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June 2013

10,000 Views 06/27/13
By John Schmit
Congratulations to Artie Cardona and Cheryl Schmit. The video they made a little over a year ago has surpassed 10,000 views. Artie came over to cut out the stump of the Birch tree that had fallen in the ice storm of January 2012. Cheryl picked up the video camera and recorded his work. There is even a cameo appearance by Heidi. When I came home from work and saw the video I couldn't stop laughing. I edited it quick and posted it on YouTube. If you haven't enjoyed this 10 minute video recently, click the link below.
Click here to see the video.
Tree Trimming 06/25/13
By John & Cheryl Schmit
The tree trimmers were out to our house yesterday. We had five trees trimmed and thinned out. All the trees are Flowering Pear trees. The two trees in the back have been moved several times, but now seem good where they are. The tree trimming with these trees will need to be done every two or three years.
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Ferry Hopping 06/24/13
By John & Cheryl Schmit
We did some ferry hopping on Sunday, June 9th. The day started out cloudy, but cleared nicely! We drove down to Tacoma where we took the ferry from Pt. Defiance to Tahlequah on Vashon Island. Then we drove to the northern end of the island where we caught the ferry to Southworth. We had an hour wait there but it was very pretty and fun to watch the numerous ferries going between Vashon and Fauntleroy (southwest of Seattle). From Southworth we drove through Port Orchard to Bremerton for the ferry back to Seattle. On this one we got an excellent parking spot so stayed in the car for the one hour ride and enjoyed to views. We all had a great day in the sunshine and fresh air.
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New Pictures 06/03/13
By Susie Devries
Here is a picture of Autumn taken a couple weeks ago. She passed with mostly B's on her report card and is going to be a 2nd Grader in the fall. Also here are some pictures of the current quilt I am working on. It is called a 4 patch posy. Believe it or not, all the blocks on this particular quilt are out of the same piece of fabric. Pretty neat huh. All in all I have 72 blocks and am now putting sashing on them. Next week will be sashing and cornerstones. I don't have a clue what to do, but my good friend Jo, is going to show me, step by step. I hope it works out. Will send more pics later.
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