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September 2011

Trees on South Side 09/25/11
By Barbara Lawrence
I woke up at 4:20 with the blinds both doing a dance way out and back because the wind was blowing so hard. I partially went back to sleep until 7:30 and finally got up. Sometime during the morning, the wind realllyy started blowing again. It was still 79 in here when I got up so with the wind blowing through here, it's now down to 75 - thank goodness. I decided to go for a walk but had to turn around and come home because the wind was blowing so hard against me - along with a few rain drops (with blowing junk in my eyes) that I decided it wasn't worth it. I took my camera with me to take a picture of the trees along this south wall before they are cut down. Of course in this picture it looks as if the red tree covers my apartment, but actually it covers less than 1/3 of my living room window.
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RapidRide Bus Testing 09/23/11
By John Schmit
Thursday and Friday King County Metro pulled me off of my regular bus routes to drive the RapidRide bus on a simulated running day. There are no schedules for this route. The attempt is made to keep the busses 10 minutres apart. Thursday was not the best, but Friday was real good. A computer display shows the driver how close his bus is to the one in front of him. This service will begin October 1st and I will be driving one of the busses.
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Frank Visits 09/20/11
By Cheryl & John Schmit, Barbara Lawrence and Frank B.
What a great time we had with Frank as he stayed a couple of days with us. He arrived on Sunday and right away we had to show him some of the special sights in Seattle. A little rain made for just the right atmosphere. We started with Kerry Park, then went to Fremont and saw the Troll. We drove through the University of Washington then headed east to Somerset for dramatic views of Seattle and Lake Washington. Frank spent some quality time with Barbara as she writes "Frank and I were sitting on a bench at Saltwater State Park and I saw a small butterfly land right beside me on a yellow flower - looked like a dandelion. I told Frank so he quietly got around the bench and was able to take this picture before it flew away. We sat and watched it a little while before he took the picture. Frank also got a good picture of a plane going in for a landing because the clouds were so pretty." Can't wait for the next visit, Frank!
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Starting School 09/14/11
By Lisa Barton
Things have been busy as always here. The kids started back at school. Drew is now in High School! I can't believe it, and Chance is in seventh grade now. They both started new schools this year, a little nevous at first but they have both settled in just great! They are doing so well! Alexxis starts preschool next week. She is super excited! I will for sure be taking pictures for everyone to see :) Daddy is taking her to get a hair trim and she just can't wait! It will be all day at the elementary school, so it doesn't cost anything. She is going to eat it up. I can't wait. She wants a lunch pail and back pack and all the goodies that go with school...we'll see what we can do of coarse.
A Berry Good Day 09/05/11
By John Schmit
What a fun day we had yesterday. A quick shopping trip in the morning, then play time in the afternoon. Nana joined us as we took in some sunshine at Redondo Beach. We watched the boats and fishermen as the crowds walked by. Lots of people there. We then drove along the Green River and found several places to pick wild blackberries. Picking was good and we ended up with about two quarts of berries. Once at home we fired up the Bar-b and chopped some wood for the firepit. Allen joined us for a relaxing time around the fire. The blackberry cobbler was delicious.
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Hunter's Star 09/05/11
By Susie Devries
This is a quilt block I made, it's called Hunter's Star. I hope to eventually make a bunch of them and then put them together into a good size quilt. I enjoy this quilting stuff so much. Three of the gals in my quilt group took a class for the Hunter's Star last October. I wanted to, but the class was full. Then I found a quilt book at Joann's that featured the star on the front so I got the book. I still could not figure it out. Then----one of my friends told me about Deb Tucker. She has a video on her web site that shows how to use a special ruler and oh man, it's so easy!! I made this green one as I call it and am working on a purple one. Bill suggested switching the light and dark colors that attach to the triangle so it would be light dark light dark. The star in the center would remain the same. When I do that, I'll take a picture and you can look at it and give me your opinion.
UPDATED 9/5/11 - Here are 3 more pics of my Hunter's Star [added to the picture page]. Two different green ones and two different purple ones. I think they turned out pretty. Click here to see the pictures.
Our New Addition - Chewie 09/04/11
By Heidi Cardona
This is our new addition "Chewie". We picked him up yesterday evening. He's about 2 years old and already 61 lbs. The doc that we bumped into at Petsmart said he needs to lose some weight but overall he looks really healthy. He does have red eyes which is hereditary, he's already going blind in one eye, so we are making him an appointment later on this month to have him checked out and see if there are antibiotics that he needs to be on. Welcome to the family Chewie!
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Autumn's 1st Cheerleading Game! 09/04/11
By Susie Devries
Autumn has been practicing Cheerleading and this was her first 'real game'. She did pretty good. Our friend did her hair for her, took her an hour, but it sure was cute. All in all, 9 of us showed up to 'cheer her on'. Her cheer team is Jacksonville Wild Hogs, so is the football team and they won the game 38-ZIP!!!!! She has a game every Saturday through October 22. Practice is twice a week.
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The Great Steam Train Ride 09/03/11
By Barbara Lawrence and Cheryl & John Schmit
What a wonderful day to go ride a train pulled by a steam engine. Traveling through the green forest, we rode on the Mount Rainier Scenic Railroad and felt suspended in time. We really enjoyed ourselves as it was a lovely day - not hot and certainly not cool. There were mountain streams, prairies, flowers and a grand view of Mount Rainier as we traveled through the valley on a historic steam train ride. We departed from Elbe, Washington and made the trip out to pristine Mineral Lake for a short visit and took the train back. At Mineral Lake we found gentle trails to explore. In too short of time, we were back at Elbe.
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