Our Times Archive July 2006

News Archive - July 2006

Baby Birds 07/31/06
By Cheryl Schmit
What a surprise. I have been watering and watering the hanging baskets of fuchsia and occasionally, a little bird would fly away from the basket. Tonight John and I pulled the basket down and looked inside and found a nest with three baby birds in it. They barely had their eyes open. We touched the edge of the nest, and all three mouths would fly open wide and they chirped. We looked around and saw both parents watching us and scolding us from their pirch on the fence. As soon as we left, they came back and checked everything out. I'll definately be more careful when I water until they leave. Enjoy these pictures.


Chloe 07/28/06
By Susie Devris
Big news in the Grand baby department. I had the pleasure of baby sitting 3 of my grand kids last night, the twins, who are now 2 and their big sister, Angelique, 3. As many of you know, the twins were born pre-mature July 11, 2004. At birth they each weighed 1 pound 14 ounces. It's been a battle to say the least. Chloe now weighs 20 pounds and Michael Jr weighs 23 pounds. Last night when I went out to the car to help Nancy bring the twins in, I opened the car door and Chloe was there in her car seat. She looked up at me and said Hi Mama, she hasn't learned to say Grandma yet. That pleased me. Later on we were in the living room and I had her stand up while I held her hands. She walked, without any prodding from me all the way from the coffee table to the front door!! All the way to the front door is 25 foot. I think she will soon be walking on her own! Last week when she was here, we were lucky to get her to take 2 steps!! The twins are in a special school now where they get physical, occupational and speech therapy, every day. What a difference it makes.



Special Event Cam Page 07/24/06
By John Schmit
We now have a 'Special Event Cam Page'. This page is for activities when a cam is set up for faster refreshing. The Special Events Cam page refreshes every minute. This will be the place to have your cam when you want to show a live event, such as a party. The page had multiple cam capabilities if you wish to display more than one. Just let me know when you'd like your cam on this page. Watch for fun events on this special page!


Kenny Chesney Concert 07/02/06
By Heidi Schmit
I was recently tasked for a detail to work a concession stand at the Ramond James Stadium for the Kenney Chesney and friends concert tour 2006. Yes, you heard correctly, Kenny Chesney, baby! The concert was Saturday, July 1st, at 4pm. It started with Carrie Underwood followed by Gretchen Wilson and Big and Rich. Those that were volunteers had to be at the stadium at 1pm to get signed in and set up the concession stands with food, cups and tap the kegs. So we showed up, signed in and started heading towards the top to where we need to be. On the way up there we bumped into Kenny Chesney, although we were dumb founded by actually seeing him up close, we didn't even say hello. This was a great start to an awesome day. :)

We set up our concession stand and waited for the gates to open at 3pm. Slowly people came by to buy beer and snacks for awhile but then they started rolling in. Needless to say, we were on our feet from 1pm till 11:30pm. We had to stop serving beer by 9:15pm so that people could start sobering up to drive home. Of course the crowd wasn't pleased to hear that. We actually got to see Kenny play at the end, so all in all it was a very long day but an awesome one. We had a blast!