Our Times Archive May 2006

News Archive - May 2006

Memorial Day Outing 05/30/06
By John Schmit
Cheryl and I finally took some time to get away from the yard work. We decided to take a ride, do some shopping and visit Allen at his new store in North Bend. Here are a few pictures of the day trip.


Lisa Horseback Riding 05/28/06
By Barbara Lawrence
Lisa went horseback riding yesterday at George's and got thrown from the horse but after George checked her out, she got back on and finished the ride. Thankfully, nothing is broken but she hurt real bad all over - her right hip being the worst. When she got up this morning at 5:15, she was so sore she could barely move so I told her to go run the tub in my bathroom to soak again and run the jets as she did yesterday. Along with four Motrin, and the bath, she didn't hurt yesterday when she got out so we're hoping that will do the trick again. Here is a picture.

Luv ya,


Marriage Plans 05/27/06
By Robert McWilliams
Janae & I are going to make it offical in a couple of weeks, no date set yet but we're going to get married. Just going down to the Justice of the Peace though and then have a small get together afterwords, nothing big or fancy. We have been together for 5 & 1/2 years so we figure were both ready.


Fun Times 05/27/06
By Barbara Lawrence
Here are more pictures Lisa took with her camera.

Luv ya,


Lisa Visit 05/24/06
By Barbara Lawrence
Here are some pictures Lisa took with her camera that you might like. She was able to take the one of the rabbit within just a few feet as it doesn't seem to be scared of any of us. The dates aren't right on these pictures but I couldn't remember the correct date. She did arrive on 5/4 so maybe 5/6 isn't too far off.

Luv ya,

Elvis - Correction: Lisa arrived Texas 5/14.


Moss Roses 05/20/06
By Barbara Lawrence
Lisa and I planted these new Moss Roses this week and thought you might like to see how pretty they are on the back steps.

Luv ya,


Lisa Visits and Mom get out! 05/18/06
By Daryl Lawrence
Here are some pictures of Lisa's arrival and Mom getting out.


Mom's Day Fun 05/15/06
By Wesley Miller
We had a really nice Mother's Day for the family. I started it out by making a big breakfast of pancakes, hash browns, eggs, bacon, coffee, and orange juice. I did the best I could with Tricia giving me tips. Later, we went to Red Hill Community Park where there is a very large pond. We like to walk around the pond and look at the ducks and turtles. There's 100's of turtles and Andrew caught two different kinds! We saved the 'going out for dinner' part till tomorrow. We'll be going to Buca De Bepo's.


Update 05/13/06
By Robert McWilliams
Thanks to my Mom, and wherever she got the email from, I got to talk to my Uncle Ryan for the first time in about 5 years, Uncle Mike & Aunt Cheryl first time since I was 2. So we all kinda had a little family reunion over the computer this morning.

Went to the doctor on Thursday. Autumn is up to 11pounds 8 ounces, & 21 inches long, so my little Michellin baby is doing good. All the chubby little rolls, she reminds me of the character for Michellin tires. That's all for now.


Vacation 05/12/06
By Susie Devries
Hi Everyone,

My vacation to Joplin, Missouri is fast coming to a close. I've been here two weeks already, but it seems more like just a couple days. Been having a good time though. Tried to learn to knit. I think that is a useless endeavor at this time. I just don't seem to get the hang of it. I did finish reading my book, True Believer, by Nicholas Sparks. I finished up a counted cross stitch project I had and have started another one. Judie helped me make a blanket for our newest grand baby. It's a pretty big blanket, I think we are going to loose Autumn in it!!

Not much else from here. When I get home I will go through my pictures and send some so you can see my end of the family. Talk to you soon.

Love, Susie


Trees Down 05/12/06
By Roger Schmit
We had a pretty good storm blow through here yesterday. We had about 2 1/2 inches of rain and wind gusts up to 70 mph. The wind took out a couple of trees and I have attached a few pictures.

I spent Sunday moving the rest of our furniture up here so now Barb is sleeping on a foam pad on the floor. Closing on the condo is set for Friday May 26th. We will head up here right after closing. Barb's last day of work is Thursday the 25th. Needless to say that she is quite excited.

Love to all,


Quick Message Center 05/09/06
By John Schmit
I was very happy to see the Quick Message Center back up and functional today. The system is operated by a company called 'MYSHOUTBOX.COM', located in Germany. When I first found this service and added it to our site, I knew there might be times they would be down. Soon after we started with them, their system was hacked and brought down for a weekend. I would assume a similar incident occured over this last weekend. The service is provided free and I think is a wonderful addition to our site and worth the very few interuptions in availability.


Summer Pick 05/09/06
By John Schmit
Cheryl and I had another wonderful weekend working in the yard. We are continuing to develop the North side yard and managed to 'plant' the rock, a monolithic water sculpture. It is still wrapped in plastic as we haven't got the water pump and system in yet. Monday morning I had to pick my Summer work. Seniority is getting much better and thus I was able to pick a favorite route of mine. I'll be driving the 245 route from Kirkland to Factoria, five days a week. The hours are great and the neighborhoods are just fine. This route goes through several parts of the Microsoft campus in Redmond. My days off will be changing once more, this time to Sunday and Monday. Cheryl and I will be very happy to have some of the weekend together on a regular basis.


Yard Work 05/02/06
By Cheryl Schmit
Both of John & I were off today and had time to work in the yard together. I have been working on a mini vegetable garden (mostly in pots) and was able to pick a few radishes and spinach. We also planted onions, tomatoes and green peppers but those will be awhile yet before they’re ready to eat. The trees are leafing out, the azaleas are blooming, and the bulbs are up. John was out mowing the lawn so I decided to take a few pictures. We turned on the sprinklers, ran them through the zones, and made some minor adjustments to the heads. This next week is supposed to be up in the 70’s and sunny so will have to start doing a little more watering.


Hiking Pictures 05/02/06
By Tricia Miller
Sunday, April 30th, the family decided to go hiking up to Mt.Baldy and see the waterfalls. It was a beautiful day out and some of us got a little sunburned. We took some picture's and I hope you enjoy!


Cat Stroller 05/01/06
By Blanche Glaeser
I recently found this stroller at the pet store and thought it would be perfect for my Misty. Now the stroller is home with us and Misty has been in it several times. It is a nice stroller and the holder can be detached and used in the car.

Jumpy thinks that there should be a litter box included. Many at church had a good laugh as I told them about the stroller. Misty and I look forward to many walks together.

File Photo
Misty's Stroller