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April 2012

Walmart Bus (Part 2) 04/30/12
By Barbara Lawrence
We took the Walmart bus today and as we got on, it wasn't raining but as soon as the bus started up, here came the rain. When we got off at Walmart, it wasn't raining but all the time we were in the store it poured. When the bus came back to pick us up we got on with a tiny bit of mist in the air and as soon as we started up, RAIN and then some. We got home and no rain. One of those lucky days.
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Walmart Bus 04/23/12
By Barbara Lawrence
This Walmart bus is brand new, holds 20 people and it does have a lift towards the back and also very comfortable with a/c and we really needed it today. There is a gal, Jackie, and the bus driver - Jackie acts like a hostess and is a regular employee of the Federal Way Walmart. The Home Office of Walmart asked her if she would like to do this with the bus and she jumped at it as she's worked for Walmart for 16-1/2 years.
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National Aviation Weather link 04/21/12
By John Schmit
Frank sent us a great link to a NOAA weather page that gives current aviation style weather for many cities across the USA. Try holding your mouse over your favorite place!
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Stump Removal 04/14/12
By John Schmit
Artie and Heidi came early for Easter weekend. They came to rmove the stump from our fallen Birch tree. Artie put in a lot of effort and there were some very funny moments. A very good job and nice cleanup. Cheryl took some very good video. Check out her work!
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Easter 04/08/12
By John Schmit
We had a great Easter this year. Artie and Heidi, Nana and Allen joined us for the day. Lots of munchies and Heidi's special salsa. Cheryl made a delicious pork roast for dinner. Later we gathered around the fire pit to enjoy some smoke. Just a lot of fun. A special thanks to Cheryl for making sure some pictures were taken. Enjoy!
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Message Center Problem 04/09/12
By John Schmit
We seem to have a problem with the Quick Message Center. I have reports that it is not accepting input from people using Internet Explorer. I am researching the problem and hope that the company that provides the service will correct it soon. It seems to work on some other web browsers. If you are using Internet Explorer and it works for you, let me know. Thanks!
Autumn and Her Flowers 04/08/12
By Susie Devries
Here are some pics of Autumn and her Papa building her a planter over the weekend and as she was planting her flowers. She had great fun operating the drill. If Papa tried to help, she would look at him and say "I got this Papa". It's a big planter, 2 ft square. She now has it loaded with dirt, (her and I did that job) and her flowers planted. She has petunias, sweet william, marigolds and moss roses, all of which she picked out special. What fun we had. Don't look at the old lady in the pics. I have no clue who she is!!! Boy was I a tired gramma!
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Easter Breakfast 04/07/12
By Barbara Lawrence
We had a great free breakfast at our yearly Kiwanis Easter breakfast held in the Senior Center - scrambled eggs, ham, biscuits & gravy (I asked them if I could have my biscuit without gravy), orange juice, a small dish of fresh fruit and all the coffee anyone could drink.
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