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September 2014

Italian Festival 9/28/14
By John Schmit
We were invited to attend this year's Italian Heritage Festival at the Seattle Center by a fellow bus driver, Chai Ahrenius. As the brochure said "Fortissimo!... Known for many years as "Seattle's Three Tenors," these singers have been show-stoppers at Festa for over 16 years now... Gino Lucchetti, Chai Ahrenius and Steve Wall are all brilliant operatic talents in their own right...together they are awesome! Always a standing ovation." And they had one this year. We sure had a good time.
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Susie News 9/26/14
By Susie Devries
The quilt group I belong to had a field trip to Charlottes in Keo, AR yesterday for PIE and lunch. You order your pie first cause when it's gone it's gone and man oh man, it sure is good. I had a super chef's salad and Caramel Pie. YUM.
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Savannah River Park 9/21/14
By Hiedi Cardona

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This Week Winners 9/05/14
By John Schmit
Congratulations to the Seahawks on the great start to a new season. They were not the only winners, Blanche Glaeser, who recently moved to the Seattle suburb of Kent, struck a home run this week. Not just one, but six in a single game of Bean Bag Baseball. Her name is now on the lips of many where she lives. Great job! Go Hawks! Go Blanche!