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News Archive - September 2006

Leaving Bellingham 09/30/06
By Frank Bingham
The last "Hello to All" for this trip........

Slim and I will be zipping out tomorrow morning early heading toward home. Leaving early so that we can get through Portland and Seattle during lower traffic periods. There should not be a lot of traffic tomorrow (Sunday) anyway but I never miss some anyway.

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Allen's Car Found 09/29/06
By John Schmit
This evening Allen got word that his Toyota was found. Cheryl and I went with him to see what would be found. The car was in a quiet neiborhood not far from our house. It was in good shape and started right up. The only thing missing was the stereo,amp and speakers that Allen had installed. The guy who Allen bought his cars from said if found he'd give Allen several hundred off the note he now has. A great deal for Allen!


New (To Me) Car 09/28/06
By Allen Manese
Sometimes good things come out of bad. A couple of days ago my car was stolen from outside my apartment. I filed a police report and called the guy who I bought it from. I still had several payments to make on it. He said to come on in and he'd work with me on another car. Sure enough, he did. I got a great deal on a '91 Subaru Legacy wagon. This is the car I've been wanting for a long time, just a few years older. Now I'm set up with my new job, a new(er) car and next week a new apartment.

Check out these pics of the car!


Back In The US Again 09/28/06
By Frank Bingham
Hello to all,

Thursday afternoon --Just a short up date-------- First my Juno is once again working normally. I did not do anything to the computer or program. I suspect now it had to do with the connection I had in Canada out on the Island ?? I do not know how it could be different but that is the only variable............

Carol and I left Ralph's right on time this morning to head for the Ferry terminal. It is about 50 miles +/- down there and is an easy ride. We arrived and got our ticket just fine. The ferry (Queen of Alberni) departed a few minutes late as they had a scheduled emergency drill before we left. That was fine, no problem. This ferry was smaller than the one we came over on probably due to the traffic that usually goes at the time on a normal Thursday. The ride over was very smooth and just beautiful so we had no complaints at all with that. Once back to the Vancouver side the exit from the ferry goes quickly. Soon we were on the highway headed for the border. When we arrived at the Peace Arch crossing, into the US, there were quite a few cars but they had 4 lanes open so it went fast too. No hold up there and then we were off toward Bellingham. The drive is only about 30 minutes long so here we are once again at Anna's for couple of days.

In all Slim and I had a great time in Canada. Such nice friends there and wonderful places to see and visit. So that is the short update on us........ All too soon we are heading home --- Oh Boo I suppose........

Love to all,
Frank & Carol


Turning South 09/27/06
By Frank Bingham
Hello to all,

Slim and I have reached the furthest point North we are going to go --Comox, Vancouver Islands, B.C Canada 1,548 miles from home. Not all that far milewise but just crammed with memories and great times. We are still at our friend Ralph's house, on Vancouver Island, for the night tonight then we leave early in the morning to go to Duke Point and hop onto the Ferry back to Vancouver, B.C. Once off the ferry we will cross the border and go back to Bellingham for couple of days.

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Baby Arrives 09/25/06
By Cheryl Schmit
After many years of casual looking around for a piano, last week we tried a different kind of store in downtown Seattle. Inside the showroom were a variety of pianos, from uprights to grands. Although we didn't think we were ready, they had the perfect one tucked in a back corner. A refurbished 1976, Chickering, five foot, baby grand. It has a beautiful, golden honey brown finish that matches our other furniture perfectly. We couldn't pass it up! Now our downstairs has all it's furniture and all the rooms are complete.

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Vancouver Island 09/25/06
By Frank Bingham
Hello to all,

Carol and I got up and had a very nice morning with David and Liz but all too soon it was time for Slim and I to leave for the Ferry. No problem getting to the boat, getting on, or the trip over the water to Vancouver Island. It was beautiful this morning virtually all the way over. A few miles off shore we ran into a heavy fog bank and visibility went to zero. It was spooky but neat as the ferry blew its fog horn over and over. Then it was as if a knife cut the fog off and we were in bright clear sun light once more.

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Vancouver 09/23/06
By Frank Bingham
Hello Again,

I am not sure if my previous message got sent or not. We had a big lighting strike and suddenly the computer just went off and then came back on -- message gone. In case it did not go, Slim and I got to Vancouver just fine with no problems. We spent the day today going to a number of places here that Carol has not seen for sometime. Tonight we are going out to dinner then to a hockey game as David has season tickets right on the ice.

