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May 2010

Lunch Is Over 05/31/10
By Cliff Chamberlin
Madison came to play at our house today, as both Craig and Tammy were scheduled to work. Candy fed her lunch and she ate a lot. Candy turned her head to stir something on the stove and turn back to see that lunch was over. Scooped her out of her chair and off to bed for a nap. She slept 2hrs 15mins.
I stayed outside mowing and cleaning. Very nice day, 78 and a little breeze.
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Garden Update 05/31/10
By Daryl Lawrence
Here's the most recent pics from the garden. I still need to get an extension on the sprinklers in a couple places, the plants just got tooooo tall!? Starting picking squash yesterday, should be inundated soon and will get sick of squash. Can't hardly wait to see what the sweet white corn does, I never have any good luck with corn, maybe this year will be different.
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Autumn's HIPPY Graduation 05/29/10
By Susie Devries
Autumn has been enrolled in HIPPY for the last school year. HIPPY is Home Instruction for Parents of Pre-School Youth. It's pretty much like a home based Head Start. Her graduation was May 20. She had such a good time!! Just thought I'd share some of her pictures.
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New Couch 05/27/10
By Heidi Cardona
The delivery of the couch went smoothly, the guys brought up the couch in 2 pieces and then the pillows. This couch is a lot lighter than the older one because there isn't a bed inside of it. So here are the pictures that I took. Enjoy!
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Breakfast 05/26/10
By Barbara Lawrence
We have a breakfast here the last Wed. of every month so I went down this morning. We have to take our own plate and silverware but coffee is served along with the breakfast.
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Doctor Visit 05/25/10
By Heidi Cardona
I had a doctor visit and baby checkup yesterday. Baby is doing great, everything is normal. Looking forward to next month to find out if it's a boy or a girl!
The Move 05/20/10
By John & Cheryl Schmit
Fifteen days after starting the move, we are beginning to see the end. From the flight to Texas to the drive back, we have had adventure after adventure.
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Garden Update 05/18/10
By Daryl Lawrence
As you may see in the photo, that squash leaf that is a little over 2 weeks old, is now about a foot across in size!!!!?!?!? I guess the whole truckload of chicken poop from Jan's friend's chicken houses did the trick on nutrients!! Best size plant I've ever had, can't wait to see the size of the vegetables I get off of these! We may have to set up a cart on a corner in town to sell these, being we will have TOO many of them to eat!
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"Before" Garden 05/07/10
By Daryl Lawrence
Here are the "Before" pictures of our 2010 garden, before most of the items have even sprouted.
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