Our Times Archive February 2006

News Archive - February 2006

Good Bye To Calgary 02/18/06
By Frank Bingham
I get to go home this weekend for a week or more as the work I am doing here has come to a stopping point due to the extreme weather this part of the world is experiencing. Many of the projects this company has are all located far North from Calgary out in the wild country. Most of my work now will require me to go to these sites and review most of the operational concepts they use there. It can not be done by sending data on the Internet as the operational conditions are such a determining factor with future decisions. So when the weather gets down to -40 or lower it is just too cold for the equipment to operate and for people to tramp around in Oil and Gas sites for any length of time.

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Ft. Bragg & Pope AFB Visit 02/15/06
By Heidi Schmit
Tuesday, February 21st, I'll be heading back up to Ft. Bragg and Pope AFB, which are next to each other, to conduct a proposal mission. Well I won't be making the proposal but I'll be videotaping and taking digital pictures of the service members conducting the proposal. This proposal is about providing adequate communication for mobile units around the world, in order to do this we have to demonstrate to the Joint Forces Command and Congress to approve our equipment.

This communications equipment has only been in effect for 6 to 9 months. The equipment will provide secure and non-secure internet and telephones, while in the plane or in a new location on the ground before the main operation gets there. This mission will last only two days, but we will be there for a week for training and getting ready.


Our Roots Go Deep 02/15/06
By Roger Schmit
For the last 15 years I have been working on a large geneology project tracing back the Schmit and Polster lines of our family. The results of my research are now published in a 205 page compilation. I have mailed printed copies of the booklet to some family members and some form of this project should eventually be available on this site. I want to say thank-you to everyone (and there are many), who helped with this project.



My Trip To Calgary 02/05/06
By Frank Bingham
Hello to the Family---

My trip to Calgary and the first week here have been quite good. It has been cold compared to Palm Springs but the local folks feel that it is balmy. The day time temperature has been below freezing most of the time and nights have fallen to -10 or more. They say it should be -25 F to be normal so this is almost midsummer.

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