Our Times Archive November 2006

News Archive - November 2006

Snow Day! 11/27/06
By John Schmit
Cheryl and I were still shopping for decorations as the snow began to fall today. Early in the afternoon we put the lights around the walkway and hung the colored globe in the front. Later lightning and thunder accented very heavy snow showers. By 8pm there were over three inches on the ground and some of the walkway lights were being covered. During the storm, we were busy baking Mom's family favorite cranberry bread. The bread turned out great and we went to bed as the snowfall tapered off. Check out some of today's pictures.


Leaflet Drop Video 11/18/06
By Heidi Schmit
Our mission in Iraq was to create and dissiminate propaganda leaflets, handbills, and posters. In this video it shows how we put things together and load the plane for dissimination. The video was filmed using Night Vision Lens, which I'm sure you've seen on the news. After we dissiminated the leaflets we later found out that we were given the coordinates and dropped the leaflets on the wrong target. The military personnel that were around that target had to go and pick them all up. OOPS!


Wonderful News! 11/14/06
By Susie Devries
Hi To My Family,

I have the best news! About 3 weeks ago I was able to get in touch with my second son, William!!! I've not seen him for about 12 years. I didn't know where he was. By some miracle (GOD) my ex-husband called me to tell me an Uncle of his had died. I don't know why he called me, we have been divorced for 30 years!

Any way, I asked him about the boys and he gave me Williams phone and address. My oldest son, Dennis, is in state care and I don't know where he is. But I am very thankful to be in contact with William. He is married and has a step daughter 6 1/2 years old and they have a son, 18 months. So now I have two more grandbabies and another daughter in law! I am so happy!!


A Tribute To Our Soldier 11/10/06
By John Schmit
Thanks for your service, SPC Heidi Schmit. Heidi entered the Army shortly after graduating high school and graduated "A" school as a graphics designer. She has served over seven years and has been sent to 18 countries including Korea, Azerbaijan, Hungary, Liberia and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Heidi is currently working for the Joint Communication Support Element (JCSE) in Tampa, Florida. She is also taking classes and working on her Bachelors degree in Business Administration. Please enjoy this video salute to our soldier.

File Photo
SPC Heidi Schmit
Halloween Kids 11/06/06
By Lisa Lawrence
I wanted to send more pictures of the boys. They are halloween pics and Chance just started Soccor! He loves it. His team is all beginners, so they loose every game but it is so fun to watch and he just loves it.

Ray and I and the boys leave in a couple weeks for Dad's house. We will be there for Thanksgiving. It will be the boys first road trip! We'll have lots of pictures from that.