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February 2012

Lisa's Visit 02/25/12
By Barbara Lawrence
What a FANTASTIC day we've had.... We left here this morning and Lisa drove to Seattle (per Cheryl's instructions) to where Cheryl works and we picked her up a little before 10. She sat in the front seat and told Lisa how to find a parking structure.
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Cardona Seattle Visit Video 02/15/12
By John Schmit
The Cardona Seattle Visit video has been added to the Video Menu page. Check out this fast paced visit to some of Seattle's best features.
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Autumn's New Glasses 02/09/12
By Susie Devries
It's been a couple weeks but Autumn now has glasses. This is the first time I've been able to get a picture of her. I wish my first pair of glasses were as cute as I think hers are. She is farsighted.
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Signs Of Spring 02/04/12
By Susie Devries
Here are a few signs of spring in AR. I don't know what the little yellow flowers are. Mini Dafodill? That plant comes up every year, this is the first year I remember it blooming. The tall skinny green things are shallots or garlic. The short green ones are some kind of lily. And theres a picture of my broccoli growing!! The bulbs in the planter out front are Paperwhites. It's supposed to be around 70 on this first Saturday in February. I think spring is here in AR.
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