a counter top you could eat at as you watched the game. The game ended at 10 pm and yes, the Lakers did win 95-90. We had a really great time!.
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Christmas Pictures 01/07/06
By Roger Schmit
Hey everyone, I finally got the Christmas pictures posted at the usual site. Just click on this link.



What's Up Book 01/05/06
By John Schmit
For those that are interested, our Space and Science page offered a free book on astronomy for 2006. The book is downloadable and available at the following link. Because our website carries this column, we are able to offer this book.

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Kitchen Redo 01/04/06
By Blanche Glaeser
It was a real treat to have my kitchen cabinets redone by Christmas. This was a big job as Jumpy and I had to empty all the cupboards first. Then the workmen came in. The project took a couple of weeks, but the kitchen looks so much nicer now. I took some pictures as the work was being done. I hope you enjoy them.


Congratulations Cliff and Candy on a New Grandson 01/01/06

Cliff's daughter, Margaret, and husband Dan are proud to announce the arrival their new baby boy, Matthew. He was born yesterday and weighed 8 lbs. 10 oz. Check out the pictures at:
Baby Matthew