Our Times News Archive

November 2007

Florida Trip 11/27/07
By Barbara Lawrence
I made it to Doug's house by 11:30 this morning - total of 733 miles - and it was a very good and beautiful drive. I drove I-20 to Jackson MS, took 49 down from there to Hattiesburg and took 98 out of there all the way in to Mobile AL where I stayed last night. Click here for the rest of the story.
Our Thanksgiving 11/27/07
By John Schmit
Allen joined us for dinner and we had a great time together. Cheryl cooked a wonderful meal and, of course, I over ate! We also took our annual picture with the Birch tree in front. Click here to enjoy these pictures.
Update 11/25/07
By Robert McWilliams
Click here to check out the new pics. Some old, some new, all put together on one page!!!!! Well, how is everybody? Click here for the rest of the story.
Thanksgiving 11/23/07
By Susie Devries
Here are some pictures of Autumn helping Grandpa stuff the turkey. It made her so hungry, she had to chow down on the turkey neck to 'tide' her over till dinner!! Click here to see the pictures.
1st Place 11/18/07
By Erin Lawrence
We took 1st place in our Regional Soccer Tournament!!!!

We played 5 games in 2 days. Todays games were all only 2 hours apart! We tied 1 and won 4. It was so great. Click here for the rest of the story.

Ally Lawrence

Brade 11/15/07
By Erin Lawrence
O.k. so Braden made his own lunch for school today. He came in and told me he was going to make his lunch. I told him to go ahead. I started to check his lunch box before they left and Chris told me he made it, it's done. Click here to read the rest of the story.
Drew 11/14/07
By Allen Manese
Thank you "Our Times" website. You could say my relationship with my father was a little strained for the last 20 years or so. So as a consequence I haven't talked with his other children, what would be my half brother and half sister. Click here to read the rest of the story.
2007 Vacation 11/13/07
By Daryl & Jan Lawrence
We started out at 5am to get a jump on the longest leg of our journey, ended up having breakfast in Weatherford TX, about a 4 hour ride west, Cracker Barrel to be precise. As we got further west we enjoyed the new speed limit of 80 MPH!! Ye-Ha, ate up those miles fast that way. Click here to read the rest of the story and see the slideshow.
Battle Of The Leaves 11/12/07
By Susie Devries
I've been raking and blowing leaves in my yard. I have a huge pile out back, just from the decks, which are not completely done. Then there is the back yard, which isn't done. Click here to read the rest of the story and see the pictures.
Mowing 11/10/07
By Barbara Lawrence
Daryl just got through shredding the pasture grass on the south side of the road that leads into the carport. It's the first time it's been mowed since Daryl bought the property. It really looks nice so thought you would like to see pictures of it. It's a beautiful day outside today - just a little warm but it's breezy so it feels good. Click here to see the pictures.
Deer 11/07/07
By Susie Devries
William has just called me, it's a little after 8 AM. He is so excited!! Just shot his first deer! He is so tickled he can hardly talk! He is still in the woods with it, has to field dress it before doing much else. Too bad he doesn't have a camera, I'd be sending a picture along too!
Soccer 11/06/07
By Erin Lawrence
Soccer season is just about over! Woo hoo!! It's the first season that I am done before the season is. Click here to read the story and see the pictures.
Tomato Plant 11/02/07
By Susie Devries
My tomato plants are inside now. There are about 18 green tomatoes on the vine. I'm hoping they will ripen up inside. I have the netting around them still to support the plants and to keep my kitties out!! Click here to see the picture.
School Picture 11/02/07
By Erin Lawrence
We only ordered a few of Ally's school picture this time, and of course it's when it turns out so pretty. But I just remembered our scanner- so now you can see it and I don't have to order more! : ) Click here to see the picture.
Halloween 11/01/07
By Susie Devries
Here are some pictures of Autumn and our neighbors little girl Madison. Madison is just one year older than Autumn and by some stroke of luck both girls were dressed in similar outfits. The big 'cary' thing is in our neighbors front yard. Autumn loved it but would hold my hand so tight and say 'cary gama, cary' Click here to see these pictures.