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March 2013

Easter 03/31/13
By Cheryl & John Schmit
We had a little different Easter this year, with Nana still in rehab. Artie, Heidi, Michael, and Allen came over. Of course, we had a lot of fun with the baby. Enjoy these pictures taken by Cheryl and Heidi.
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Sending One Your Way 03/21/13
By Cheryl Schmit
We are checking out a really nice mass of cold wet air right now. Snoqualmie Pass has been closed and the snow level, well, it's in our yard! This is the first real snow we've seen here this season. Now this looks like it's brewing up to be a dandy little storm as it visits you in the midwest and east. Just letting you know, we checked it out and it meets our quality standards. Enjoy!
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WWII Airplanes In The Desert 03/21/13
By Frank
A few days ago Palm Springs had a visit from the only certified flying B-29 Super Fortress remaining in the world and one of two crews certified to fly her. The B-29 was built by Boeing in Seattle when a need to have a heavy duty bomber became very apparent to the Army Air Force during WW II. An airplane like this one delivered the two atomic bombs that we dropped on Japan effectively ending the war then and there.
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Michael and Arizona 03/20/13
By Heidi Cardona
This was Michael first trip to Arizona to see his grandparents. The plane ride down to Arizona was great; Michael slept most of the way. Even a few passengers said he was a well behaved little boy. We got to the house by early Saturday evening, just in time for dinner. Sunday morning Michael and daddy went to church with the family and the Priest even blessed Michael.
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Saint Patrick's Day Parade 03/16/13
By Cheryl Schmit
This is my fourth year attending the Seattle Saint Patrick's Day parade. This one was larger than last year and the weather was cool and breezy, but great for the parade.
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Yakima River Canyon 03/09/13
By John Schmit
On the way home from Artie and Heidi's house last month, we took highway 821 north from Yakima to Ellensburg. It is a nice scenic drive.
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Manager 03/06/13
By Allen Schmit
So we do mystery shops at our company, typical thing trying to see if we are doing our jobs right. The first store this season recieved a 65%...epic failure. The second store knew about the first stores failure and made sure his empoyees knew what to do and he only recieved a 76%...also a failure. 85% is the minimum to pass.
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