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August 2007

Ryan, Wendy & Zoe 08/30/07
By Blanche Gleaser
Ryan and Wendy sent a note with pictures. They had a wonderful time here in Las Vegas. They included pictures of their anniversary at the Mirage and their dog, Zoe. They are still working on an adoption and hope it won't be much longer. Click here to see the pictures.
My Turn! 08/29/07
By John Schmit
It has been a very busy time and I guess it's my turn to tell the story. From getting the car in and out of the shop to staying up all night for the eclipse of the Moon, the schedule has been tight. Click here for the rest of the story.
Home Cams 08/24/07
By Susie Devries
If you look at my home cam after dark you can see my new outdoor accents. They are hummingbirds that change colors, from red to blue to green. They have a light sensor that comes on at dusk and goes off at dawn or whenever it gets light enough. They are sure pretty and Autumn just loves them. She points up to them and says Petty. When Janae came to pick her up she looked at Mommy said bird-petty and pointed to the birds. Then she told her Mama later cycle and Janae looked at her, all of a sudden here comes a motorcycle down the street and Autumn says cycle!!
Autumn In The Pool 08/24/07
By Susie Devries
Here are some pictures of Autumn in her pool. She is having a blast learning how to slide down the slide! With her floatie swim suit, she is more interested in sliding down since she has realized she doesn't go under as easy. Also she is very happy trying to catch bubbles!! Also, here is the result of all the fun in the pool!! Click here to see the pictures.
Telling On Myself 08/22/07
By Susie Devries
I have to tell on myself. I know all of you will get a good laugh out of this.
This morning I had a 9 AM appointment to get my hair cut. My truck is out of commission, (fuel pump) so I had to walk to my appointment. No big deal, the place I go to less than a mile away. Click here for the rest of the story.
Bella 08/21/07
By Barbara Lawrence
I had to take Bella in again yesterday to have another claw taken out - the third time since I had her declawed. The vet said yesterday that she must be a "freak".
When I got up this morning at 6:15, she wasn't in bed with me so I checked in the front room and didn't see her. I had to go to the bathroom and there she was, laying curled up in the sink. When she lived in the trailer, she loved to sleep on the bathtub seat so I guess she missed that. I tried to get a picture but when she sees the camera, she gets out of the way fast, unless she is asleep and can't move as fast. She is some cat!!!!!!
Bedroom Complete 08/19/07
By Heidi Schmit
I took these pictures today, everything is complete in the bedroom. I finished it with the plant in the corner. Click here to see the bedroom pictures.
Misty Sleeps 08/19/07
By Blanche Glaeser
I thought you'd like to see one of my Misty's favorite places to sleep. You can see she's taken over here. Click here to see the kitty.
Commuter Train 08/19/07
By John Schmit
This last week Cheryl started taking the train to downtown Seattle. They are doing major work on the freeway causing big delays, even for the busses. Even though it's pretty crowded, the train does arrive on time. It is a nice alternative to have. Click here to see the pictures.
Vacation At Grandma & Grandpa Schmit's 08/17/07
By Ryan and Aaron Simmons
We drove up north in our van with my mom after the Brewers game on Sunday. My dad drove up by himself because he could not stay as long as we could. - Ryan
We did lots of fun things like swimming, fishing, driving the gator to the haunted house in the woods. We went golfing, watched tv, and we went to the movies to see Underdog. - Aaron
Click here for the rest of the boy's stories.

New Pictures 08/15/07
By Heidi Schmit
Here are new pictures, I had to get new batteries for the camera. The first two are my new nightstands. As you can see Mom, I moved things around a little bit. The next two is me and Brandi getting to know each other, and the last one is Brandi and Chloe cleaning each other. Awwww!!! Click here to see the pictures.
Kids Up 08/15/07
By Roger Schmit
Last week we had Jeanne and the boys up for for the whole week. I think that everyone had a good time as we managed to tire everyone out each day. Click here for the rest of the story.
Click here to see the pictures.     Click here to see the video.
Summer 08/14/07
By Andrew Duron
I finally got to write. I have had a fun summer so far. I am glad to be home though. I start school soon. Right now I'm in summer camp. It's fun. Today I went on a field trip to the park, but it was really hot. We got to eat pizza too.
Happy Grandpa 08/12/07
By Cliff Chamberlin
Here are some new pictures taken last week while I was in Denver. Rebecca Louise, Matthew and me - a fine bunch and a happy grandpa. Click here to see the pictures.
Cottage Front Room 08/09/07
By Barbara Lawrence
I finally emptied the front room of the cottage of all boxes etc. so thought I better send you a picture while it looked like it should. Daryl has a mirror he's going to put up for me in the "living room" part (west wall) but he's been pretty busy to get that done. At least now you have an idea of what the front room looks like. I haven't got my bedroom done yet but when I do, I will send a picture. The kitchen is on the northeast wall of the same room as the "living room". Click here to see the pictures.
Hunting 08/05/07
By William Foster
I went hunting on the first of August. To start things off, I was blessed to see two baby raccoons, 5 turkeys, and some deer. I ended up with 1 squirrel for the day. I shot 2 but one got away and I was unable to retrieve it. It made me feel sad that I could not find that one, but it was still a good day. The best part of the day was knowing that I could bring something home for the family. It made me feel really good inside.
New Front Gate 08/04/07
By Barbara Lawrence
I just went out and took these two pictures of the front gate Daryl & Jan installed yesterday. It is a real light gate and very easy for even me to open. Daryl can't find his camera as it got misplaced somewhere in all the moving so that's the reason I took these pictures. Click here to see the new gate.
School Grades and Kitties 08/01/07
By Heidi Schmit
Well, one more semester is behind me. Its been a long semester of writing and reading and well a lot of tests but in the end it was worth it. In my Essential Bussiness class I received an A and in my Quest for Wisdom class I received a B. I'll take that. Now I have 3 weeks off before the next semester starts and i'm going to take advantage of every minute of it. Also, here are some new pictures of my kitties....THEY ROCK!! Click here to see my kitties.