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March 2014

Acapulco Trip 3/27/14
By Doug & Joni Lawrence
We thought you'd enjoy seeing a few pictures from our recent trip to Acapulco.
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Sunday Drive to Mt. Vernon, Daffodils & Snow Geese 3/23/14
By John & Cheryl Schmit
We needed to have a little 'slow down' time so went for a ride on a nice day. They didn't plant many fields of tulips this year, but we did find a few of daffodils. Off in the distance we saw a huge flock of snow geese. We were lucky to have the camera ready when a great many birds decided to take to the air. We combined some video and still images for you to see. Enjoy!
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Saint Patrick's Day Parade 3/15/14
By Cheryl Schmit
This is my fifth year attending the Seattle Saint Patrick's Day parade. This one was organized differently than last year and it was a bit more spread out. That made for a longer parade, but the weather was good and the people interesting. Enjoy the video!
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Green River Rising 3/9/14
By John Schmit
It has been raining almost every day so far this spring. Most of the time not heavy, but for a few days the water really came down. It was time to see the effect on the Green River as it flows through Kent and Tukwila. Here are some of the scenes we saw.
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Handiwork Pictures 3/3/14
By Susie Devries
Here are a few pics of things I've been working on recently. The pink heart is a wall hanging, the quilt is about 64" square and a nice soft lap quilt. Hanging on the wall is a pair of pillow cases I made in December.
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