Our Times News Archive

June 2007

New Tree 06/30/07
By Barbara Lawrence
Daryl just planted a new Red Oak tree today to replace the one that snapped off last week in the storm. From the looks of it, we are probably going to lose the other four trees also if they keep on as they are now. We both think they just got too much rain on their roots because the paper work that came with them said they can't take too much water. And..................we've had more than our share of rain!!!!! Click here to see the tree!

Re-Enlistment 06/29/07
By Heidi Schmit
Thursday was a big day for me as I decided to re-enlist for three more years in the Army. That will put me at 10 1/2 years. With this re-enlistment I get to stay here at JCSE in Florida for at least two more years. That should be long enough for me to finish my Bachelor's degree. Stay tuned for pictures of the ceremony soon.

Church Merger 06/28/07
By Blanche Glaeser
A few weeks ago our church, Good Samaritan Lutheran, merged with New Hope Lutheran, here in Las Vegas. I attended the ceremony and enjoyed the time with our newly expanded church family. We also had a service at the location of our new grounds, where the new church will be built. We then went back to Good Samaritan for more celebration. Enjoy these pictures of the events. Click here to see the celebration!

New Washer & Dryer 06/27/07
By John Schmit
On Tuesday our new washer and dryer were delivered. Allen works on the delivery truck for Fry's, so he was the one to bring them and install them. Click here to see the new machines (and Allen).

Gator/ATV Ride 06/26/07
By Roger Schmit
On Monday we got together 14 people, 4 Gators and 6 ATV's and went for a ride. We all met at The Four Seasons Resort and headed for the woods. I think the object became finding the most difficult terrain to ride through. We went through deep woods, forded a few creeks and went up some pretty steep hills. Everyone made it back very dusty but in fine shape. Jumping in the river at the end felt very good. Click here, I've included just a few pictures.

Tree Down 06/26/07
By Barbara Lawrence
The tree that you usually saw in the middle of my west web cam view was snapped off at the root yesterday because of the high winds we had. Daryl thinks he's going to buy a Maple or something else to replace this tree. It was a real loss to us being we've been babying these trees for so long.

New Clock! 06/22/07
By Susie Devries
Here is a picture of my new clock. It chimes music on the hour and turns off automatic at night. There are also Christmas songs for the holiday time. Click here to see the clock.

New Car! 06/21/07
By Daryl Lawrence
We traded in Jan's Durango. I will be driving this one to work, we figure it will save about $130 a month just in gasoline alone... Of COURSE we kept the pick up truck, with all the construction and hauling stuff from one house to the other... And of yeah, check out the last picture, NO key needed to start it, just push the button... what will they think of next... Click here to see these pictures!

Alexxis-Rae Olivia Torres 06/20/07
By Barbara Lawrence
Congratulations to Daryl's daughter Lisa and her fiance Ray Torres on the birth of thier daughter Alexxis-Rae. She was born this afternoon at 4:30pm Pacific time. She weighed eight pounds, nine ounces and is 20 inches long. Click here to see the new baby!

Wedding Pictures 06/20/07
By Cliff Chamberlin
Here are 2 pictures from the wedding. The first of the bride and groom on our driveway at the start of the reception and the second of Candy and her 3 sisters and their Uncle Lee, singing their Danish toast song, sang in Danish. Craig had already shed his coat off and Tammy had a size 99 smile on. Click here to see these pictures.    Click here to see Joy's pictures.

A New Car & No More Smokes! 06/19/07
By Robert McWilliams
Well, I've done it again! I put my self in debt a bit more. Last Friday Janae and I took Autumn to a doctors appointment, which by the way doctor says she is doing great, anyway, we went to Crain Dodge in Little Rock and spent about four hours there. I traded in my 2002 Ford Explorer 4x4 for a 2007 Dodge Charger and my goodness it's an awesome car. Click here to read the rest of the story.

Great Wedding 06/18/07
By Cliff Chamberlin
This past Saturday Craig and Tammy had a great wedding and a fine day. The wedding service was really special and the reception here at our place was one fine party. We had about 130 people at the reception and all had a fun time. Click here to read the rest of the story.

Kids & Garden 06/15/07
By Susie Devries
I sent some pictures I took with my camera phone today over at my son's house. There is a picture of a tomato plant. It's ONE plant and it's huge. The other two pictures are of Chloe (in the sundress) and Angelique. Click here to see these phone pictures!

House Update 06/15/07
By Chris & Erin Lawrence
Our house finally closed in Lancaster. The original closing date was May 5th- a 45 day escrow. It ended up an 89 day escrow! At the very end ( a few days ago) the lender, knowing how desperate we are, added points to the buyers loan. The buyers refused to pay it and said they would walk away from the whole deal if they had to pay it. It was $6,000. So we paid the 6 grand. Click here to read the rest of the story!

Ava Grace Herrera 06/14/07
By Susie Devries
Here are the most recent pictures of my Grand Niece, Ava Grace Herrera. Ava was born May 10, 2007. In these pictures she is 3 weeks old. I see a lot of both her Dad and Mom in the pictures. Proud Grand Parents: Jim & Judie Riggen!! Click here to see!

Grandma's New Toy 06/10/07
By Roger Schmit
Barb went to a rummage sale Saturday. This is what she came home with. Click here to see!

We Moved! 06/10/07
By Robert McWilliams
Janae & I , her little sister Jamie & her boyfriend recently moved into a new house. It's about 5 miles from where we were, still in Jacksonville, but it's 3 bedrooms, 2 full bath, laundry room, and a big deck, which Autumn loves. Autumn also has her own room now & is very happy about that. This house is a lot bigger & better than what we hade. We have a huge front yard also.

Take Your Cat To Work! 06/04/07
By Heidi Schmit
Friday and Today I had to bring Chloe into work due to plumbing maintenance in my apartment. She had an absolute fun time. Everyone that came into my office just had a blast with her and had to pet her. She's had the most lovin' since I had her. She's been great help getting things done around the office. Click here to enjoy these pics!

Braden 06/02/07
By Erin Lawrence
Braden's b-day is tomorrow. He will be 4! We are going miniature golfing during the day, then visiting Chris at his new store, since he has to work. The kids love going to see him at work. We'll bbq for dinner. Chris got him the Superman cake he's been wanting. It's not the big party the kids usually have for their birthday, but there will be balloons, cake and presents- so I think he'll be just fine. : ) Click here to read the rest of the story.

Update... 06/01/07
By Lisa Lawrence
Just wanted to give a quick update on the baby! I have been in early labor for a week and a half now. Last week I was in the hospital 3 times. My contractions were 2 min apart but not strong enough, and I was only dilated to a 2. So they kept sending me home. Now I saw my Dr. on Wed and I am a 3 now and completely thinned. So she is sooooo ready! But nothing yet. It is so frustrating, I am just waiting for my water to break. The Doc says any minute any day now. Ray is out of town for the weekend and won't be home until Sunday night, so I am praying she waits til then. Hope everyone has a good weekend!
Love, Lisa

Garden Project 06/01/07
By John & Cheryl Schmit
Our Memorial Day weekend project was to plant more around the water fountain. We wanted to plant climbing plants behind the pond. To get enough dirt there, Cheryl built a custom box to hold both the plants and the trellis. We finished the project by adding some plants to hang over the front of the box. Enjoy these pictures.