Our Times Archive October 2006

News Archive - October 2006

Fall Color Ride 10/30/06
By John Schmit
Last Saturday, the 28th, Cheryl and I decided to take advantage of the nice fall weather and get out to see some of the fall color in the mountains. We drove completely around Mt Rainier, about a 5 hour drive. It was a lot of fun.

We found access to one of the many sparkling rivers that flow down from the mountain and some wonderful viewing spots to see the mountain. The heavy mist in the air (even at 3pm) made it seem much like a rain forest at times. The drive was very easy and we stayed on main highways all the way. No day trip is complete without something to eat, and we stopped for supper in Puyallup, about an hours drive from home. Click here to go to the page with our Fall Color video.


Sisterhood Of The Wine 10/17/06
By Roger Schmit
Last January several ladies decided that they should do something on the nights that their husbands had their Shrine Director's Staff meetings. They formed a group that they called "Sisterhood of the Wine". The husbands just called it the winers. They get together once a month and sample different wines. Sometimes they sample a lot of wine.

This month the meeting was at our house, which meant ROAD TRIP! Six brave ladies battled 28 degree temperatures and 30 - 35 mph winds for the 4 hour drive. The pictures would suggest that they had a good time. On Saturday, despite cold temperatures and stiff winds, they went for a boat ride on the river. Later, dinner at Paris in Pembine followed by karaoke at the Four Seasons.


Wreck & Update 10/14/06
By Robert McWilliams
Let me know if you get the picture, I took it with my phone while one of the guys on our lot was moving a very wrecked Ford Escort into the crush line. When the cars are wrecked so bad like that we crush them instead of selling them. Being back at the wrecker service is nice, especially for the paychecks. My back still hurts everyday but oh well, I go to a chiropractor every week so it will be okay.

In November, me, Janae, Autumn and the rest of Janae's family plan to go to Council Bluffs, Iowa for Thanksgiving. She and I both have family up there but we're going to see her family, so I will have some good pictures next month.


Firefox Browser 10/13/06
By John Schmit
It has come to my attention that users of the Firefox Internet browser are unable to view particular aspects of our website. At this time, I cannot design a code to specially apply to the Firefox browser and can only recommend viewing our website with another browser.

If you are using this browser, please let me know and let me know where to find the appropriate coding needed.



Vacation 10/12/06
By Roger Schmit
Well, after spending the last 11 hours going through pictures and putting a small percentage of them on my picture page I can finally write about the trip.

It's hard to believe that 9 days could go that quickly. We had perfect weather the whole time and fit in everything that we wanted to do. From water parks to Disney Quest to all of the theme parks, a great time was had by all. The hotel that we stayed at was Coronado Springs which is on the Disney grounds which means that the Disney buses took us everywhere. We went on all the rides, even grandma, and went to many shows. When you travel with Matt you never slow down from morning til night. You have to remind him to stop and eat.

We had a great time on Barbs birthday. Matt and Jeanne got a Disney sitter for the boys and we went out. We started with dinner at the Brown Derby. Drinks, appetizers, entree and dessert, we went all the way. After dinner we went to the Boardwalk and a place called Jellyrolls where they have dueling pianos and can sing almost any song that you can name. Matt made a point of letting them know that it was Barbs birthday and she was called to the stage with 2 other birthday girls. They all had to do a dance about a tree with a branch with a nest with an egg with a bird and green grass growing all around. It was pretty funny.

Anyway, now we are home and the temperature is 25 and I wish that we were back at Disney. Well, more later.

Roger & Barb

Editor's Note: As I looked through the pictures, I discovered that there was an anniversary involved with this major vacation trip. Congratulations, Jeanne and Matt Simmons!

File Photo
Jeanne & Matt


New Photos 10/10/06
By Lisa Lawrence
I wanted to send new photos of the boys. If you have time could you put them on the family page? The boys just started Kung Foo! They love it. The last picture is Ray and I getting ready to take a ride on his Harley!
Thank you.

Enjoy these pictures!


House Location 10/07/06
By Barbara Lawrence
I've been sitting on the back porch since about noon today because it's in the low 80's with a slight breeze and too nice to stay in the house. Daryl came over to mow this morning so I'm sending a picture of the path he's mowing out to his new house pad. He's about 1/2 way out there so you can see how far it is from the house. I was standing at the northwest corner of the trailer when I took the first picture so you have somewhat of an idea how far out it is. I thought I might put my walking shoes on this evening and walk out there and take a picture back to the trailer.

I walked on the new path out to where Daryl & Jan's new house will be and I took the second picture toward the trailer from about where the new kitchen will be. This gives you a better prospective of where the house will be built in relation to the trailer.

Luv ya,
Mom (Barb)

Here are the pictures!


Allen Moves 10/05/06
By John Schmit
This past weekend Allen moved to his new, two bedroom apartment. He now has a new roommate, Lance. We helped Allen move the big stuff on Sunday, as a neighbor of ours kindly lent us his pickup. Things went very quickly and now Allen and Lance have a new home.

Here are some pictures!


We Are Home 10/04/06
By Frank Bingham
I guess there is a "last" -- Hello All,

Carol and I got home last night about 8:30 (Tuesday) without any "scratches, dents, bangs, or squabbles". We were glad to be home yet sad that our road trip was over. A few statistics --We traveled 3,314 miles, Carol's Van averaged 25.6 MPG over all and we paid an average of $2.63 per gallon. So over all it was not all that bad.

Click here for the rest of the story!


Autumn and Her 'Friend' 10/02/06
By Susie Devries
Here are a couple pictures of Autumn and her 'friend'. She loves Merry Chris Mouse because when you press it's paw it plays music, and it's nose light's up. Of course it's Christmas music, but she doesn't care.

Check out these pictures!



New Car 10/01/06
By Tricia Miller
Well, we finally did it. It's official. We finally got ourselves a new car. Now we will have two cars. This will be really nice since now Wes and I don't have to rely on each other's schedules. We bought ourselves a 96 Chevy Malibu. Its really nice inside and out. Especially compared with the Cavalier. It's also a V6 which I can definitely feel as I step on the gas. I hope you enjoy the pictures!