Aside from that we are really having fun with David and Liz. They are extremely interesting and fun people to be around. I have gotten all caught up on the oil situation in Alberta and the companies work there.. They have completed 8 wells and have 16 more to drill this year. David is very busy and wants me to join him again.. We will talk about that as I am not too interested in going to Northern Alberta in the winter when it is -40 degrees.

Tomorrow we're going to Grandville Island to have a fun day day at the exhibits and food areas. We get to ride on a tiny boat over to the island that is more fun than a barrel of monkeys. The distance is not far at all but the little water taxi's are a hoot.....
I'll talk to you again soon ................

Love to all
Frank & Carol B.


Vacation Update 09/22/06
By Frank Bingham
Good Morning to All,

The sun is out bright and clear this morning after the drizzle of yesterday it is welcome. Carol and I motored around town everywhere yesterday and had a good time. We looked at some Condo's to see what is available as Anna (our friend here) is a real estate broker. She showed us units for the low 100's to greater than a million. Mostly they are the same in size but the location is the big difference in costs. Of course, Carol and I are not interested in buying one as it is far too damp here for Slim but it was fun anyway.

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WLC/Vacation 09/22/06
By Heidi Schmit
On August 29th WLC began and ended on September 13th at Fort Stewart, GA. Warrior Leaders Course, itís a Non-Commissioned Officer Academy that is required for all soldiers that are becoming an NCO. It was a two-week course rather than the usual 30-day course, which was fine by me. Most of the two week course was in class room, receiving classes on pretty much all the ARís and FMís (Army Regulations and Field Manuals). Plus we each had to give a class, mine was on Supervising the construction of a fighting position.

The last 3 days of the course were in the field doing day and night land navigation and the one at night we had to stay stealth in order to not have contact. During the day we had "lanes" to go through, which were scenarios on how to react to contact. What I mean about contact is "being shot at." Also, through out the 2-week course we had to stand at parade rest in the chow hall line and say the NCO creed over and over and over. We had details every evening such as raking the dirt and picking up trash. We had inspections every day and we had to carry our M-16 everywhere we went, including the restroom and chow hall. I was glad to graduate and on graduation day I even had to sing the National Anthem.

On September 15th I headed back up to GA but to Fort Gordon GA which is near Augusta to visit Tony, an old friend of mine. Weíve known each other for 8 years. In fact he helped me get into the Army and was also in Korea with me. It was nice to see him again, we caught up on old and new times. Talked about everything we could think of. He took me to the Cracker Barrel, which is now, one of my favorite places to eat. Itís so down to earth and the food tastes like home made southern food. We really didnít go to many places, it was just a time for me to relax and enjoy myself before I head back to work and school which all will be starting on September 25th.


Working 09/21/06
By Robert McWilliams
Well I'm back working for the wrecker service again as of last Tuesday. I got tired of playing catch up every week on my bills, not even having enough money to go out to eat dinner. I wish I wouldn't have left, but I guess it will all work out in the long run.

Janae is working at the Dollar General store in Sherwood. She really likes her job, minus the standing on her feet all day. Autumn went to the doctor yesterday for her 6 month check up. She weighs 16 pounds, 10 ounces. The doctor said she was doing real good with sitting up. She usually sits up for about 25-35 minutes at a time before she topples over.

So all is well again, me and Janae will get caught up and back on our feet in about a month or so, and who knows maybe at tax time I can get another old muscle car. Probably not, I have too many credit cards to pay off. But I can always dream. I'm thinkin', maybe a 70's model Chevy Nova. Janae likes those alot. It would be nice to have an old car that my girlfriend actually wants to ride in. She didn't like the Plymouth at all.


Vacation Update 09/20/06
By Frank Bingham
Hello Everyone,

Just a short up date on our trip. We have been here in Bellingham for two full days now. Other than a couple of hours when the sun came out it has rained the entire time. It is not really cold just cool but mighty wet.

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Arrived! 09/18/06
By Frank Bingham
Hello All,

Slim and I arrived in Bellingham late this afternoon. We left Yreka this morning about 7 A.M. in a slight drizzle. As we motored North the drizzle dried up and the sun came out in full brilliance. The ride was good as there was a minimum of other cars and no trucks on the road at all. Oh, but that was not to last.

