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September 2007

Texas Vacation 09/30/07
By Barbara Lawrence
I picked up Dee at DFW on 9/24/07 to start a driving vacation of TX. We left Dallas on 9/25/07 and drove towards Austin. Decided to go to Killeen (Fort Hood) and stayed there that night. Went to Austin the next day and my camera battery died but got three pictures. We left there on 09/26/07 and drove through the countryside towards Galveston and stayed in Texas City that night. Got up on 09/27/07 and messed around Galveson for quite some time - pictures attached - and then drove as far as Jaspar TX where we stayed all night. Neat little town and had a good small supper in a real home cooking restaurant. Got up on 09/28/07 (Dee's birthday) and drove home but took a lot of back roads to get home. We arrived home about 5:30 on 09/28/07. Click here for the pictures.
Vegas Trip 09/24/07
By John Schmit
This year's trip to Las Vegas was totally different, we drove. It was a two day drive down and back. Cheryl and I took turns at the wheel. Originally, Cheryl had planned to fly back, but after the drive down, we decided she needed to help drive back. She called her boss and got an additional day off.
Click here for the rest of the story, the video and the pictures.
Guess Ally's tired of doing homework! 09/21/07
By Erin Lawrence
She just brought her homework to me with a question. I asked her 'he bought what?'   She looked at it then finally realized she forgot the "r". I told her the answer was incorrect, and she was bummed that Chris wouldn't get to see it. That was a good laugh. :) Have a great day! Check out the homework picture.
The Great Michigan/Wisconsin Golf Challenge 09/18/07
By Roger Schmit
On Tuesday, at The Four Seasons Resort, the great Michigan vs. Wisconsin golf challenge took place. After a hard fought battle for 18 holes, with a break after 9 for lunch, of course, The Mighty Michigan Ladies eked out a one hole victory over the Wisconsin Wonder Women. Click here for the rest of the story and the pictures.
Tuesday Afternoon 09/18/07
By Lisa Lawrence
Well I have an email address again but still no computer. I am using the one at my Mom's house right now. Just want to say hello to you guys and thank you so much for keeping us up to date with the family. I love it! Good to hear you're all doing well. Click here for the rest of the story and the pictures.
Allen's Picture Pages 09/18/07
By John Schmit
Everyone is inveted to check out our latest addition to the picture pages. Allen has a space and sent two pages now - "Important Things" and "New TV". Enjoy these new pictures.
Parelli Conference - Colorado 09/07/07
By Daryl Lawrence
Nice surroundings for this shindig we went to in Pagosa Springs, Colorado on Thursday and Friday. We went to dinner in Durango the night we got there, to a "Fransisco's" Mexican restaurant, DON'T EVER go there if you're in that town, worst meal I've had in ages!! Of course for this time of year the streets weren't too awfully crowded, being the tourist town that it is. No school aged kids, only retired people walking around. Click here for the pictures.
At The Beach 09/04/07
By Andrew Duron
Wesley just helped me send some pictures I took at the beach with my camera. It's been really hot here! Ok, Bye  Click here to see the slideshow.

File Photo
Andrew Duron
Aunt Vi's Birthday 09/04/07
By Roger Schmit
We went down to Milwaukee last Wednesday to celebrate Aunt Vi's 91st. birthday. Suzanne came from Grand rapids and Nancy and Frank came from Savannah. We were also joined by Frank's sister Judy.

We went to dinner at a restaurant on the lakefront called "Coast". The food was very good and the cocktails were even better. It was a very nice visit and Aunt Vi really enjoyed it. I have included a few pictures.
Spiders & Kitties 09/01/07
By Susie Devries
Not really sure how many of you are interested in spiders. They are not my favorite critter, but I do like to watch them. Also, here are a couple pictures of my three kitties. Click here for the rest of the story and the pictures.