Our Times Archive April 2006

News Archive - April 2006

A Little Update 04/26/06
By Susie Devries
I am finally going to get to visit with my sister in about 2 days. We have been trying to plan a 'get-away' for probably 3 years and something has always come up. As it stands right now, Bill and I are driving to Alma, AR and meet Judie. It's the 1/2 way point for both of us between Little Rock and Joplin. We will have a bite to eat at Brahms (YUM) and then transfer all my stuff to her car and Judie and I will drive back to Joplin. I plan on being there for 2 weeks, maybe longer, who knows.

I am truly looking forward to 'getting away' for a while. Judie did come and stay with us when baby Jade died, but that was such a hard time. This will be a nice relaxed visit and I will finally get away from all the stuff going on around here. It's gonna be FUN. I'll try to send some pictures of my trip while I am there. We plan on quilting, sewing, knitting, cross stitching, yakking a mile a minute, 24/7 and maybe even sleeping and eating during that time.



Remodel Pictures 04/25/06
By Daryl Lawrence
Here are more picture's of our house remodel. We have now completed the Dining and Laundry room. In the Laundry room, the cupboards are the old ones out of the kitchen, but all painted. The work was done on weekends and evenings during the last two months.


New Job Update 04/23/06
By Tricia Schmit
I had a really good first week at work. I answer phones and help customers place orders. Also I look into why merchandise is missing from their shipments. As far as Wes and I, He takes me to work and then picks me up. So far I like it.


Easter vacation 04/22/06
By Roger Schmit
Well, Jeanne and the boys just left so I thought that I would send something out and put up some pictures.

Since they arrived about noon on Monday they managed to keep us all busy for the whole week. We went golfing and swimming at the club, played catch and rode ATV's, found egg sacks down at the frog pond, hauled rocks and went to the movie, read books and played computer games and played pokemon on gameboys. Is it any wonder that grandma and I are worn out and ready for a nap? Next time they come up will be at the end of June when we will have the grand opening of Aaron Hills Golf Club.

Barb will head back to Milwaukee on Sunday and then I will have a few days of peace and quiet. Now I will post some pictures.



Baby Ian Pictures 04/20/06
By Chris & Erin Lawrence
Here are some pic's of baby Ian.


Easter Pictures 04/17/06
By John Schmit
We have some new pictures up from Easter. Roger sends two images taken by his new Yooper Cam. Looks like a nice afternoon for both him and Barb.

Susie sends a trio of pictures showing just how much fun you can have at Easter. Angelique and Chloe seem to be having the best time!


He's Here 04/17/06
By Erin Lawrence
He's finally here!!
Ian Michael Lawrence
April 14th 2006 11:30 p.m.
7 lbs. 14 oz. 21 in.

Chris is working on pictures to send out. I think he's going to do it today. Everything went well. More details later....

Erin : )


Starting New Job 04/17/06
By Tricia Schmit
Good Monday Morning as I start my new job at The Foland Group. I will be doing customer service, updating files and such. This company distributes toys that you win at Chuck E Cheese and Dave and Busters. I got the job through Monster .com. The company is located near the Ontario Airport and on the way towards Wes's job so we'll be car-pooling.

While I will be making the same money per hour, I will now be full time, so bringing more money home. Both Wes and I are excited about having our weekends together finally as I will be Monday through Friday now. I think this office work will be a good stepping stone for me as I continue my Human Resources studies. Thank you everyone for your congratulations and support.


Autumn Update 04/15/06
By Robert McWilliams
Well, I sent another picture of autumn, sitting up on the couch in my bedroom. We went to the doctor Thursday and they said everything was going great. She was 5 lbs 8 oz's when she was born & now just a little over a month old she is 8 lbs & 14 oz's, so she is gaining weight good, also she has gotton about an inch taller, I think she is up to 21 inches now. We started feeding her rice cereal, the doctor says it's to soon but my mom & her mom say its not, and I believe them better. My mom had 4 kids & her mom had 5, I think I trust the mothers on this one.

That's all for now, just wanted to keep everyone updated. Anyone who would like a picture, e-mail me at: rmcwilliams@routhwrecker.com with your address and I will send you one. Janae is going to get pictures made today so I'll have them in about a week. Mom should have some pictures to put on the web site also, we had a bbq yesterday for - Easter, Nancy's b-day, Janaes b-day & Bills b-day.


Email Is Back 04/12/06
By Robert McWilliams
Most didn't know , but my e mail was down for the longest, we got a new server at work & the web address changed. The manager that takes care of this stuff was gone because he had also just had a baby.

Autumn is doing fine, fussy at night when its time to go to bed sometimes, but other than that things are going great. We go to the doctor tomorrow for her check up & Janae's. We will be getting pictures made sometime before the end of this week, so for all family & friends we will be mailing pictures or bringing you some in just a short time.


Nancy In Dubai 04/07/06
By Barbara Lawrence
I just got this site from my brother, Cliff, whose sister-in-law Nancy (Cliff's wife's sister) is in Dubai in Saudia Arabia on a job that is setting up communication. The pictures are certainly educational and thought you might be interested. Nancy goes there for two or three weeks, comes home for one week, etc. until I think she's been there 5 times. She is younger that Candy but not sure how much and is a 6 ft. blond Danish woman.

The link is www.nle2uae.com - Nancy In Dubai
Hope you enjoy.


Good News/Bad News 04/05/06
By John Schmit
First, the bad news - I've been home the last week with a pretty bad cold. Lucky for me, during the worst part, Cheryl was home to nurse me. And I needed it! Now, the good news - with all this extra time on my hands I was able to go through all my email and collect the wonderful jokes and humor you all have been sending. I have updated our Humor page with 22 new items. Check 'em out and maybe you'll see one you haven't seen yet! Enjoy!


Autumn Pictures 04/04/06
By Robert McWilliams
Here are some new pictures of Autumn taken with my phone. (This is a first for our website, to be posting pictures taken by phone! - John) Enjoy!


Changing Stores 04/02/06
By Allen Manese
I just found out that I'm changing Arby's stores from the Renton store to the North Bend store. The North Bend store is the busiest store in the area. As part of my move, I'm getting an increase in pay that covers cost of living and some travel expenses. The North Bend store is about thirty miles driving each way.

I'm a bit wary about stepping into unknown territory. It'll be interesting.


St. Patrick's Day Pictures 04/01/06
By Roger Schmit
Well it only took three weeks but I finally got a few pictures from the St. Patrick's Day parade posted. As you can see from the webcam picture the snow is gone up here and I believe I will be golfing next week.

Next week I have to make soup for the soup & sandwich supper at church. During Lent we have supper at church before service. The lady who was going to make the soup has to leave town and ask me if I would make it. So at least I know what I will be doing during the day on Wednesday. After church I'm going to a friends house for our weekly sheepshead game.

We've had several people go through the condo lately but no offers yet. Barb is really anxious to sell so that she can retire.

Love to all,