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Road Trip Update 09/17/06
By Frank Bingham
Hi All

Well Slim and I got started this morning at 6:30 A.M. and had a wonderful day on the road. We have stopped tonight in Yreka; just shy of the Oregon border. Not too much traffic , no snow, no rain, no smog, no wind, no crazy drivers, and no $3.50 gasoline .......... Wonderful.

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Road Trip 09/16/06
By Frank Bingham
Hello to All,
Carol and I usually take a "Road Trip" each Summer after school starts here in Palm Springs. Well school has started and we are making ready to go. This year we are going to go up to Bellingham, WA. to visit an old friend, then cross over into Canada to visit our friends who live in Vancouver, then we will take the ferry across to Vancouver Island and drive up the North Eastern coast to a small town called Bowser to visit another friend who lives down here part of the year and in Bowser part of the year. At this point we will begin our return to Palm Springs via the coast route where we will spend a couple of days in the Santa Barbara area. Finally, the last dash for home and the routine of living in paradise again here in the desert.

We plan to be gone about 2 weeks but that may grow some to somewhat less than three weeks depending on how much we want to drive each day. As most of you know Carol loves to drive and so do I. We have such a good time cruising along looking at everything and laughing at lots of things we see. We will take her Toyota Van as it is super comfortable and is a joy out on the highway.

During this trip if you would not forward messages, jokes and so forth to me I would appreciate it as many times we can only connect to servers that run on kerosine or some similar power/speed source. Please do not hesitate to send regular messages from you as text flies along quickly. I promise not to send you a running blow by blow recap of our trip and may be able to include some digital pictures if we happen to be able to connect to a high speed connection.

I hope this message finds all of you in good health and happy.
Love to all,
Frank & Carol B.


Changes 09/14/06
By Allen Manese aka Allen Schmit
It was so good to be able to come home at a decent time and be able to get into an online game I've been waiting for. The last two weeks have been very busy for me as I have changed jobs and will be moving at the end of this month. I worked my first day at Linens N' Things today. We'll see how this goes. The drive is a bit shorter and the hours are much better while the pay is about the same as I had at Arby's.

At the end of this month I am moving into a two bedroom apartment (in the same apartment complex) with a friend who is also an online gamer. Lance and I plan to have our four networked computers set up in the livingroom. Yes, I do plan to re-start the home cam soon after the move. With the two of us sharing the costs, the monthly expenses for me will be less than what I pay now.


Garden Video 09/06/06
By John Schmit
I recently made a video of our North garden. I thought I'd try a new service called You Tube. Click here to see the video. Turn up your speakers too!


Grand Kids 09/06/06
By Susie Devries
Check out these pictures.
Autumn at 5 months, being a big girl in the highchair with some fresh banana in her little safety feeder. Michael Jr, asleep on the couch, and also his first hair cut!!



Hi From School 09/03/06
By Heidi Schmit
Just wanted to let you know that I'm alright and hanging in there. It's been a long week so far and another 9 days and wake up to go. Been doing a lot of classroom work. Getting ready to do some land navigation starting tomorrow. On Friday, Sat. and Sun. will be doing an STX (Situation Training Exercise). Tomorrow I'll be conducting the Physical Fitness training. Other than that everything is pretty boring and pretty Army... HOOHA! Anyways, talk to you soon!!!

Enter to Learn..... Leave to Lead!



Middle Tree 09/03/06
By Barbara Lawrence
Daryl & Jan just brought me home from Cindy's house so we were all admiring the trees out front as to how much they had grown over the summer. Daryl told me to get my camera and he would take a picture of my hand on the leaf (to tell the size of the leaf). I asked him to take one of me in front of the tree but I was talking when he snapped the picture so my mouth looks really stupid. At least I have a picture this late in the year so next year in Sept. I can see how much the tree grew from now. Zoom in on the one of my hand and you can really tell how big these leaves are.

Click here for the pictures.

Luv ya,


Mystery Dinner Train 09/01/06
By Cheryl Schmit
I was invited to go on the local Mystery train by one of my friends from J C Penney. There were eleven in our group and six of us were celebrating birthdays. This is part of a dinner train that runs from Renton to a winery about 20 miles North in Woodneville. The "Murder, Mystery" players involve the passengers/diners in the story line during the three and a half hour evening. The food was delicious and the entertainment was great fun, lots of laughs. Check out the pictures.