Our Times Archive August 2006

News Archive - August 2006

Big Party 08/30/06
By John & Cheryl Schmit
Last Sunday we celebrated the completion of our North side garden with a big party. The plan was to have friends and neighbors come and share good food and a good time. Cheryl invited people from her office and friends she worked with while she was at JC Penneys. I invited bus drivers and told them to bring the family. We also invited several of our neighbors. Allen volunteered to man the grill, which worked out great for us.

The weather was perfect, maybe a little bit warm, but very sunny and an ideal summer day. The guests arrived and enjoyed BBQ'd chicken, hamburgers made to order and hot dogs. Cheryl had made potato and pasta salads and there were plenty of veggies and fruit to keep everyone munching.

We had a wonderful afternoon and partied well into the evening. We still had plenty of food left over, so Allen agreed to come back Monday night and grill again. Enjoy these pictures of the party!


Movin' On 08/23/06
By Heidi Schmit
Yep, I passed the math class. I just found out I got a "B" in the course. Still, I'm so glad it's over with. Now I can move on.

On Monday morning I leave for Warrior Leadership Class. This Army course is two weeks long and being held in Georgia, so I'll be away for a little while. A friend is going to take care of my cat while I'm gone. This course is required for promotions.

Later in September, I'm set up to begin my English class. That will last well into November. So I have a busy Fall schedule.


Busy Times 08/16/06
By Blanche Glaeser
It has been a very busy couple of weeks for Jumpy and I. We celebrated Jumpy's birthday with dinner out. We had a wonderful time and enjoyed the lobster! Then my new Bose radio came and it sounds great in the livingroom. Here are pictures of us out and the new radio.

I had to take my car in for some repairs and spent the time waiting in the new car showroom. After a few hours, Jumpy and I drove home in a new, 2007 Camry. I just love it! It is a bit bigger than my other Camry, but it fits just right into the garage. Just take a look at these pictures of the new car.

I also went to Radio Shack and bought a new cell phone. It has a camera and many features. I have learned how to use the speed dial. I have asked John many questions as I learned how to operate the phone. They are very complicated.

Of course, Misty has been such a joy for both of us. We never seem to stop laughing at her behavior. Here are some pictures of our pride and joy.

Love to all,


Finished North Garden 08/13/06
By Cheryl Schmit
The North garden is an area protected from the wind and rain. During most of the year it has very little Sun, so will be great when it is hot. The fountain is visible from inside the house through the window at the bottom of the stairs, between the front door and the living room. Being we go up and down the stairs a lot, we'll see it often.

Today is very comfortable outside in the shade so the North side is a lovely place to sit. Tonight we hope to sit there to view the meteor shower. It's the best place to look at the open sky toward the northeast and there are no street lights on that side of the house to bother the view. Enjoy these pictures of the finished garden.


Update 08/02/06
By Robert McWilliams
Well, as I said yesterday, I got a job working at Afco Steel in Little Rock. It pays okay, I guess. I work from 3:30pm to 12:30am Monday thru Friday. The job with hardwood floors fell thru four days before I was supposed to start working there. So I left the wrecker service the day I found out and went job hunting. That was a bad move. I ran out of money, didn't have a job for almost a month and I had to sell my Plymouth, (which I was extremely proud of). Now I am also going to have to get a second job to make ends meet. Janae is working too. She makes phone calls all day from 3pm to 10pm Monday thru Friday. Janae & Autumn are doing great and Mom is the baby sitter every other week, so I'm sure she is enjoying her grandma time.