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March 2012

Cascade Mountains Drive 03/25/12
By Barbara Lawrence
WOW, what a great day. We took a wonderful ride through the Cascade Mountains to see the snow. We had never been in the mountains while snow was on the ground. What a sight!
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Red Neck Hot Tub 03/21/12
By Susie Devries
Yes, we are true hillbillies now. We have a Red Neck Hot Tub!! Autumn gives her seal of approval!!! We got a bunch of rain, and the little flower thingys that fall off the oaks had built up in the bed of the truck. Then the rain came! LOL
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Vegas Visit 2012 03/5-9/12
By John Schmit
We had a great time in Las Vegas. A visit with Mom, shopping, playing tourist and just plain relaxing. It was fun to get away and good to be back. Enjoy these highlights of our trip.
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Renton Concert Band 03/18/12
By John Schmit
It was a lot of fun to see and hear the Renton Concert Band again. This time it was their Spring Concert. Cheryl's friend, Mary Lowry plays Tenor Saxophone. Turn on your speakers for a sample of the band music.
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Tree Cutting 03/01/12
By John Schmit
Planted on Thanksgiving in 2004, this Himilayan Birch became known to us as "The Thanksgiving Tree". Each year whoever was with us at Thanksgiving would stand in front of the tree and we'd all have our picture taken. Over seven years the Birch has stood proudly in our front yard as our 'first' tree. This year the ice storm in January was too much for it to bear.
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