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February 2013

Casino 02/19/13
By Barbara Lawrence
If we could have ordered a more perfect weather day than we had today, I doubt it could have been possible. When we left here at 8:30 this morning to go on the Snoqualmie Coach bus to the casino (it holds 56 people), it was cloudy. The driver came right out here to our driveway and picked 16 of us up from these three buildings. We made three other stops on the way to the casino and I'm sure the bus was full by the time we got up there - we arrived a little before 10 a.m. As we turned onto 405 and headed up towards I-90, the sky was perfectly gorgeous - totally clear.
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Michael Smiling 02/17/13
By Heidi Cardona
Michael is 2 months old. 10lbs. 5.8oz, 21.46 Inches long. Started smiling recently, yay!! He's also working on standing and bouncing. Still working on the rolling over but that will come in time. Doctor said he's doing great. He started his shots and his next round of shots are in April. Enjoy!!.
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Fun With Michael 02/11/13
By John & Cheryl Schmit
We had a wonderful time this weekend visiting Heidi, Artie, and baby Michael. The drive both ways was dramatic. The weather in the Pasco, Washington area was good and our overnight stay was fun. Michael seemed comfortable with us and we had a good time. Michael saw his first rocket launch with Heidi and John. On the way home we tried a different way, going north through the Yakima Canyon. It was great and we'll do that again. Enjoy all the pictures.
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Scenes From A Mid-Winter Drive 02/11/13
By John Schmit
Here are video scenes from our Sunday drive in the Anacortes area that we took on January 6th. The audio sure shows we were having a good time.
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